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Ali Zaenal Abidin
Man on a mission to help 1 million people discover and live their mission.
Man on a mission to help 1 million people discover and live their mission.

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Day 51 #HappyGoGrateful - Crystal Light
I'm one of the believers that everything happens for a reason. But that being said, sometimes it's still hard to face when something that we don't like actually happened. We need to keep reminding ourselves, or have someone or something else to remind us. T...

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Day 50 #HappyGoGrateful - Jerry Williams
Nobody gets the crowd going like Jerry. Smart, outgoing and easy going, Jerry is one of Washington Square Park's treasure that can both sing and entertain people. Simply, you'll smile and left the place a happier person when he is there. You're also a very ...

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Day 49 #HappyGoGrateful - Paul Chenard
I have written many times about how I love people with passion on
certain things. Those passions energize them and the people around them.
That being said, there are a few people who are more than "knowing
their passions". These few people take their pas...

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Day 48 #HappyGoGrateful - Mary Hegener Parker
One of the most difficult things about moving out of New York City, is leaving Washington Square Park and its people. That place has been home for me. I've had so many amazing experiences there, made tons of friends, and most importantly, I found a family i...

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Day 47 #HappyGoGrateful - Listya Kusumawati
Understanding people is a combination of art and science. Yet Tya is one of the very few people on earth who understand me almost like a science. She understand how I operate and the reasons behind them, and there's only one thing I could think of to answer...

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Day 46 #HappyGoGrateful - Svetlana Senajova
Summer 2006, an Indonesian boy arrived in Iceland, picked up at the airport by a Czech and an Icelander. In my year Iceland, that's our core team: me from Indonesia, Þórdís from Iceland, and Svetla from Czech Republic. Out of the 3 of us, Svetla was the one...

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Day 45 #HappyGoGrateful - Ivo Borisov
It was fasting month of Ramadhan 2008, I was stuck in Jakarta's after-work traffic. Hungry, and suudenly my cell phone rang, the country code was +359... Yep, a call from Bulgaria. Right there, my phone interview for the job, and my very first live conversa...

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Day 44 #HappyGoGrateful - Florent Scarpel
One of the coolest people I have ever known...and also, I'm blessed with the chance to share an apartment him. Living with Florent is an adventure of its own. A very positive and easy going person with so much brilliance to share. In a relatively short time...

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Day 43 #HappyGoGrateful - Margie Rubin
The day before I left New York City, Margie gave me this small wooden box. Engraved on the corner of the bottom side is a tiny heart. The top side can be slide open, there's a small room just enough to fit a ring. She told the box was given to her over 20 y...
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