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When There Is Competition In the Family

When I started using Allo and Duo last night, I began wondering what will happen to good old Hangouts in Google family. After all, Google have proven that it will not tolerate two (or more) products with same services in it's eco-system.

As wisely put by Android Authority's post (re-shared bellow), they are currently not competing in the categories of services they provide, at least not until Allo binds itself to Google accounts and phone numbers simultaneously; until then, good old Hangouts will be safe.

The question is that will this ever happen?! Will Google integrate authorization by phone number and Gmail account based services in one product, or will they follow different strategies for different target markets forever?

You may also comment on my post on this topic at .

#Google , #Allo , #Hangouts , #Competition , #Technology , #Messaging , #Integration , #Differentiation , #Fate , #Marketing , #Strategy ;
Allo, Google’s new mobile messaging app, brims with intelligence. It looks great as well. It has “Hangouts killer” written all over it.But Hangouts is here to stay, according to Google. In a comment to Business Insider, a company spokesperson said that Google is “continuing to invest in Hangouts and it will remain a standalone product.”Why isn’t Google replacing dreary old Hangouts with the seemingly superior Allo? One obvious reason is the fact ...
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Found this little caterpillar under one of the punctured leaves of our Pelargonium. He has been feeding on the plants in our balcony for a while now!

It is a cabbage looper if I am not mistaken. A Trichoplusia ni to be exact (

Although I was really mad at it for what was done to the leaves, I could not kill it! So I took a trip to the street and left him on the leaves of a plant outside, where he could live without causing any harm to my plants! I will continue this mechanical method of resisting pests instead of chemical methods as long as possible, trying to avoid any interference with the natural balance!

The interesting point was that I inspected all the plants in the balcony, but could not find any other caterpillars! Seems that this little friend was alone, but I will keep looking.
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I like CATs, they become handy sometimes ;-)
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Google services is getting so vast that I sometimes forget what I can do with it. Google is becoming a verb in my language: to google is not just searching for something these days…

Lists like this (which are not hard to find in +Denis Labelle​​​​'s posts) sometimes inspire things that can be done with help from Google!
How To Google, Work with Google & Be Found In Google
Reference List
I. How To Google
+Google Account:
. Start here >
. Stronger security >
. Online Safety >
. YouTube >

Google Help Videos:

Google Product Forums:

Google Weekly Updates:

Google Groups:
. Start here >
. Forum >

Google Feedback tool:

Google Merchandise Store:

. Start here >
. Community >
. How-To Videos >
. Video ressources >
. Google+ Safety Center >
. YouTube >
. Discover Google+ >
. Google+ Tips & Tricks' Collection >
. Google+ Help Community >
. Google(+) Help Tips & Tricks >
. Google+ Brands >
. Branding Guidelines >
. Kick-Starting Social with Google+ >
. Growing your Business and Engaging your Audience >
. Insights:
. Partner Playbook >
. Partner Playbook Audio-Visual Guide:
. Google+ For Work >
. Amplifying B2B Marketing Content with Google+ >
. Google+ Growth: 2.5 BILLION accounts >

+Google Chrome:
. Start here >
. Forum >
. How-to Videos >
. Chrome Blog >
. Chrome Releases Blog >
. YouTube Channel >

Chrome For Work & Education:
. Start here >

Chrome for Business:

Chrome Web Store: >
. Start here >

Chromecast >
. Start here >
. Forum >
. Apps on Chromecast >

Google Cast:
. Start here >

. Start here >
. Forum >
. How-To Videos >


. Start here >
. Forum >
. Blog >
. Use Gmail at work or school >
. Gmail service status >
. Find the most important emails from your customers quickly and easily in Gmail >

+Inbox by Gmail:
. Start here >
. Forum >
. Blog >

+Google Play:
. Start here >
. Google Play Edition Hub >
. Forum >
. Devices ordered on Google Play >
. YouTube >

+Google Play Newsstand Producer:
. Start here >
. YouTube >

Google Search:
. Start here >
. Forum >
. Inside search >
. Power Searching >
. Advanced Power Searching >

Google Search For Work:
. Start here >
. Learning Center >
. Forum >
. Community >

Google Custom Search:
. Start here >
. Forum >
. YouTube >
. Blog >
. Custom Search Engine >
. Google Site Search >
. Developers >

