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Different Countries, different Sleeping Spaces for Children

Where other Children (excellent piece of journalism)

Photo by Hamid Sardar-Afkhami → via
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What a fantastic share +Ali Adelstein, thank you very much. Keeps the head busy, helps to avoid cultural traps. Wonderful!
I have to thank you again :). Just read the complete article for the second (and definitely not the last) time. Journalism of this quality is extremely rare and of so great value.
A white raindeer no less. It looks huge, the ones we have are much smaller...
And my kids are afraid to go close to goats............
They're a tough looking people. We just have to hope they don't get bored of their nomadic life - they have a habit of taking over the world when that happens.
Och Ts
Mongolian west part...
Ali in south Asia childrens sleeping on the footh path
Now there's something you don't see everyday.. 
And think that there are people who enjoy the mindless murder of such magnificent creatures...
Excellent post, thank you for sharing!
Och Ts
Yes this is Mongolia. Western part of the country. We call them TSAATAN.
Abrar M
you slp dont wory
This is about the most adorable thing I have seen today.  Thanks for the share...stealing it.
They use reindeer like we use cows. It provides them with milk, meat, and transport. Unlike a cow however thew make wonderful pillows.
Santa!! Your daughter's bunking with the reindeers again!
Awesome.Both are relaxed and secured. Deplcts naturalism
thumbs up to u sir....very beautifull pic....:)
Хөөрхөн юм
Amazing photo!! thank you for the share.
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Like this pic.very much
ႈ I love this photo.
All the benefits of slaying a tauntaun, with half the smell!
Nice one,supposedly found in mwongori
Wow !! personal heater great image
i'm sure he won't feel cold...
Leo Lee
Wow! Amazing message!
Sam Bao
Very high quality pillow
Holy crap, that kid must know Santa! 
Man and beast in harmony. When could man learn to exist with his fellow man?
U tryd manze to fix the baby to that animal but stil one can see it is not real but anyway good work done there
Made me look.  Fascinating subject area.
Seems like an illustration from a C.S. Lewis novel :)
Look, like three kids sleeping on a bad.AAAAWWWWSSSSOOOOMMEEEE PICTURE. 
It looks like a montage. But it's still a cool picture
wow what a white deer child looking good both Fantastic  
Fascinating article.  Makes me appreciate what I've got and how lucky my kids are.  Chris Kelley - Framingham. 
I don't know, my kids would give anything to sleep next to a reindeer. 
I mean, it makes for a great picture... but as a Dad it looks crazy dangerous to me.  If that thing was suddenly startled and jumped up to run away, it could be bad.
If you can find it there is a Ray Mears "World of Survival" in Siberia where he follows a family of reindeer herders, much like this picture.

In it you'll see that the reindeer are quite tame, perhaps even much more so than your house dog.
They have been friends since she was born
Photoshoped, you can tell by position oh his head. Still cute though B-)
Wow! That's something completely different.
No, this isn't photo shopped, people who don't know the culture up there shouldn't be making assumptions.
Nice pillow for that baby

