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Incredible Suspended Deconstruction of an F1 Car

Dutch artist Paul Veroude disassembled 3,200 components and then suspended them on wire. It took him a long time to complete his task, but not as long as it took to build this car. Engineers at the German manufacturer spent 90,000 hours of design time and 200,000 hours to manufacture the vehicle. Made out of carbon fibre, titanium, aluminium and magnesium, a Formula 1 car weighs just a little over 600kg. ➜

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by Dutch artist Paul Veroude ➜
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watch for the wind :))
What was that thing on the screen just now what is on the screen just now or is it just a picture.

Wow, that's a cool way to see inside.
Superb. All in alignment too. Brilliant.
I just want to give one of those wheels a push to see what happens. Certainly looks like a nice job!
Wow, what a feat and awesome presentation!
Hey there's a piece missing
talk about leaving things hanging.
This is amazing! And, 90,000 hours design time?? - the numbers are just crazy!
I had a car like that once! just couldn't get it back togeather again.
sandblasting and painting [foreman] 18 exp ksa
No fun 2 see it in pieces like dat!..200 mph in2 da wall in pieces dats cool!
I bet they have some screws left over, once they reassemble!
Love it, what a fantastic shot!
I would have love to build that myself,WOW:-)
if only this comes in 3D with multi-angle view..., now that will be awesome....
Nice!!! May we become a compare in accordance to all physical existing modifications being possible, meaning this in regards to all other possible blocks/marks? Or might it be – due to the expenses as to all technical as logistical procedures to be taken - better just to be getting the examples via CAD.
That's at Mercedes Benz world about 1 mile from me. The details you can see up close is amazing.

Also entry is free which is nice. 
I wonder how much string they used...
Is this the one at the Mercedes world in Surrey, UK? 
Since when was Mercedes F1 German? They are built about 12 miles from where I live and have about as German as the Spitfire.
one big giant jig saw puzzle. i like to see how there going to put it back together.
A detailed assembly: this is amazing, the detail & precision.
Don't let it be said that F1 isn't a team sport. What an awesome photo. 
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awsome!! i wonder how much string it took to make?
y u say that man i was kidding but sory if i make u angry.
Hes right the creator cant lie he sent his only son 2 die 4 our sins
JOHN 3:16
ps the RAPTURE is coming Very soon Maybe december 12 or 21
epic. people can do anything (almost) with todays advanced engineering. people of the world, that is awesome.
Dre G
Grosjean can do that to an F1 car before the first corner.
I saw this last week at MBW, fantastic
Jay A
It's at Mercedes bens world near Woking. Been there last Sunday its rally cool place !!
Haji H
Seen this twice at Mercedes Benz world, Sussex. Over half hour admiring this both times. Absolutely stunning! If you live in UK merc world is free entry. 
And those are only the parts they will allow you to see. 
Where is deconstructed The Stig to go with it?
@Skye Franc, art can be measured by the process of which the project undertook or the final piece or even both.
they should have the strings move down so all the parts sort of come together and how many people did it take to make that
Just unbelievable art
if that all got tangled, id hate to be the poor bastard to un tangle it
This man has way too much spare time.
Hay Reverse engineer will stole it:-) 
They did this back in Feb 2011. Was far cooler back then when unique
another waist of time and money didnt any one ever xplain that beuaty is when something is created not distroyed and dispayed
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the beuaty would have been spectacular to see on the speed way not hangeing in suspention as a criminal
The power of the mind is infinite!
Mis felicitaciones, por todos tus trabajos.
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