Search For Mobile >

Search Images >

Search Videos >

Search Scholar >

Google Now >

+Google Maps:
. Start here >
. Forum >
. YouTube >
. Mapping with Google >

Mobile Maps:
. Start here >
. Forum >
. Explore Mobile Maps >
. Blog >

My Maps:
. Start here >
. Google Maps Hub >

Google Maps For Work:
. Start here >
. Forum >
. Google Maps Engine API >
. Google Earth Outreach >
. Google Maps I Business photos >

+Google Maps Maker:
. Start here >
. Forum >
. Community >

Google Maps Engine:
. Start here >
. Forum >

Maps Coordinate:
. Start here >

Map Content Partners:
. Start here >

Panoramio >

+Google Earth:
. Start here >
. Forum >

+Earth Outreach:
. YouTube >

Google Earth Enterprise:
. Start here >
. Forum >
. Google Earth Images to Business >

+Google Photos:
. Start here >
. Community >

. Start here >
. Forum >

+Google Drive:
. Start here >
. Blog >
. Use Google Drive for work or school >
. Keep your files with you on any device using Google Drive >
. Produce and share quality creative assets with your agency using Google Drive >

+Google Docs Editor:
. Start here >
. Forum >
. Blog >
. Collaborate on a RFP with your team using Google Docs >

+Google Cloud Platform:
. Start here >
. Community >
. Blog >
. Get Started Documentation >
. Cloud Webinars >

Google Cloud Platform Print:
. Start here >

+Google Translate:
. Start here >
. Forum >
. Community >
. Google Translator Toolkit >

Google Slides >
. Create your executive presentations using Google Slides >

Google Drawings >

Google Sheets >
. Manage your trade show with Google Sheets >

Google Forms >
. Collect and analyze feedback in Google Forms >

Google Keep :
. Start here >
. Community >

Google Calender:
. Start here >
. Create a marketing team Calendar for vendors and employees >

Google News:
. Start here >
. Publisher >
. Forum >
. Publisher Center >

+Google News Lab:
. YouTube >

Google Mobile >

. Google Android Hub >
. Switching to Android >
. Android Wear >
. Forum >
. Community >
. Android Auto >
. Android TV >
. Android One >
. Android Pay >
. Blog >
. Google Apps for Android >
. YouTube >

Android For Work:
. Start here >

Google +Nexus:
. Start here >
. Forum >
. Community >
. YouTube Channel >
. 6 Nexus Secrets >

Google Hangouts:
. Start here >
. Forum >
. Train your salespeople anytime, anywhere with Google Hangouts >
Google Domains:

+Google Store:
. Start here >

Google Trusted Stores:
. Start here >
. Trusted Stores Merchant Help >
. Trusted Stores Customer Account >
. YouTube >

Trusted Stores Merchant:
. Start here >

Google Merchant Center:
. Start here >
. Forum >
. Google Shopping Campaigns >
. YouTube >
. Blog >

Google for Retail:

+Google Consumer Surveys:
- YouTube >
- Google Insights >

+Think with Google:
- International >
. Zero Moment of Truth >
. Customer Journey to Purchase >

Google BrandLab:

+Adometry by Google:

Global Market Finder:
. Start here >

Consumer Barometer:
- Insights (Global & by Countries) >

Google Trends:
. Start here >
. Google Correlate >

Public Data Explorer:

Google Databoard:
- Webinar >

+Channel Intelligence:
. Start here >
. YouTube >

+Google Ideas:

+Google Express:
. Start here >

+Google Wallet:
. Start here >
. Blog >
. YouTube >

Google Wallet for Business:

DFP Small Business:
. Start here >
. Forum >
. YouTube > &
. Google+ > +DoubleClick & +DoubleClick Bid Manager Training 

DoubleClick Ad Exchange:
. Start here >
. DoubleClick Ad Exchange Buyer Academy >
. Ad Exchange Developer Center >
. Ad Exchange announcements >

Doubleclick Ad Exchange Seller:
. Start here >

DoubleClick For Publishers:
. Start here >
. Forum >
. Google Publisher University >

DoubleClick Search:
. Start here>

DoubleClick Creative Solutions:
. Start here >
. Industry trends >
. Google Rich Media Gallery >
. Rich Media Forum >

DoubleClick Campaign Manager:

+Google Partners:
. Start here >
. Find a Google Partner >
. Become a Google Partner >
. YouTube >
. Community >

Google Ads:
. Start here >
. New Advertiser >
. Experienced Advertiser >
. Global Advertiser >
. Find a Partner >
. Mobile Ads >
. Agency Toolkit >
. Google Digital team >
. Rich Media Gallery >
. Ads Setting >

+Google AdSense:
. Start here >
. On YouTube >
. Optimizing >
. Blog >
. Forum >
. Policy FAQs >
. Fix an Issue >
. Multi-Screen Starter Guide >
. Multi-screen implementation guide >
. YouTube >
. Publisher Solutions >

. Start here >
. Help Videos >
. Community >
. Google Partners >
. Policy Center >
. AdWords Experts >
. Blog >
. AdWords Scripts >
. Keyword Planner >
. AdWords Best Practices Series >
. YouTube >

+Google AdWords Express:
. Start here >
. Forum >
. Advertising Policies >
. YouTube >
. Search Ads >

Google AdWords Editor:
. Start here >
. Forum >

Google Ads Display Network:
. Start here >

Google Ads Shopping:

Ad Grants:
. Start here >

Display Specs:

+Google Analytics:
. Start here >
. Google Analytics Standard >
. Forum >
. Academy >
. Developers >
. API Query Explorer >
. Blog >
. Certified Partners Gallery >
. Enhanced Ecommerce Demo >
. Measurement Strategy >
. Tag Manager >
- Tag Assistant >
- Developers >
- API Reference >
. YouTube >
. Partners >
. Digital Analytics Fundamentals >

+Google Small Business:
. Start here >
. Google My Business Overview >
. Forum >
. Blog >
. Community >
. YouTube >
. Best Practices and Q&A / HOA >
. Google My Business Android app >
. Get Your Business Online >

Google Business Solutions:

Google Catalogs:
. Start here >

+Google for Work:
. Start here >
. Google Apps for Work >
. Google Maps for Work >
. Google Cloud Platform >
. Chromebooks and Chromeboxes for Work:
. Blog >
. Manufacturing >
. HR >
. Partners >
. Insights for the Workplace >
. Business transformation solutions >

Google Apps:

Google Apps on GPlay:

Google Apps for Work:
. Become a Partner >
. Referral Program >
. For Education >
. For Government >
. For Nonprofits >

+Google Apps Administrator Fundamentals:
. Start here >
. Forum >
. Set up Google Apps >
. Learn >
. Certification >
. Apps Administrators Community >
. Administrator Fundamentals (YouTube) >
. What's new >

Google Apps Vault:
. Start here >

. Start here >
. Forum >
. YouTube >
. Developers >
. App Developer Business Kit >
. Guide to App Growth >

+Google for Entrepreneurs:
. YouTube >
. Campus > +Campus Seoul, +Campus London, +Campus Tel Aviv
. Startup > / +Startup Weekend
. Google Demo Day >

Google Business Groups:

+Google for Nonprofits:
. Start here >
. Forum >
. Blog >

Google Green:

+Google for Education:
- Google Educators Group >
- Newsletter >
- YouTube >
- Google Classroom >

Hotel Prices:
. Start here >
. Google Hotel Finder >

. Start here >
. Forum >
. Blog >
. YouTube Features >
. YouTube Help Videos >
. YouTube Capture >
. Get more out of YouTube >
. YouTube Trends >
. How To Build your brand on YouTube >
. Building a YouTube Content Strategy:

+YouTube Creators:
. Start here >
. Community >
. Forum >
. Blog >
. On YouTube >
. YouTube Creator Academy boot camp >
- Level up your YouTube skills >
- See index of all lessons >
- Get how-to step-by-step help>
. Find your audience and keep them coming back >
. Creator Academy Videos >
. Playbook for Brands >
. Production Guidebook >
. Creator Playbook for Brands >
. Creator Academy / Video Tutorials >
. Programming One-Sheeter >
. Optimizing Your Channel One-Sheeter >
. Community Engagement One-Sheeter >
. YouTube Videos Insights >
. YouTube Fan Finder >
. How to win on YouTube >

YouTube Partner Programme:
- Forum >
- On YouTube >

YouTube Analytics:
- Start here >

YouTube Live Streaming:

+YouTube Advertisers:
. Start here >
. On YouTube >

+YouTube Space:

