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Every time you steal a G+ post, a Unicorn dies. Stop the Torture!

Whether you have 1,000, 10,000 or more followers, don't steal posts! G+ is a very close-knit community and reputation is hard to gain, but so easy to lose.

Plus, Comment, Share, Mention or Curate posts, but don't Steal them.

Original image by Ad Agency King James, South Africa ➜
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everytime i see "curate" I wanna kill a unicorn.
Great initiative - good spread of word! 
Ha ha...I'm going to steal, er, share this.
Bet you would hate it if I stole this. lol

I totally agree with you though. It's super annoying. It's like people are trying to make a name for themselves instead of sharing content of the originating people.
has nothing to do with fame but with respect
You can't steal posts. It's not like the original author loses his post and will have to take it back to have it back in his stream.

Credit where credit's due though, so I agree with what you actually are trying to say :)
Damn unicorns. Who needs them? steals image
Damn straight. What we need is more Narwhals.
Isn't magic dust made from their horn? Sprinkle sprinkle.
Unicorns are actually hippos, so what are they really killing? Oops, one just died (I stole this). I agree with the post though, sucks that I can't remember who I stole this from...Sigh
I actually did not know one could steal a post. But then again, with ctrl+A and ctrl+v, anything is possible.
A contact elsewhere explained to me that "stealing" a post is indicative of taking an image or link and posting it as 'New' without using the "Share" function. Agreed, and I can understand the sentiment.
I do need to play Devil's advocate here for a minute, though. I try to post everything "Public" unless I have a very specific reason not to. When I first started on G+ that was not the case; I used 'Extended Circles' almost exclusively.
Now that I try to insist on 'Public' for all my posts, I find it harder to share some of the great content that people have shared with me. I have to decide if I "steal" the post and share it publicly (and maybe "out" my contact by giving them credit in the description), or do I share it 'Extended Circles' and miss a significant amount of the G+ community/audience?
People! Social Media should not be this hard. Don't steal posts, and don't get all bent out of shape over such trivial matters if someone appears to have done so. It's the one will care in 5 minutes.
Stealing a post means +Jeff Pettorino, that you don't share a post, but take the content for your own post without giving credit to the author, designer, photographer, ...
Honestly this has happened to me so many times that it doesn't bother me.  I just don't post new stuff anymore I mostly reshare.

What does bothers me is that people that do steal posts are in 10,000 -or-greater other G+'ers circles.  I think that is why Google no longer shows that information.
I'm sooo stealing some cause I hate unicorns
I'm going to steal this post just to kill a unicorn.
Many on here literally copy and paste other people's posts and try passing it off as their own, that is stealing in that sense. Maybe.

If you share a news story with a link, and I go share that link in a new post, that is not stealing.
Occasionally do it, especially if I want to cover it from a different angle, though a mention/"thanks for the heads up" would then be given.
For example: "Picture found on the WEB." is not a credit to the photographer :-)
If one steals a unicorn does it kill this post?
It's what Apple has been doing for years and yet claim that they are the inventors.
Isn't "stealing" a strong word?  The post represents an idea so you really can't "steal" it.  With software/movie/music piracy, someone's livelihood is at stake and it's near impossible to get people to agree that piracy is theft.  In this case, there is truly no economic harm so, whether or not the original poster is credited, we are merely just exchanging ideas in a non-competitive environment.

Or, at least, it's supposed be a non-competitive environment.

