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Do you feel for this photog or do you think he really should have asked more questions before showing up for a shoot of this magnitude?  Perhaps this is on Getty, they shouldn't have published the images at all 
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I think it's pretty embarrassing personally. As a sports photographer I would do jut about anything to book a shoot like that and I feel like this person really didn't take advantage of it. 
Wow... Sounds like bad communication all the way around. Dude should have been prepared for any circumstance though.
I don't understand the way he blew it off by saying he's a newspaper photographer.  Red Huber at the Orlando Sentinel is an outstanding photographer.  David Hobby was a newspaper photographer and look what he does.  Lighting for portraits is bread & butter for a newspaper photographer.  Besides, how could he NOT understand the importance of his assignment?
i feel he should have asked more questions.  But getty should not have published the images.
From what I read he was prepared for one type of shoot.  He was unprepared for what everyone else was doing and figured he would do the same.  He should have stuck to what his gear and mindset was in and avoided over extending himself. 
i agree +Philip Edmondson, if you can't setup a studio, just shoot what you're prepared for and what you're good at.  I still don't get why Getty published the images though.  The editor should bear some of the responsibility I would think 
I think the editor has to be feeling awful, but also stuck.  It's not like they get to re-shoot this series now.  So they're left with the choice of trashing everything and sucking up the cost, or pushing out some crap knowing they'll still make money because - awful photos or not - it's still historical and someone will buy it.
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