YouTube For Developers:

III. How To Work With Google

. Manage Digital Brand & Create Product Assets >
. Create & Post a Job Description >
. Create a Workforce Plan >
. Share Information between Stores & HQ >
. Onboard New Store Workers >
. Manage Schedules for Stores & Employees >
. Design a New Product >
. Source Products to Build >
. Request & Approve Time Off >
. Create a Recruitment Plan >
. Collect & Review Resumes >
. Create & Present a Marketing Strategy >
. Create a Budget for a Marketing Strategy >
. Manage & Schedule Marketing Operations >
. Interview Job Candidates Remotely >
. Manage a Marketing Campaign >
. Extend Job Offer to Candidates >
. Start a Rebranding Initiative >
. Outsource your Marketing Plan to an Agency >
. Get Buyer-Relevant Content for Marketing Campaign >
. Create an External Marketing Communications Plan >
. Collaborate with the Supply Chain >
. Launch Internal/External Marketing Communications >
. Coordinate a Trade Show >
. Manage your Web Presence >
. Get Customer Feedback on Marketing Campaign >
. Share Customer Survey Results with Marketing Team >
. Share Information with Store Workers >
. Communicate No-Hire Decisions >
. Manage Store Remodeling Projects >
. Conduct an Inventory Cycle Count >
. Collect and Share Daily Production Reports >
. Submit Daily Production Reports on Assembly Line >
. Access Service Manuals in the Field >
. Connect Factory Workers >
. Track Employee Compliance >
. Conduct a Supplier Audit >
. Collect & Share Daily Production Reports:*
. Submit Daily Production Reports on Assembly Line:*
. Access Service Manuals in the Field:*
. Connect Factory Workers:*
. Track Employee Compliance:*
. Conduct a Supplier Audit:*
. Monitor & Track Inventory Delivery >
. Report an Issue to Facilities or Maintenance Team:*
. Handle Product Recalls in Stores >
. Recall Manufactured Products >
. Collect & Organize New Employee Documentation >
. Onboard New Employees >
. Train New Employees for New Position >
. Conduct Peer Reviews >
. Conduct a Training Needs Assessment Survey >
. Manage Employee Training Courses >
. Submit and Share Kudos >
. Determine Compensation Levels >
. Manage an interoffice transfer >
. Off Board an Employee >
. Create and Distribute Employee Surveys for HR >
. Identify the Termination Process >
. Keep Track of Termination Paperwork >
. Check Benefit Continuation Policy >
. Get Feedback about Employee Evaluation Process >
. Turn Employee Survey Results into a Plan of Action >
. Manage a Creative Campaign >
. Track Status of Publishing Process >
. Create Stories as a Team >
. Capture News Stories on the Go >
. Share Survey Results with Team >
. Complete a Work Order at a Job Site >
. Conduct Construction Site Safety Inspection >
. Register an Office Visitor >
. Provide job Performance Feedback >
. Report a safety Incident >
. Get support for a broken device >
. Share information with remote & deskless workers >
. Provide 1st line technical support >
. Brainstorm ideas with your team >
. Search the company intranet >
. Collect results from educational experiments >
. Collaborate on fundraising ideas >
. Send a letter to someone in their native language >
. Run a vaccination campaign >
. Search users' email >
. Collect product feedback from customers >
. Register employees for an event >
. Ask a subject matter expert a technical question >
. Manage store price lists and SKUs >
. Perform customer assessment interviews >
. Manage incoming emails >
. Track employee productivity >
. Plan and coordinate street repairs >
. Promote internal campaigns to global regions >
. Broadcast product announcements live >
. Create a budget variance report >
. Track invoices and payment status >
. Request and deliver facilities services >
. Capture innovative ideas from employees >
. Share sales and production data between teams >
. Host open office hours with direct reports >
. Train assembly line workers >
. Manage company equipment >
. Enhance training courses with a quiz >
. Select new store locations >
. Notify warehouse of delivery and request pick up >
. Provide media assets to retail outlets >
. Provide manufacturing requirements to suppliers >
. Answer customer questions faster >
. Plan and manage a grand opening for a store >
. Manage non disclosure agreements >
. Submit and approve expense reports >
. Conduct interactive training sessions >
. Create localized and personalized media content >

