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Please re-share this for me! I've had a major Google glitch. I have 500 less followers than two days ago but the real problem is not being in contact with my friends.

Kris Lee originally shared this post:
Technical Advice/Assistance Needed

This post is regarding +Jeff Vinson, whose profile photo I have attached.

Apparently, after a Chrome/Java update yesterday, he started having problems - He 'disappeared' from many people's circles (including mine). When I tried to add him back, the system shows an error message or that his details cannot be retrieved from the server.

He still has me circled and I am able to see his posts on his profile page, but not in my streams any longer. I have already sent a feedback via the drop-down menu from the gear icon.

Is anyone else having this problem or know of a solution? Or does anyone know who in Google+ to contact regarding this problem?

Any advice or assistance is appreciated.
Thank you!

One solution is to remove me from all circles, clear your history, then re-add me.

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