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Solar Floating Resort

The Solar Floating Resort is an example of what the distant future might hold when it comes to architecture, our reliance on renewable resources, and dealing with overpopulation on land. Covered completely in a photovoltaic skin, the resort is 100% self-sufficient and non-polluting. On top of that, the floating palace is actually a modular system that divides into much smaller components that can be moved and assembled almost anywhere. Video ➜

by Designer Michele Puzzolante ➜ via
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Very Awsome ;) but there is only a problem, that this "home boats" can´t survive in a sea storm a lot hehe.
You are probably right +Mario Ko-Johns. But I think the boat is not designed for the open sea anyway; more something for a protected bay...
If is like that is perfect, but there we have other problem, that we can´t travel to mucho with it.
I really want one! It might be more sea-worthy if it were a SWATH ship; the main deck would be out of the water then though. Anyone feel like giving me a few million to try and build one of these? ;)
Lovely...if you want to live in a dead ocean where all the sealife except algae and jellyfish have been killed by pollution and global warming.
That is the coolest thing I've seen all day.
The concept could also work as a habitat unit on a planet with no solid surface.
Thats it. I'm stealing this. I might need some help. Anybody coming with?
This is Awesome, I would love to live in such a place.
wwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ammmmaaaaazzzzzzzzzzziiiiiinnnnnnnngggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cool love to be in it one day :-)
That's a dream house!
If they could invent a miniature dry ice machine, they could use thermal heat flow, and peltier junction devices, to literally harvest energy, from the air, with nothing but the dry ice machine creating the power. Expose half to standard atmosphere, and the other side to the dry ice heat exchange chamber, and you have enough differential in heat to provide electric current. Scale it up in the right proportions, and you'd have a battery that ran on AIR, alone. Well, cold hard CO2 dry ice.
that boat look so cool i wish i can have that boat
i don't really know what to answer your question
no this guy was racist i think that black people like to swim in water
what are you talking about
Awesome but, can I get one for free?
can i buy it from you for $1
what about overpopulation on water after that... jeez Kill your self people.
Does it come in a casino version?
Marvelous! Very Exciting! and fascinating
awesome btw i love it oh yaaaaa
so beautiful!!!!!
If it doesn't have a waterslide... That's kind of a deal breaker : P
Paul O
Well as far as them being poxey in a storm if they made them on the same scale as oil rigs then its all good surely?
I dunno still seems like a sweet idea though.
Amazing I would love to be there dream house.
One is instantly destroyed when Chuck Norris is about!
Nice, but if it had a sail it would be even better. Propellers could hurt fish.
Nice. What about security against pirates?
That looks cool. Too bad its going to be so expensive!
OMG ,,, thats awesome ,,,

who wanna come with me ,,, i have something like that ,,, I HAVE THE TITANIC HHH believe me ^^"
i would love to live there
omg if that IS real..i wanna go there
nice and fun, one would really get a kick out of this thing
It is very different indeed. Also environmental safe,But will only the rich afford it. That's the question. The Lord gave them the Idea for this Witty invention,
indeed. Just imagine what Heaven looks like,an its free for those that love an respect him. 
that looks soooo cool i wanna go there
Just needs a replicator, then it would be perfect.
wow i would love to have a house like that i think i would spend alot of time in the bubble at the bottom it's so kool
I wouldnt dare live in dat shyt
ouf!!!! there is hope for our future ... ... grand design ..and concept
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh , GOD . you `re kidding , aren `t you ?!
Needs a garden to aid in the sustainability? Which then makes me wonder about sovereignty and growing medicinal agriculture... Know what I mean nudge nudge wink wink
looks very like 'Tracey Island' from Thunderbirds, or am I just showing my age :)
sigh, I think the word for this is unattainable
its realy nice...........!!!!!!
Would be a great place to retreat to during the holidays.
awesome I could live in that :)
"Covered completely in a photovoltaic skin, the resort is 100% self-sufficient and non-polluting."

The resort itself may be 100% self-sufficient and non-polluting but, as best I can tell this thing produces no nutrients and processes no waste. It can't support any life on board. It is FAR from being 100% self-sufficient when inhabited. Call me back when you've addressed those two minor oversights.

