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Here is the jump in link
Starts at 6pm (Tuesday) 

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Wolfram on Campus Feb 27

I received a notification that there will be a Wolfram presentation on campus. Wolfram is what powers Siri on your iPhones. You might find this very interesting. This is NOT specifically an educator event so this is just FYI for those who may want to learn something new.

I'll be on campus giving a technical seminar on utilizing
Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha, and other Wolfram technologies for
teaching and research, and I thought you might be interested in

I like to begin with a technical overview of Mathematica, as well
as briefly touching on the creation of Wolfram|Alpha. Next, we
can discuss emerging trends in technology and what is currently
available (or being developed) to support those trends. Then, to
give you a sense of what's possible, I'll discuss how other
organizations use these tools for teaching and research.

Wolfram Technologies in Education and Research
February 27th, 2017
1pm-2pm, including Q&A
University Business Center (PB192)

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised to see how suitable these
technologies are for projects, course examples, and student
assignments in any course where data and mathematical
relationships are involved--from social science to business and
economics and across all STEM fields.

So that my presentation touches on the right topics, can you let
me know where you'd like to use software more in your courses and

Sites are down
The Google dashboard is reporting a Google Sites outage. Hang tight, it will be fixed. 

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EdTech Tool List
Remember the tool does not improve learning.. YOU DO! You DESIGN your class.

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You may be interested in this site. Essential quesitons, projects, collaboration, Google Docs. 

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More of THIS! Students out of their seats, collaborating, not everyone doing the same thing. STUDENTS ARE CLEARLY ENGAGED!!!

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So many students have a disorder that is diagnosed or undiagnosed. I personally wish I had responded differently many times. Be about kids. 

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