III. How To be Found by Google
Google Search Console / Webmaster Academy
1.+Google Webmasters:
. Start here >
. Forum >
. SEO Starter Guide >
. Blog >
. YouTube >

2.+Google Web Academy:

3.+Google Web Designer:
. Start here >
. YouTube >
. Forum >
. GWD Fundamentals Certification >

4.+Google Design:
. YouTube >

5. Google Sites:
. Start here >
. Forum >

6. Resources:
. Web Fundamentals: a curated source for modern best practices
. Web Starter Kit: a starter framework supporting the Web Fundamentals best practices out of the box >
. Bring your local business online (no website required) >

7. Analyze and optimize your website with PageSpeed tools >

8. Google I Multi-Screen Resources >

9. Webinars
. Building Multi-Screen Websites >
. Go Multi-Screen: Principles and Recommendations >
. Go Multi-Screen: Responsive Design (What, Why & How) >
. Go Multi-Screen: Building A Mobile Application:

10. Principles of Mobile Site Design >

11. Multi-Screen Starter Guide >

12. Multi-Screen Implementation Guide >

13. Design With a Mobile Mind: Converting Multi-screen Consumers >
. Whitepaper:

14. Web Starter Kit
. Boilerplate & Tooling for Multi-Device Development >

15. Mobile Website And App Analytics: Reports, Metrics, How-to >

16. Smart Phone Tips: An Advertiser’s Checklist for Getting Mobile Righ >

17. Hangout on Air: The Power of Going Mobile >

18. The Full Value of Mobile: howtogomo >

19. Webmaster's Mobile Guide >

20. Crushing It With Competitive Intelligence Analysis: Best Metrics, Reports >

21. Finding more mobile-friendly search results >

22. HOA / Q&A about running a website for your businesses, Google Search, and Google Webmaster Tools:
. Here >
. Links mentioned in the slides:
1. Building mobile-friendly websites:
2. Web Fundamentals >
3. Webmaster Tools >
4. Business location pages >
5. Webmaster Help Forums >

23. Maximize your online strategy & search performance >
. Basics of a mobile website for SMBs >
. Live Q&A session for mobile-friendly ranking change >
. 30 Day Challenge to go >

24. FAQs about the April 21st mobile-friendly update > . Rolling out the mobile-friendly update>

25. #MobileMadness : a campaign to help you go mobile-friendly
. Full recap >

26. Mobile's Secret Sauce >

IV. Important URLs as a Google User
. Sign Up without Gmail >
. Ads preferences >
. Take out >
. Legal >
. Location history >
. History >
. Inactive account >
. Activity security >
. Permissions security >
. Admin password >
. Google Contacts >
. Help >
. Feedback >
. Google Careers >

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+Ali Vaziri , my guide to the new Google+: 
(feel free to share it with your followers). 
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#Ubuntu #UbuntuForDevices #UbuntuTouch #UbuntuAndroid #DualBoot

Even if you don't want to pay for a new phone in order to try Ubuntu on it, there are other ways to give it a try.

It's now possible to have Ubuntu alongside Android and give it a try from time to time.

Ubuntu can also be indepandantly installed, instead of Android, but it's a little risky.

You may want to take a close look at for the standalone installation and at for dual booting.

Haven't rooted my phone yet, so, it will take some time until I try it myself.
And it’s here. We’re very proud to be sharing the Ubuntu phone with you, which will bring a new generation of mobile experiences. For the first time, there will be a phone that revolves around the content and services that matter to you. Say goodbye to opening and switching between multiple apps in the icon grid and let Ubuntu scopes bring everything you need to your screen, giving users a rich, unfragmented experience #ubuntuphone 
The world’s first Ubuntu phone is now available for sale all over Europe, direct from the manufacturer, BQ. The Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition includes an 8 megapixel camera, dual SIM and best of all, no network lock.
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Very useful advice for who use computer especially programmers ;)
Remember healthy first ^_^ 
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#DualBoot #Windows #Linux #MBR #FixMBR #OverwritingMBR

Had some problems after trying to upgrade my Ubuntu installation from update manager (which I really don't recommend to anyone, because it seems that the upgrade takes longer and will usually leave you with an Ubuntu that won't start) and I had to remove it from my partitions in order to install a fresh copy.

The problem was that I used it alongside Windows 7, dual booting with GRUB. Without the Linux partitions, GRUB wouldn't let me boot up with Windows and I had to update my MBR.