I'm a farm girl first and an Industrial Designer/Engineer second. Food doesn't come from the grocery store. They have to get it from somewhere else. Your crap doesn't just disappear when you flush the toilet, it goes somewhere else. You should at least pay enough attention to ensure that 'somewhere else' is different in each of the above cases, unless you just like the idea of eating shit.
this is so amazing, i want that!!!!!!! :D
This is so cool i want to go on it looks like so much fun 😳😄
We have these already. They're called yachts.
"100% self-sufficient and non-polluting" ....... That's so cute. But in real life, there is provisioning and waste treatment. Even if solutions exists for human waste (consuming a lot more energy than we you would like to and far from perfect in term of marine life safety), food waste will still produce a considerable amount of organics matter that you cannot dispose in the water. You need garbage collection system for your poop and waste (and this won't be automatic and solar energy based :( ). Also at the time when every one is concerned by water pollution from anti-fouling compound, what will be the miracle solution needed to protect such a huge underwater structure from marine growth ? (or maybe that will be part of the under water show ? ;) ). Except that, nice pictures.
that will be amazing to have and sooo much better for the enivorment
That's what I'm talking about!! Ingenuity gotta love it!!
that's pretty... and cool...
Ni Lao
I wish it be a round shaped bed than the sofas in the underwater room!!
I'm throwing my money at the screen but nothing is happening. Take my money already I want this.
This is so so so beautiful........
some facation that is soo pretty
awesome design! admire whoever has created this work!
Hmm, now if they could just find an ocean spot that stays so idyllically calm. Trying to visualize this lovely hotel midst 15 foot breaking waves in a winter storm. or hurricane.
The idea of a very practical and environmentally friendly, and I hope to publish up to all people
That's what you call Beautiful..
Oh my. thats kinda dreamy
Nice, I wonder if this is Google project :)
that is so cool, but is it prepared for a hurricane, or huge storm?
I wonder if this thing can handle large waves.
thats a nice house !!!!!!!!!!!~!!
E (E)
Damn I want one :) 
i have never seen love this way before
Then we start littering in the ocean...more. >:-[
t will look better under water,,dont have to worry about it snking.
What i liked most is that the components can b moved&assembled anywhere.really great
Beautiful design ”solar floating resort”. awesome!
limits your options,nautically /geographically, but still very very cool
Coolio! Sign me up for one of those!
I wonder what happens when a swell from a storm or even a hurricane comes. But they are amazing.
using solar panels to block out the sun in order to power the lights? lol.
Tony Stark's next pad in Ironman 3!!! :p
So we all agree the world is heading this way, no optimistic opinions? I hope the ice age will meet the global working :-)
Wth. Were in 2012 where is this?
i love this thing it rocks......................................................................................................
Am I the only one concern about this? Where does the poop go? Septic tank? Or into the sea
This is like Jaques Fresno Stuff. The Venus project anyone?
I'll pass on this dingy. I'll take one of those ships that Cosner had in Water World.
so much futuristic design, what about organic design combination,
that house cost so much for ordinary guys.........
that look so relax!!!!!!
+Veronica Benua, here the comment from the designer: "This project is ready for prototyping. The design and the construction plans for a prototype are nailed down. Hopefully it will become real very soon due to thin film photovoltaics having reached very goog performances."
Solar Floating Resort is good. As you see, you have to reduce the Rolling and Pitch. Because, the shaking makes many kinds of problems in the floating resort! New Floating Body Stabilizer has been created in South Korea. I'm sure that you need this Idea. The Floating Body Stabilizers generate drag force immediately when Solar Floating Resort is being rolled and pitched on the water. Recently, this Floating Body Stabilizers have been used to reduce the Vibration of Floating Solar Panels in South Korea. You can see the Floating Body Stabilizer in YouTube., Floating Body Stabilizer: Houseboat, Don't Be Afraid Of The Shaking!.
Hello Ali,
thank you very much for your interest in the Solar Floating Resort and for being willing to feature it in your website.
I am very pleased to announce that the Solar Floating Resort Part 2 is now ready for editing.
Please let me know if you need some renderings and video.

Kind regards,
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