Wow look at the size of his/her feet!
Cool. Thanks for sharing. What location?
Good Picture! Going to share.
(smooth jazz plays in the background) XD
کاش من به جایه اون بودم
Siberian tribes live their lives with the reindeer so even though you're disbelief of this picture makes you believe it was photoshopped I think you'll find it's real.
So nice rare in rhis world to see pics like that
lots of fresh air, warm critter to keep the kid warm . . . I don't see the problem
This picture made me smile so big.
All south africans must learn isizulu coz its 1 of da important languages
can i sleep there? or will that animal wake up?
Times ßĘíŃ Bacon safety with animals better than humans
If my kid knew that sleeping on a reindeer was an option...
What if the animal has to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom?
Now that is one big white pillow case!
"Vegeta whats the reader say?" no longer known saiyan. "That's, that's impossible! It's cuteness level... IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAAANND!!!" Vegeta. I love how this quote can be used just about anywhere lol.
Ryan Ng
Whoa. Are they that poor?
It looks as if the deer is taking care of its own child!!! Humans should definitely learn from this.Nowadays people kill each other for worldly objects but are unable to achieve peace.
this picture is so... beautiful i love it!!!
You must be tired after a long day of surviving the wild. I heard there is a sale at materess giant. That might be a good investment for her...
munju s
...but is the child safe there?
+manjul singh Yes domesticated Reindeer are safe. They are very gentle creatures who will even help defend the child against predators. In Nome, Alaska one guy even has one who travels with him in the bed of his pickup truck.
This is how we sleep in Canada when we are away from the Igloo!
Wait until he wakes up and realises where he is. What a night out. 
That's a painting sir
It feels as mother, s , lot of love , no fear , wonderful pleaser
Kinda makes me feel ill from being from the "west"
Not in the context that the "poor" children make me ill but more along the lines of the "rich" children and their excess is disgusting....just my personal 2 cents
Rich k
That pic us incredibly cute! 
Is that a white carabu or an albino moose?
Nice picture, but the images overall are ridiculously stereotypical, especially the 'lawyer kid' in Manhattan, The Geisha in Kyoto and the kid in Kentucky with all the guns!  This seems to be based on the Unicef book, Children Just Like Me, which I think was a much better book. I used to read it to my kids every night to educate them about the world:
I can't even begin to imagine what would have happen if this picture was take in the USA. However, it would be something like this; the parents would have been arrested for child endangerment, the reindeer would have been put on a preserve somewhere and all the animal activist would have gotten involved, Dr. Phil would have had an episode or two the the psychological affect of the child growing up....and that's just on the 1st day.....GREAT picture
T Arch
A very beautiful and awesome picture

Nah, just kidding.
I'd guess from Eastern Russia or Canada up by Alaska. and where you have 8 months a year od snow covered ground.
That is a really cool picture.The deer looks really cool.
Diferent Countries, different pets 
Sound asleep. Wonderful photo.
Great picture of rein deer or caribou. (Rangifer Tarandus) A species of deer.
oh my, these savages. when will they learn to yell at and bump into each other violently on sidewalks and honk the shit of everyone else in traffic and all those nice things civilized people do...
They could be domesticated carabu.
Some children sleep on Harry Potter's dad
Iam New at this so take care 
imagine the innocence of a youngsters ...
So beautiful love This pic.peace
some children do sleep at pearly gates, sad to say.
This is truly an incredible photo
her pet; like sleeping next to your dog
Child having sleep without any tension/worry. wonderful
Wonderful journal with a powerful content.
Now that's what I call a  warm blanket to sleep on!
Imagine being able to look back on this experience, "When I was a kid we used to sleep on reindeer."
somebody needs to wake that baby up, someone switched her pillow to a huge freakin deer!
sure wish it was like this with all animals
I am the wildman of Alaska
Hanging out at the elks club.
Very in peace,angel.
This is a Dukha Turk Child in Mongolia
Perfect timing for the click, hope i was there to add their words to this post.
nice sleeping place...
Earth is our land that we are all guests on.the deer symbolises the land and being in touch with the conciousness of the spirit of the mother earth
looks like a new strain of the FLU
Absolutely fantastic....... 
How cute.  A kid taking a nap with some reindeers.  !!@@!!
life was so b4 this type of animals vanished.
Do like wish I was somewhere as remote

In the beginning we were created to friendly with other creatures, the memory of good old days
Yes +corey nelson, the photo is cropped a little bit to match the G+ 4:3 aspect ratio for images. You can find here the original photo by Hamid Sardar-Afkhami →
the sleeping boy/man has given us some work to do, see how we have become so busy commenting on the issue, enjoy your sleep my dear friend
a wonderful world you would say Ali, some children sleeping on broken woods. in other countries they sleep on water beds & ......
I think I saw those in Ikea.
Fantastic picture our life with nature 
What a fantastic picture! Thanks a million for the share. :-)

So us Canadians sleep on caribou? The kids from Kentucky are HILARIOUS, also the Pennsylvania chubby
A simple but gorgeous definition of God's peace which passes ALL understanding!
mangolian child sleep in peace,nature what we want.
الله اكبر
thats  nice  what  is  that  with  the  baby
This may smell bad, kid, but it'll keep you warm until I get the shelter up...
I bet that moose is stapled to the ground.
To jest ostatni wolny czlowiek na swiecie.

Am I the only one that thinks it creepy to travel around the world and photography sleeping children?
Now that's the way we all should be with...animals...nature.

Everyone deserves to live in harmony with their environment. 
Hi friend. Ali Adelstein. This photographer niche .
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