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He was a wise man who invented Beer - Plato

How Beer Saved the World ➜
The Secret Science of Beer ➜
Periodic Table of Beer Styles ➜
A New Beer Flavour Wheel ➜
Mystery of Beer Goggles solved ➜
Beer is the Cause and Solution ➜
We want Beer ➜

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Nice collection of links... Have to bookmark those.
It's too early for me to have one, even though it may be 5pm somewhere. :)
I like the image. +Ali Adelstein 
Yes, it's a little early +Mark Gaw, but for world peace I make almost anything :-)
They should be teaching the periodic tables of beers in business school. I hadn't see that before.  Such a visual approach shows gaps in the marketplace.   (And, I am a beer fan so I care.)
I agree, everyone loves beer and i'm here to give you great recommendations.
I love 2 take beer , where there is a good beer I'm sure try it !
Actually is was probably a woman who invented beer.
Women in ancient Egypt 10000 B.C.E.
L Musko
He is a foolish man if he spills it!
Smells terrible so It prolly tastes bad as well,just saying
real deal man knw wat real teast z,dat y thy make real b3r
Cheers everyone! Peace, Love and Happiness...
Everybody knows your name! Looks delicious.
To bad all the world leaders can't sit down on a Saturday afternoon and pop a few colds ones.
Hahaha. LOL.  Well, the comment did at least make me take another good sip.. ;)
"I often wonder what the vintners buy -
One half so precious as the goods they sell!"
Omar Khayyam
I love beer, if anyone has good recipie s Iwould love to see them
This post is just another trick to get us people all around to world addicted to Beer.
Phil B
Very wise man
Bier ist mein freund wenn der Welt ist nicht.
Phil B
If a wise man invented beer a fuckin genius invented liquor
Done fixing the broken goo.hl links...Cheers!
+Ali Adelstein
Thanks for turning this world into a retarted addictive one, That was a very good idea Mate! , Cheers
Haven't had one since November 2012... Trying to loose the belly here :(
Ahh I'll be having one of these later this evening. 
its intoxicating,lyk u didnt knw dat.b sides we all wana live lng n luk yng nt old n dead

its intoxicating,lyk u didnt knw dat.b sides we all wana live lng n luk yng nt old n dead

Alex AK
I can feel that going in my mouth
I hate to be that guy, but I never understood what was so great about beer. I haven't tried many different styles, but those that I have didn't taste particularly good and didn't make me feel all that great either. Is it just me? 
This is the WORST looking beer possible as an advertisement for beer.
How to make beer is the oldest known written thing.
+Jacob Dixon We all hate beer.  I pretend to like it when I drink it, but I'm just doing it for my family.
Pictured is the iceberg lettuce of beers, ie Budweiser/Miller/Coors/Heineken/ Corona, ie, all the crappy Superbowl ad transparent, bland beer product that have beer a bad name for the Dark Ages brought on by Prohibition. Pictured is the Kraft American Imitation Food Product of beers, while the discussion and quotations reference raw authentic cheese.

This is not the stuff that the monks were making or that Ben Franklin was praising!
+Ali Adelstein: No, but I just searched it and must provide it a hearty thumbs up! That's the real thing!
damn!  wish i had one of those right now.  gotta wait a few more hours but im'a get one.  or more.  yeah, probably more.
Don't drink anymore but it sure looks good.
Enjoyed the links. Are you a home Brewer
I lived in Germany for 2 years in Augsburg. I loved that almost every town big or small had their own brewery. I didn't miss too many.

$ love is life $ i miss u archu
Thanks +Kevin Clift. The broken links is a bug in the Google URL shortener. Guess there is a click limit to protect itself against spammer ...
Actually, there's some evidence that beer was invented by WOMEN but Plato would have never considered women as useful for anything except cleaning up and bearing children.
How beer saved the world - not all the parts of the world had beer and not all civilisation are built by beer..
You are maybe the wrong person +Natalie Villalobos, but I lost now the 2nd time all my Google URL Shortener links I used in a post, after that post went into What's hot. Maybe you can forward this bug to the responsible group at Google...thanks and Cheers!
The error message is: – this URL has been disabled.
He who drinks beer is a dead man ~ common sense (not the book)
it col for dose who dirk it .
+Ali Adelstein even if you feel alive your not very smart.
live alife is the best thing one need in life we are now friend
Why is that would be the proper grammar. And anyone who drinks beer has already made a stupid decision.
" Beer is prof that there is a God and he loves us," Benjamin Franklin.
Jk anyway +Kirk Breuker I reported your comment 
+Josiah Singh Actually, "Why is that?", would be the correct grammatical form.

