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The Infectus, still unfinished, always grey...
The Infectus, still unfinished, always grey...
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Even as someone for whom English is a relatively new second language, I have noticed that the vocabulary used by Trump and his sentence structures are pretty simple in comparison to most English speaking political faces!

Just encountered a tweet by +Mike Elgan​, in which he wisely shared a wonderful use for Trumps speeches [ ] ! "Trump's speeches are used for learning English, because he uses low-level vocabulary and only talks about simple ideas"!

Can not wipe this smile from my face!

#Trump #English #Vocabulary #Education #Learning #Simple #Basic #Elementary

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Reading a good post by Alina Vrabie from (which I recommend to anyone out there, interested in journaling and reading about Bullet Journals) made me think about the reasons I had for thinking that BJs simply do not work.

When I got familiar with the idea of formatting a journal with this method a while back, I instantly came to this understanding that it is a waste of time, although some brilliant ideas behind it are very useful for developing my own method which I would like to call the In.fectus Journal which is a flexible method combining analog and digital tools, suitable for personal task management, journal writing, life logging, saving attachments for further access, brainstorming and leaving a legacy behind! Basically, all you need to creat it is a notebook, a pen and a cellphone.

I have never shared my method with anyone, for it is not mature yet and I am testing it myself; as soon as I feel it is mature enough, you will be hearing about it here!

My reasons for avoiding the Bullet Journal and developing my personal method were:

Lack of ability to log:

One of my reasons for keepig a journal, in addition to task management and brainstorming, is logging my life. BJ uses a bullet writing style for short sentences called rapid logging which can not capture narrations of daily life and thoughts in detail.

Unability to add attachments:

Attachments - being simple sketches or doodles, to paper receipts or other physical objects - are recurring elements of my journals. Something that could not be done in Bullet Journals.

Being time consuming and space inefficient:

Having to keep pages for indexes and never using them is not what I like in my journals! Also creating index pages in advance is something that I usually do not have time for! You may also run short on the space you have reserved for an index…

Not having a linear timeline which can be followed:

When looking back at a finished Bullet Journal, you will not be able to follow your train of thoughts and timeline without jumping back and forth between pages.

Not being searchable:

There is no way to find an entry in a Bullet Journal with knowing only the keywords from and not knowing the date or the name of the collection it belongs to. This is much worse in case of attachments if you manage to add them to your journal.

#Article #Essay #BulletJournal #Journal #LifeLog #BlackAndWhite #BnW

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Four souvenirs from my first spring trip to the forest; in swipe order:
• A bright horizon, with a foreground of old roots and moss.
• An old decaying tree trunk, under a weak sunlight.
• A stonewall being taken back by the nature.
• New grass and flowers by the river.
It was still a bit cold and my trip was really short, but it was pleasant and calming.

Got to do some planning to go to this place more often. If you choose a good time and walk for about an hour, you can find places where no human have ever been to… I need a couple of hiking sticks and I should ve good to go! Hopefully this will happen in a couple of weeks!

I also need to take a wide lens converter this time… And maybe a macro too. Lets see if I can shoot better frames next time.

#Forest #Spring #Cool #Tree #Roots #Trunk #Stonewall #Nature #Grass #River #Wild #Flowers #BlackAndWhite #BnW #Noir #MobilePhotography
Early Spring Souvenirs From Belgrad Forest
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Trying JSON-LD for the first time, while coordinating a SEO project, I was wondering, is this JSON-LD thing mature enough to form the most extensive human knowledge vault which Google is creating?! Where is this method of organizing and interconnecting data taking us?

As my first experience, I chose a very small amount of data to structure: some corporate information of a website, for inclusion in Google search console; but I must admit that even this small amount of data structuring took me a whole day! In order to help anyone out there who wonder how to get in this pool, I am presenting some links that can show the path and help to avoid the dead ends that I reached before getting to where I wanted…

Initial Resources and Tools:
Introduction to JSON-LD and structuring data wouldn't be possible for me without: &
I recommend taking a look at them for anyone interested…

Diving Deeper:
To understand the basics of "why" all this data structuring is being performed and the outcomes, I suggest beginning with:

These efforts are not more six years old today and there is a long way ahead, with an obscured horizon in sight. But I hope creating this huge structure of organized and interconnected data will do good for humanity in the end!

#Work #SEO #Google #Search #JSON #JSON_LD #LinkedData #Knowledge #Vault #KnowledgeVault #Organized #Interconnected #Universe #Data #Node #Future

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At last, I found a perfect situation on which focusing on something close other than the subject could help me express something better!