I really don't think theft applies here.
You steal a post +Daniel Amador, if you don't share a post, but take the content for your own post, without giving credit to the author, designer, photographer, ...
I think some people have too much time on their hands. 
It's simply a matter of respect and decency...
good thing there are plenty of unicorns to go around
Narwhals are Unicorn caterpillars...
So Ali, then to be clear.. you see something you think is really great someone has posted. Repost and don't just copy the clever link, idea, or image.. yes?
If it looks like an idiot, talks like an idiot...Then it must be...Ho yes...An idiot!
Every time I kill a unicorn... Well err.. A unicorn dies.
Not saying I steal posts.. Just I kill unicorns
Dunno which would be worst? Stealing a post or killing a unicorn... Hmm
nooooooo u people r killers wht would your mothers say?!?!!?!?!? :'(
Go to #evang+  lots of info on how to share and give credit to the original writer/post.  
//wait a minute those animals aren't real//// consider me sharing your posts//..huh???
Nobody is saying that a link to a Internet page is theft +Nigel Uno. The link is already a recognition for the author. But if you copy/paste the content from that internet page without linking to the source, that is unfair...
idc about anything but the unicorn <:3
Ikr i even invinted a unicorn thing. ( i might not hav invinted it but i just thot of it) <:3
That stinks I LOVE unicorns poor little unicorns
Don't steal posts people
Did it ever stop? Sadly happening all the time
I think your one of post landed behind some one who stole it from you hehe
Uncicorns aren't real, but the point is DON'T STEAL SOMETHING SOMEONE ELSE POSTED.
Every time you use "Like/Share this if you...", a unicorn-eating, CO2 exhaling Dragon, is born.
I am sure you steal this post from some where.
Goes just the same for pictures. You can find the original photographer within 3 clicks with the google image search and post a tiny url to the source. 
According to the G+ experts you should always share a picture with your post to grab attention and share credit, and that's what +Ali Adelstein did.  He also detailed the purpose of the post.   
NOOOOOOOOOOOO! we must all SAVE THE UNICORN SPECIES!!!! poor unicorn! :( lol :)
Just imagine what it feels like to be a researcher.  Media reporters and bloggers constantly plagiarize months or years worth of research, and typically misrepresent the findings.  Then funding gets cut to research because apparently people think information just magically appears at random.
i wonder how many unicorns are left o.o
Unicorn is a little gamey, I would recommend slow roasting with chipotle.
I have forgiven those who have been stealing from today hence forth never get tempted to steal its a high time for them to get saved.
Who the hall are you that believes in Unigotns?
Wish I knew that before killing the last unicorn. Now you are free to steal posts, because no more unicorns left.
We not stealing! We REMIXING it,
with our own names as the originator.
They killed that unicorn in Newlands forest.
Yay, it's safe to walk to dog again.
[except for the bergies* that mug you]

* bergies = homeless that live on the mountain.
I always do a URL and topic search on something I'm about to post just in case someone has already posted it. No need to duplicate, just share the original.
Really? Really. By sharing your posts we're doing you a favor to the WORLD WIDE WEB...if you don't want us to share it,then don't post it. And I never share it with G+, but rather take it to FB. Sorry...just being honest. And not to burst your bubble, but I've never shared anything from you. "Oh no you didn't!" Umm..yes, I believe I just did...sorry for the smack down brother of another mother, but this is the age of sharing, and if you can't deal, then wheel. 
Leo T
I'm sure after seeing the unicorn, people will take this serious now. Good job +Ali Adelstein 
Omg, seriously a horrible thought... Wish they were real like... :)
Isn't that a good thing? A horse with a sharp dangerous horn on it seems like it should be put down anyway. ;)
+Barry Sullivan there is a difference between sharing and stealing posts. On G+ when a post is shared, people(with whom the post has been shared) can see the name of the creator of the post. The original creator's name appears in each and every post that has been shared or reshared. And I'll tell you why this is important. G+ does not work like facebook. I just don't want posts to be shared randomly without people knowing I created the post. For eg : Suppose I am good with 1 min tips to maintain your health and I post articles and tips to create a follower for myself. I may have different reasons in wanting to create a circle of followers for myself. Could be for business purpose like self promotion or something like that. So if you share my posts, I would be happy. I may even thank you for sharing.

But stealing here means, not sharing but copying the exact content I have created(I may have invested a lot of time doing research for that particular post) and posting it as an original post of yours. So if that post is reshared your name appears as the original creator of the post.
so that would beat the purpose of me creating the post. And by post we mean some useful and engaging articles, not just another party photo or an status update.