"John Barleycorn was a hero bold,
Of noble enterprise;
For if you do but taste his blood,
‘Twill make your courage rise.

‘Twill make a man forget his woe;
‘Twill heighten all his joy;
‘Twill make the widow’s heart to sing,
Tho’ the tear were in her eye.

Then let us toast John Barleycorn,
Each man a glass in hand;
And may his great posterity
Ne’er fail in old Scotland!"

An extract from "John Barleycorn", by Robert Burns.

A link to beer poems.
The Egyptians had the first beer. 
Ping He
He was a wise man who noticed the awesomeness of beer invention - Me
A long time ago, way back in history
When all there was to drink was nothing but cups of tea
Along came a man by the name of Charlie Mops
And he invented a wonderful drink and he made it out of hops
He might have been an admiral, a sultan, or a king
And to his praises we shall always sing
Look what he has done for us, he's filled us up with cheer
Lord bless Charlie Mops,
The man who invented beer
The Jury's Bar, the Clancy's Pub, the Hole in the Wall as well
One thing you can be sure of, it's Charlie's beer they sell
So come on all me lucky lads at eleven O'clock ye stops
For five short seconds, remember Charlie Mops
One, two, three, four, five
A bushel of malt, A barrel of hops, you stir it around with a stick,
The kind of lubrication to make your engine tick.
Forty pints of wallop a day will keep away the quacks.
It's only eight pence ha'p'ny a pot and one and six in tax
One, two, three, four, five
The Lord bless Charlie Mops!
Beer can save the world from violence . It makes people friendly and moderate
Beer helps people laugh. A lot. I'm experienced. :)
There is no beer like a wide glass of cold La Trappe Quadrupel! Unfortunately it isn't listed on that periodic table, but it is related to Dubbel and Tripel.
I recommend Colt 45 Beer is really strong
Beer is healthier than anything in a soda can or Gatorade jug
Stupid humans 
Ha!  I just added +Ali Adelstein in a circle because of this post.

Is it because I am drinking Firestone Wookey Jack as I type this?
I do not glorify alcohol +Sean Montague, but I glorify Beer and at least for me is that a very huge difference...
+Ali Adelstein. Fair enough. Respect to socialised beer drinking of a high quality beer with friends to celebrate good times. But I suspect a lot of beer drinking is consuming cheap gassy industrial slop from cans in supermarkets and drinking in a binge fashion to get drunk. 
+Sean Montague: agreed that beer consuming should take the form of sipping rather than gulping, and exclusively comprise artisan ale rather than commercial swill. But cans are the new bottles (as every self-respecting insufferable beer nerd will happily attest). And every decent grocer now stocks a variety of "real beer."

You see, even as civilization settles into its Second Dark Ages, a few flickers of light are yet glow.
+Paul Hue. Good point Paul. Drain cleaner is drain cleaner in a can or a bottle. I just take any chance I get to give out about competitive binge boozing. I hate crazy drinking culture with some fervour. 
+Sean Montague Agreed. American binge boozing consists of gulping shots of unnaturally colored, candy-tasting concoctions named after implausible acts of carnal knowledge. It is uncivilized, and participants get what they deserve the next day. You and I will be the two sophisticates sipping deliberately on a carefully selected whiskey and companion craft pint, commenting on tasting notes while commenting on literature, history, and world affairs and issuing a few witticisms... often at the expense of said louts. Tomorrow we'll be up and ready for another productive day, while they are nursing their throbbing heads and wondering who vomitted all over the side of their car and the front of their shirt. 
+Paul Hue. Good one Paul. In Ireland that s not a binge for some people, that's just an average Tuesday. 
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