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Syrp Magic Carpet Review
In this review I talk a little about the Syrp Genie motion control head (full review coming) and dive deep into the Magic Carpet slider- and why/if you might want to consider the two units together for your timelapse/video work.
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asi no
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If you're looking for me, I'll be somewhere in the stars...

#Explore   #HappyMonday
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That came out great +Ali Elhajj! Looks like a really clear sky. 
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Instagram Circle: Post your name in the comments & Let's connect!
Well, it's Monday, a new year, and everyone is getting back to work today.  I love seeing all you post here on g+; let's see what we all get in the 'ol 1x1 aspect (and with crazy filters!)

My instagram name is elhajj33.  Drop yours in the comments section and I'll add you back.  I'll post a circle wit everyone who dropped their name next Monday.  I also plan on creating a google doc with g+ names and instagram names.  

If you want to be supercool, give this a share so we can connect with others.  Happy Monday!!!

#monday   #newyear   #backtowork  
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Communication make things easier
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New Year's Eve 2015 at Epcot & The Magic Kingdom
NYE was awesome last night - especially at Epcot - the parties there were insane!

Shot the fireworks at Epcot at 6 then headed over to the Magic Kingdom to shoot the midnight show from the Contemporary Resort. Got home at about 3am (thank you traffic), but still was a good time.

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Thank you so I was stuck inside with boxers and 9 month old
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The Sky's Muse

Sometimes I wonder if the sun doesn't sing to the sky.  This was last night's sunset at Lake Apopka down here in Central Florida.  I wasn't feeling too great, but I saw the thin, high, flat, clouds, and knew I had to drag myself down to the lake.

I'm so glad I did!

#landscape#reflection , #monday , #sunset   
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Ali Elhajj

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Florida Fall
We aren't priviliaged to get fall colors like the folks a little further north, but we do get fall colors here in Central Florida - especially as it gets a bit colder in December.

About the image:
This was shot at Lake Brim in Oakland, FL earlier this week.  This is a single raw shot with the  +Syrp Vari ND filter for a longer exposure to futher enhance the glassiness of the water.  I got a bit wet (I plopped the tripod in the water and eventualy ended up in the lake shoes and all) and was freezing, but it was well worth it!
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I am home with a friend
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Ali Elhajj

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Ali Elhajj

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Some timelapse action tonight in downtown Orlando. What are ou all up to?
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yep +John Balboni: that's exactly what it does.  I'll take some video next time i have it all setup and will post it for ya 
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Ali Elhajj

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And the Lightning Strikes
I miss the summer storms.  This is from the night i went out to shoot a storm and managed to get my car stuck in the sand.  All good.  Had to abandon the car and shoot while waiting for the tow truck, but it's all good.  It was worth it
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Hi,,,I like ur photo,
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My New Year's Resolution is 5616x3744 (unless I crop in) :D Happy New Year everyone!  May all your images be full res this year ;)
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Contemporary Resort for the fireworks tonight.

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Lovely!  Happy New Year!
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Fort Wilderness Lodge Christmas Tree

Shot this one while on a photowalk with the "Usual Suspects" of central florida g+ photographers last week (+Eric Lin, +Eric Johnson +Kevin Graham +William Beem +Harmony Goodson, that's you people - not to mention so many others!!)

No cameras were damaged in the course of creating this image (no matter how +Eric Johnson tried ;)) 

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thanks +T.J. Powell; hope you're having a good new year! :) 
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Photographer, educator, and HDR specialist based in the Orlando area;  Passionate about photography, technology and sci-fi.  

I shoot with a Canon 5DMKII.  Favorite lens right now is the  17-40 f/4L though the 24-105mm f/4L is a close second especially for its versatility

I spend my post-processing time in Photomatix, Lightroom, and Photoshop. 

I have a passion for teach and am available for one-on-one hangout or workshops.   Drop me a line if you need some help editing a particular image.

Non-Profit Work
I am passionate about serving orphans, children with special needs and children suffering from post-traumatic stress in Bethlehem (yah, where Jesus was born!) through my non-profit The Bethlehem Christmas Project (BCP).  

Every December, BCP brings together Israeli and Palestinian followers of Jesus (along with a team of internationals) to demonstrate the love of God to the children we serve by delivering clothing, educational materials, basic needs, and toys

What to expect
My style gravitates towards the surreal and I have a fascination with complex geometries.  I post images 3-6 times a week depending on my schedule and am always interacting on g+.

I love Hangouts and especially the ability to share my screen and do some post-processing.  I also love sharing what I've learned, so if you want to do a hangout or have a post-processing question, drop me a line!  

Finally, I'm a geek so you'll get a little gadget talk and geek humor from time-to-time :)

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