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Canon Release EOS M3, No one cares
Perhaps this is the sign of good things to come from Canon, but the EOS M3 just doesn't impress as a serious mirrorless offering.

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Haha, sure. Canon should photoshop the specs to make it a decent camera :D. I'm not mad, no, really 
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Ali Elhajj

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World Wide Photowalk at Disney!!!

yes, i'm going., maybe we'll see +Lee Beem   & +William Beem  , +Jim Migliore & +Angela Migliore.  +Eric Johnson, +Eric Lin    ??  Too many   people to name that are going to make this fun!

FOMO Alert: you gotta go or you'll regret it forever and wallow in sorrow for all time (hyperbole??)

Sign on up only 50 spots!  
2015 World Wide Photowalk!
I'm proud to announce that I'll be running a photowalk again this year!  It'll be our 5th walk at Walt Disney World.  And this year it'll be at The Magic Kingdom.
Please sign up today!  (Limited to 50 people)
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Yes, Ali will do!
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Ali Elhajj

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In Consideration of the Regal Infinite
I photographed  this late at night (almost 2am) over at my favorite night sky spot here in Florida: Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park.  

I shot it back and May, and  as I often do, I started the edit then just sat on it a bit. This week, with everyone talking about the Meteor shower coming up, I figured it was time to get back to it.
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Ali Elhajj

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Cathedral of St. Luke
I was invited to shoot the St. Luke's in Downtown Orlando.  The light was a bit challenging, but I had a Cathedral to myself for a couple of hours so no complaining allowed!  Who knew we had this kind of architecture in Orlando?

Hello sony!
This, by the way, is the first shot from my Sony A7II.  Being able to see the viewfinder on my iPad over wifi helped me line up - one of my favorite features on the camera.

About editing it 
5 source images were used to create the final exposure.  The 5 images were blended in Photomatix, then reblended manually in photoshop.  

I also used to +Topaz Labs Denoise, Adjust, and Clarity for the finishing touches (I love Topaz Clarity and really need to review it).

farewell my canon L
On a sad note, this was the last shoot with my Canon 17-40 f/4L.  That lens was a good friend for several years, but after this shoot it went into a box and was shipped off to a lucky eBayer in Colorado.  

I'll miss the 17-40, but I just got the Zeiss 16-35 f/4 fe lens and am looking forward to reviewing it.
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+Ali Elhajj Oooh, thank you so much Ali!
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Ali Elhajj

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Canon: it's over...
Just a few days a go Canon marked down its profit expectations by $10 Billion due to weak consumer camera sales (ouch!)

Seeing as I just made the switch to Sony in the last few weeks, I figured I'd go through why I made the switch.  Summary Canon: I want a serious mirrorless camera and you've had every opportunity to make one!
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I'm here to help.
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Ali Elhajj

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Alpine Labs Radian Timelapse Review
I've been playing with Alpine Labs's Radian for a while and finally set some time to write it up.

Radian is a small single-axis motion control head programmed by your phone that lets you do pans and tilts.  

Checkout the review to see how it shakes out. 
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yah, i hear you +John Balboni.  I talked to the guys at Alpine Labs about it, and they're looking at addressing this;  i'm not sure where they will end up (if they'll fix it in Radian 1 or Radian 2).  

Radian 2 should be intersting.
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Ali Elhajj

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Meanwhile at Epcot....yah, it's going to rain folks!
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And it's been storming all weekend!
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Ali Elhajj

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First Timelapse time with the +Syrp genie and the +Sony a7II. In-camera 16:9 with auto HDR. I just saved myself hours of work in post-processing !

By the way, If you look very very very close at this image, you'll notice something I'd did wrong. happy hunting ;)
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Noze P.
You see the ferret could have bring it for you!
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Ali Elhajj

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Camera mountable ferret anyone? I love what turns up in the photo/video section on Craigslist!!

I'm sure the ferret is mirrorless. 
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Well... I'm thinking it all depends on what kind of shoot you doing.. it would be an accessory... hahahaha
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Ali Elhajj

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Help me out with a vote
A week or so ago I posted the sunset that preceded the July 4th fireworks in downtown orlando.  Here's the actual fireworks shot!

I sent this image in for the Best of Downtown Orlando photo contest.  Help me out by voting for it.  Winner gets a reserved spot in a local gallery (that would be super awesome).

By the way: I submitted my sunset shot too.  The link for that one is here:
The Downtown Development Board, in partnership with the Downtown Arts District, is excited to host its second annual Best of DTO Photo Contest! Images must depict Downtown Orlando in one of the following five categories: Lake Eola, DTO Community, Family Fun, Skyline, Best of DTO. Photographers will be eligible to win the $100 Best in Category, $300 Best in Show, and $300 People's Choice awards.
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yah, media loves to say g+ is dying, dead, a terrible mistake, you name it.  

The mighty google has failed is really what the media wants to say.  I just wish google could be clear about what the plan is.
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Ali Elhajj

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Only in Orlando folks haha
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In tue greater Orlando area Kevin. Are you trolling me? :)
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I love Hangouts and especially the ability to share my screen and do some post-processing.  I also love sharing what I've learned, so if you want to do a hangout or have a post-processing question, drop me a line!  

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