I don't know if it's something with my memory, or was this someday the correct way of doing this, but I tried "fdisk /mbr" without any success. Seems that the programs have changed since the last time I was trying to do this on Windows XP! Just when I was beginning to worry about how I'm going to update this MBR in order to bring back the Windows boot-loader, I found out that it is "bootrec /fixmbr" that does this on Windows 7!

It is now done and Windows is in charge again. I'll be installing my favorite distro alongside it in an hour or so. Thought this can help someone who is wondering how to overwrite the MBR on Windows 7 and is trying to use "fdisk" like those good old days, without any success.

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I remember good old fashioned 'fdisk /mbr', but didn't heard of bootrec, seems like we're getting old ;)
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I don't say this is totally accurate, but it sounds right in some parts!

Can anyone mention some references for this?!

#Food #Craving
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The #CareForTheOcean photo contest by #NationalGeographic has the most beautiful pictures from marine life, specially from my favorite creatures of the blue: sea turtles.

Haven't found anything good about dolphines yet!
There is a stunning group of reptiles that has been crossing the world’s oceans for more than 100 million years… Sea turtles!

This is one of our favourite photos of these beautiful animals - have you ever been lucky enough to photograph them in the wild?

Our photo contest #carefortheocean is open! Submit your pics of all sorts of sea creatures, seascapes and everything to do with our wonderful oceans. Visit →
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+Ali Vaziri, only one ;-)
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I had never noticed before, that not considering the birds of our city, the species we encounter the most during our everyday life is the felines. Feral cats that used to gain their food by hunting small mammals and aves or even insects, are now looking for food in our trashcans. Cats that had many natural enemies and were being hunted themselves or were meeting their ends due to disease and ailments, are now getting killed by traffic more than any other reason… We have changed their lives and this burden will be on our shoulders forever.

Domestic cats have been our friends and companions since at least 9,000 years ago, but as I have always been against domestication of animals as pets (all of my non-human friends including a couple of fish, a sparrow and a white-eared bulbul were special cases which needed human intervention to live), I had no experience of living with a cat, neither had any knowledge of hand-rearing an orphaned kitten; but an incident on May 11th this year changed everything!

On that particular day, my dear +Elina Zand​​ found a couple of days old kitten with his umbilical cord still attached in one of the faculties in her university. The kitten was abandoned in a metall drawer in one of the workshops for about 24 hours prior to being noticed and was nearly dead when Elina found him. We still do not know anything of his story. Whether abandoned by his mother, or stealed away by some ill thinking human, he was left there to die in hunger and cold.

The situation required prompt action, so Elina called me during her classes after making a warmer bed for him by placing some cotton wool inside an empty paper box and feeding him deluted cow's milk (we didn't have any other option for the first couple of feedings, but one should never feed cow's milk to kittens for extended periods of time because they are lactose intolerant and the subsequent diarrhea can be fatal). I took him to a vet in less than an hour and our journey began!

Now, after lots of dangers and threats, disease and problems and bad luck, he is a three month old kitten, struggling to become a normal and strong cat. The pictures I am sharing along with this post are from the album we made through the first two month of his life.

We loved him and received lots of love from him during his time at our home. He is now living with my parents because our lifestyle (both working at least two shifts a day and studying at the same time which means we are never home) did not allow us to take care of him more than what we did during this time and we thought he needed more care and attention.

His needs were not many, as a newborn kitten only needs warmth, feeding, help for defecating, cleaning and a little love. But providing what he needed was challenging because we are not from the feline class! Elina woke up every two to three hours around the clock for about 6 weeks to feed him with kitten milk replacement (as my hands were not delicate enough to feed him) and I spend lots of time to make a feeding bottle suitable for his tiny mouth. We had to help him defecate after and sometimes even before each feeding and I had to make sure he is warm enough when he was sleeping away from us.

He wasn't very lucky during the first few weeks: a malfunction in the thermocouple in his electric blanket once nearly cooked him and he had to receive a wide spectrum antibiotic for four days in order to control a pneumonia caused by milk entering his lungs or some other unknown reasons (he had not received enough colostrum and he was very weak, so many things could have caused his ailments). He showed some severe reactions to one of the drugs prescribed by his vet and we were lucky to discontinue the prescription in time. Finally, the first package of KMR I got from the first vet he visited was expired and the dates were tampered with, and he suffered some malnutrition during his first weeks of feeding.

