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All of a sudden... HAIR!
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I hope you understand my reluctance to meet people I don't know. I don't want to wake up in a bath full of ice, sporting a five inch slash on my lower back and weighing approximately one kidney less. 
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A classic example of how exposition and narrative CAN enhance a game, instead of simply sitting on top of it.

I actually intend on finishing it this time around, but I keep getting sidetracked and distracted by HOW FUCKING BEAUTIFUL EVERYTHING IS!

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This game makes my jaw drop to the floor. Every. Time. 
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Alice Glytch

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Happy Birthday, Huygens. Titan, light waves and pendulum clocks.

So far ahead of your time that it was silly. 
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How many theists follow me, and if so, what religion do you consider yourself part of?

Personally, I'm an atheist, but I believe there are some things to learn from other perspectives. 
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I'm an agnostic leaning towards atheism.
I learned two things from some eloquent theists I've had the fortune to know: 

1) "Faith" is more than just religion. You have faith the sun comes up tomorrow and that you'll still be alive then, and that's what makes your daily life possible.

2) While it is very easy to reject religious institutions and rituals on logical and historical grounds, it's actually quite hard to do so with the idea of a creator.

Point 1 helps me respect intelligent people among the theists, even though they are not the majority. 
Point 2 helps me see how the same is true of atheists.
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Alice Glytch

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Screw Farage. We need another Lord Loony.
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Alice Glytch

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Cigarettes and tea.

The staple of the British proletariat.
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I'm giving up on Shadow of the Colossus for the night. If I fall off this bloody beautiful platform in a sweeping, cinematic dive once more I won't be held accountable for my actions...most likely crying, stomping away and exclaiming SHIT GAME!
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Alice Glytch

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Timesplitters Future Perfect, arcade mode, human gun sounds.... video game perfection.

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Alice Glytch

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Louis Armstrong in Giza, Egypt, 1961

This is perfection. It combines a love of romance, Egyptology, vintage travel, and an ultimate vision of jazz and love. The perfect photo.

#louisarmstrong   #giza   #egypt   #greatpyramids   #vintagetravel   #jazzmusic   #jazz   #trumpet   #love  

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Love me some Satchmo!
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Ugh, up early. Starting my Tuesday with a bit o' this.
There's something endearingly creepy about a collection of sounds that make all the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.
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