Focus on the raindrops on the window pane helped me to emphasise the fog and using HDR and a high contrast filter gave me better results in changing the buildings into silhouettes.

This is another pleasant foggy day in Istanbul with the sun struggling to show through the fog and a thin curtain of clouds, but no time to enjoy it… Wish we had this weather on a free weekend!

#Pleasant #Istanbul #Fog #Foggy #Sun #Clouds #Sky #SkyLine #BlackAndWhite #BnW #MobilePhotography

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Just found out that Google has changed "Research" tool to "Explore" tool/button in Google Docs. This change had occurred some five month ago (on Sep. 2016 or about that time), but I just encountered it, as I haven't had used Docs for writing any research report for at least eight month.

This new creature is a mess! You can't search scholars from it, and you can't cite a specific article (the citation inserts a link to the webpage only).

This "Explore" feature can also be found in Google Slides and Google Sheets and as far as I can tell, its functionality is limited to integrating Google search tabs with other services. No trace of anything more professional! If you want to cite a journal article, you need to do it manually, or you can use Google Scholars and copy the citation into your article as a footnote.

Currently, the only workaround is using third party add-ons like the one from PaperPile, which is not suitable for everyone. Creating a bibliography management database inside Google Docs - like what MS-Word provides - is technically a piece of cake for Google, specially since they have queries for creating standard citations, but it seems that the target group chosen by Google does not include researchers and scholars!

I am not designing product strategies for Google, but I really can not see why google is not adding such functionality parallel to the current Explore feature. They could leave Research feature as it was and add Explore to make both users happy! Google needs to bring back the research tool or scholars and researchers will find platforms other than Docs.

#Google #Docs #Research #Tool #Bibliography #Citation #ExploreTool #Explore #Cloud #Computing #WordProcessing #WordProcessor #CloudComputing #Feature #Suggestion

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While trying to create a virtual box on Windows 10 I encountered a very annoying issue: even though my host OS was a 64-Bit, VirtualBox did now allow me to create 64-Bit guests!

Turns out the problem was that only one client can use Intel CPU access for virtualization and Windows HyperV was installed first! Everything was solved after disabling HyperV...

If you have the same problem, you may want to take a look at Vonnie's experiment on . Special thanks goes to MilesTFox who made it complete by elaborating on the mechanism in the comments.

#VirtualBox #Intel #32Bit #64Bit #Limit #HyperV #Issue #Solved #Virtualization #VirtualMachine #Virtual

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After weeks of struggling and many unsuccessful attempts for installing Debian 8 alongside Windows 10 on my workstation, I just gave up and decided to install it on a VirtualBox inside Windows!

This may not be the best possible way and you will not have all the power you could get if you have booted directly into Linux, but it is sure better than nothing...

The problems which made me decide so were hardware components that looked like advantages in Windows:
■ 4K display which made desktop environments look funky when used with a needed screen scaling;
■ WiFi adapter that needed non-free firmware and was not stable even with the non-free firmware;
■ Nvidia graphics with no suitable driver for Linux;

I think I will stay on this configuration, even-though it will not provide Linux with all available resources, until my hardware gets a bit older and then I'll check if newer kernels and packages can solve my problems in newer versions.

#Virtual #Linux #VirtualBox #LinuxMachine #DualBoot #Hardware #HardwareIncompatibility #UnsupportedHardware #FinalDecision #Deployment #Nightmare

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Just found this great website on typography, and one of the article definitely solved my problem with refering to sections and paragraphs with "§" and "¶" symbols: is the typography heaven I just found, and is the great article on silcrows and pilcrows.

Did not have any collection for sharing this, so I shared it publicly!

#Grammar #Typography #Article #Writing

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Yesterday was a great day for me! For the first time in my professional life, I used a premade framework: UIkit 2.27.2
This wonderful project has its own website (aside from the GitHub page) which provides all the needed downloads (except jQuery which must be downloaded from other sources) and documentations and tutorials at .

I had this project for a single page parallax website with a very close deadline and UIkit reduced the development process (from UX design to implementation of UI elements) to less than two work days!

It is not the most well-known framework, nor it is the fastest one out there but it was sure a delight working with it!

I hope success for the developer and wish them success in getting version three (currently on ) out of the beta phase and releasing it with full features…

Meanwhile, please take a look at my first experience with UIkit, currently uploaded to and let me know what you think of the website.

#UX #UI #Development #Website #Design #FrontEnd #UIkit #Parallax #Slideshow
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