When he was about two weeks of age, we found out that he is ataxic and the vet diagnosed him with mild cerebellum hypoplasia, probably caused by his mother being infected with feline panleukopenia virus on the final weeks of her pregnancy. Fortunately, the condition was mild enough for him to cope with, or it was not C.H. at all and now he is walking, playing, feeding and using the litterbox not less better than a normal kitten!

The list of unfortunate finding continues as we found out that he is nearly deaf in both ears and there is a problem in his left eye. The discoloration on his left retina is not progressive, but whatever the reason is (his vet is still unsure), his left eye sight seems a little limited, but the right eye is compensating enough for this limitation. As for his ears, I must say that not hearing have not made him any less adorable!

He is now playing, eating and growing, but I wish I could find him a better environment containing some adult cats, so that he could learn faster and feel more like a cat!

Our time with little Adam taught us percious experiences on raising orphaned kittens. I will try to share these lessons here, in order to help anyone out there who finds himself in a situation like this on which he should determine the fate of a living creature by deciding to take care of it or not.

I am still against domesticating animals and it was mentally hard for me while it was mentally and physically hard for Elina, but we will sure help any one of them who needs my help as "We are their voice".

We still don't know anything about his story prior to being found by my wife, but if this unfortunate story had been the result of some unkind and cruel human interfering with nature, we both hope that he will get what he deserves! We did our best to make him happy, but he would have been happier if he had spent this time with his mother and siblings. He would have learnt lots of things from them, things that we can not teach him, and many of these unfortunate events might have never happened if he was not isolated from his real family.

He is very dear to us and we will do whatever we can to make sure he is happy, healthy and comfortable, but I hope no other kitten will ever have to go through what he experienced.

#Cat #Kitten #HandRearing #Orphan #Furry #Adam #AdamTheCat
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Apology accepted +Babak i​!
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#Augmentation #SuperHumanSense

Many of my childhood superheroes had superpowers that I always wished to have! Hearing abilities like this was always one of them…

Read on and think about the possibilities! I'm glad that technology is making many of my dreams come true these days!
New earbuds give you super-hearing.

(Read my column: )

Listen to this: The world of earbuds is about to be transformed by startups whose products let you customize what you hear.

Instead of earbuds, which typically deliver music and voice sounds through a wire, and hearing aids, which boost certain frequencies (lost to the elderly who listened to loud music through earbuds in their misspent youths), the new hearables -- wearable devices that live in your ears -- enable the customization of environmental sound. You can cherry-pick which noises you want to hear better, and which you want silenced.

Here's what you'll hear:

#hearables   #hearablecomputing  
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#BootableUSB   #Bootable   #ISO   #DiskImage   #LiveUSB

    I found it today, while looking for a easy to use, fast and automated application software for creating a live USB instead of live CD for installing Ubuntu on my system (I was on the road, had the ISO image, but didn't have any blank CD/DVD).

    Right now, I'm using it to create my live USB and doing other stuff without having to change anything on it or look at it from time to time. Making bootable USBs have never been easier than this!
UNetbootin allows you to create bootable Live USB drives for Ubuntu, Fedora, and other Linux distributions without burning a CD. It runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.
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The funny part is that I didn't manage to create that bootable USB stick after sharing this... My 1 GB flash memory didn't have enough space for the filesystem I was trying to extract from the ISO image and I found it out after about half an hour!
This has nothing to do with UNetbootin... This piece of software is still great. I only have to catch up with technology changes and get me a bigger and faster USB memory stick!
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I was just reading a good essay on how odor is trapped in some fabrics and how some materials create germ heavens!

It seems that some serious research is going on to determine the best material for odor-safe apparel!

Follow the link bellow for more information but as an abstract to this short article, you need to know that a research on growth rate of different odor producing germs and microbes on different fabrics concludes that these germs grow relatively low on cotton, very high on wool, nylon and polyester, and very very low on viscose.

Although some manufacturers are using nano silver in their sports fabric (which is not recommended due to the fact that nano silver eliminates good germs along with bad ones), a better and more economical approach is to use hybrid apparel which consist of different material and fabrics for different parts (e.g cotton for armpits and viscose/polyester for the rest).

#Germ #Odor #Health #SportsWear #Apparel #Fabric
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