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Every time you cheat in G+, a bunny commits suicide. Stop the torture.

My own simple rules to save the bunnies:
● don't use artwork or photos without giving credit to the owner.
● don't copy/paste content from the web without a link to the source.
● don't post other people's content or ideas as your own ➜

Original image by Ad Agency King James, South Africa ➜
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Oh, G+ doesn't make plagiarism acceptable? How could I have known?
Big plus 1 for this>>
"● don't use artwork or photos without giving credit to the owner."
Why is it people always seem to credit written word but not paintings and pictures?
Funnily enough is that the place where you will find the most posts without any credits is What's Hot...
S. Roy
Honesty, where art thou?
Bunny's are overpopulated anyway!
Sure... In another world; the world of angels and perfection.
That's impossible in this world, that I'm saying.
Ironic to see this on the What's Hot list: a site of apparent bunny genocide. ;-)
From the agency website
Domestic and International copyright and trademark laws protect the entire contents of the Site. The owners of the intellectual property, copyrights and trademarks are WEBM, its affiliates and subsidiaries or other third party licensors. YOU MAY NOT MODIFY, COPY, REPRODUCE, REPUBLISH, UPLOAD, POST, TRANSMIT, OR DISTRIBUTE, IN ANY MANNER, THE MATERIAL ON THE SITE, INCLUDING TEXT, GRAPHICS, CODE AND/OR SOFTWARE.

giving a credit when posting an image from another source does not mean you can breech the copyright of the author without the express written permission of said author
"Bunnies aren't just cute like everybody supposes. They got them hoppy legs and twitchy little noses, and what's with all the carrots? What do they need such good eyesight for anyway?"

I'm not attributing or linking because that would be no fun.
I have an even better one. Try coming up with original content. Too many, including Adelstein see a popular post under Explore, then go and simply copy it instead of resharing it to make it look like they are publishing something new.
If that was true w/obama and hillary all the rabbits would be dead
+Ali Adelstein I understand ur gripe. But is there anything u can really do abt it? Its 2013 ppl "borrow and share“ everything.
No thanks. If you don't want it out there don't post it.

Morality is just a fiction used by the herd of inferior human beings to hold back the few superior men - Friedrich Nietzsche 
If you don't like people stealing your shit, don't post it. If you still want to get your ideas out there, make sure that they're sound thoughts, and get them published.
I am neither an artist nor photographer, so I don't speak about my own content. What is so difficult to mention the sources for a good photo or artwork in a post +Joe Mama, +Chuck Green, +Johann Blake?
+Joe Mama
"If you don't like people stealing your shit, don't post it"
 So you should just horde it and not show it to anyone so that no one can steal it?

Wow I am blinded by your brilliance....

"If you still want to get your ideas out there, make sure that they're sound thoughts, and get them published."

Wait.....because only the good stuff gets published right? not the tired old pot boiler risk free shit....right?

Oh it's all so clear to me now thank you thank you +Joe Mama 
+Ezra Allen It's ok Ezra, it's not your fault. Ezra, it's not your fault. It's not your fault, it's's not your fault...

Internet is public domain, your stuff WILL get stolen (wouldn't be the first watermark I erased to use as a phone background) And what's wrong with NOT wanting crap getting published?

Don't worry man, it's not your fault, ok? It's not your fault...
I love the mute and block on g+!
+Ali Adelstein It's so difficult cause people suck. Most of my profile is shared content, with links and credit given. Those that aren't, are mine. As for my phone backgrounds and pic messages to friends, I don't care who made it and neither do they. In my opinion, any artist with real talent, shouldn't have a problem getting their portfolios published. Published means copyright protection, and it's much harder to copy and paste out of a book.
+Ali Adelstein Also, sorry for dragging your post down a notch by responding to Ezra...
Hmmmz. +Ali Adelstein why would it not be enough to just post a link for sharing. The source is the Internet and any info on that site. Now, just a photo or image I can see needing to be more attentive to sourcing details. The third bullet is just wrong. I have noticed that some people don't use quotation marks. If I pull others work, I will just put it in quotes. 
For me personally it's enough to just post a link or a link to the source in case you copied text etc. +Drew Sowersby ...
It would be interesting to see a move toward enforced scientific social networking wouldn't it!
Thank you +Chad Haney. I always use the image search, but the plugin I had overlooked, thanks for the hint! It's another great time saver ...
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