P.S- I think you might not have read the article before commenting or maybe you just read half of it (common habit of of people who still enjoy using fb) as the author has clearly mentioned in bold, that posts can be +1ed, commented on, or shared. All he asks of us is not to steal a post. I don't see any reason not to comply with that request.
Those poor, dead unicorns...... Haha
I stole this post only so that I could make unicorn sliders for dinner tonight...with #bacon.
+jordan rai Those are all valid arguments as to why you should share as opposed to Stealing... But according to the user agreement that you agreed to when you created your account, I am sorry to tell you that your every thought, idea, design, picture and meme you might post automatically becomes the property of Google. Thus negating all of your arguments.
Every time Apple sues someone, a small company dies.
I dont steal I share their post using the share button
When you share it's quoted in the bottom that's what I do and it's not stealing I like to share with family and friends.
Like many here, I stole this and posted it - but I did it to see how it's done since I'd never done that before, and to post a picture, which I also had not done - since G+ has added a picture editor now that I wanted to explore and this was a good chance to post a picture.  And I felt guilty enough to apologize to the Originator in an edit.  Hopefully my reputation will recover, eventually.
That's right. Create your own content. Don't make it the easy way. I been creating my own content and been getting like 5 circles a week. Its not much, but stealing is wrong.
One cannot simply kill a unicorn
I like to use "Share"...
Renny H
Not cool I love unicorns they are the bom
It's true ...I'm a kid and they say unicorns exist... well guess what nobody living has seen a unicorn in their life XD
What happens when all the unicorns die?
About to steal this thank you sorry uni:(
It's not torture, it's fresh meat.
Unicorns are full of giggles and bubbles. No one should kill unicorns. :'(
I don't get it.  How do you steal a post?  And how does that kill unicorns?  I'm confused, sorry.
ahhhhh that was my pet now i am sad :(
I agree, the only way the community can grow and stay interesting is if people share unique ideas and material. That said, I kill Unicorns because they poop in my backyard or maybe it's my dog. Either way they are a menace.
Now I want to claim this post as my own solely to see someone's imaginary beast suffer and die. You did say it suffered, right?
Pfft! Why go to the trouble of creating original content when there is so much stuff out there free for the taking? Let someone else do all the work, I’ll just steal it and take all of the credit. Evil Laugh
How is a G+ post stolen?  I want to make sure I'm not stealing...
I get the connection between kittens dying when you camp a corner...... but what's the unicorn > post theft connection?
Yeah, it's not like they're endangered or anything. Darn Unicorn meat tastes like stale lucky charms, too...
Do they still die if i acknowledge where i get my post and say tyvm for sharing to who i stole from??? :-( i dont wanna kill unicorns lmfao
Is it stealing a post to re-post without attribution someone else's post that was NOT to Public? They made it private for a reason....and it just seems wrong to out them if they didn't want to be outed. 

I generally add "via +whoever" but I don't if they didn't post to Public.
Oh, the humanity! As a victim of Post Stealing I digress. However, when I contend w/ simple folks who do not know how to change their settings & share public info limited, I get just as peeved. Happy +ing! (plus ing )
A Unicorn is a mythical beast so does this hold any truth??? ;)
hey Cletis, did ya stick a spear in dis here horses head?
Do Unicorns have man parts or women parts? How are Unicorns made? Just want to see peoples thoughts. 
You see TECHNICALLY ur not stealing posts... Ur PROMOTING other people's posts
 shut it to people who want to kill a unicorn
he means to hijack a google+ post.
You "steal" a post +jean-christophe manciot, if you don't share a post, but take the content for your own post without giving credit to the original author, designer, photographer, ...
i hate it when a unicorn dies, so i ain't gonna steal sno post, but Albart Einsten sometimes coppied what others had said, well it could be the reason why durring his time the Texas herdsmen had to do regular checking on their unicorns. just jocking lol.
Well... a creative one!
Dears, in this world all the things are not real that is just picture. wish them all the best..
Two stolen in the last week. One of the made it to whats hot. These Unicorns are going to become extinct!
Or a Kardashian has to get a job; stop the madness.
240 unicorns just died
oh.... I had to steal it. Fucking unicorns. 
If u need. Ask.don't say steal

The notion of simple respect -- let alone copyright or credit where credit is due -- is probably lost on a generation raised on software, movie, and music theft, +Ali Adelstein. Stealing someone's post and passing it off as your own is pretty pathetic though. Every social 'network' has its bottom-feeding fish.
Anyone suddenly lose track of the message, yet clue in you can use an arrow (➜) in G+?
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