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What the World Eats - a remarkable and beautiful comparison.

Photographer Peter Menzel and Faith D'Aluisio traveled the world to get pictures of families together with the food they would eat that week and compared family size, food, processing and costs. ➜

Expenditure on food for one week (prices from 2005):
● Chad  → $1.23        ● Ecuador → $31.55     ● Mongolia → $40.02
● Egypt → $68.53      ● UK        → $253.15    ● Italy        → $260.11
● Japan → $317.25    ● USA      → $341.98    ● Germany → $500.07

What the World
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Germany's $500 seems very excessive. Having lived in both the UK and Germany, I'd say that people spend about the same in both countries though Germans eat more fresh foods.
This study does not attempt to be representative, but is in any case a very nice comparison +Durand D'souza...
This is really amazing stuff. Thanks, Ali.
I agree, $500 for Germany is not normal, this would mean that a family would spend about $2000 per month just for food, plus rent, insurance, car, school... this exceeds the net income of most families by big deal
(btw, I life in Germany)
Like I said +Daniel Renner, this is not a study and will not be representative...btw, I live as well in Germany:-)
I am ashamed to be UK, good people of Chad come with me to Egypt, please.
I'm not going to lie, I was expecting mounds of pasta and perhaps a few pizzas in Italy's picture..... haha, stereotypical me. ;)
The German food arrangement is the most "ordentlich". Although I notice one of their bottles is not quite in line with the others.
It looks like the Egyptians have the best diet. +nixon mercidieu maybe you're underestimating how far you can stretch a lentil.
With up to 24% VAT, no wonder to live in europe if fucking expensive.
Was mir auf dem deutschen Bild fehlt, ist der Bierkasten...
The Germans do have the most beer bottles by a large margin, and the most wine as well.
Look at all the soda in the American family.
Poorer nations eat a lot of grains, the developed and highly industrialize ones much packages foods.
What, what does this have to do with the holocaust you nincompoop, +Barbara Tillman. Should we then prosecute all the whites in America solely on the fact that their ancestors were involved in the slave trade? 

Welcome to the new world.
I guess the Danish weekly expenditure could rival the Germans. We get a lot of beer and wine here, too :P
Sure we eat a lot of junk but we do eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, here in verrmont. Locally grown too including meat and dairy eating 100 healthy is expensive as hell in the states. Where are you shopping?
How much would it cost in the USA if they ate what the people in Chad ate?
Really good post. Makes me feel lucky
This is unrealistic, £155 (UK) does not look like that at all
68.5 $ for Egypt = 411 LE per week 
 no sir this cant be as most of us don't have this kind of income - it's likely to 20 to 25 LE/day as Max which means 175 LE a week = 29.2 & per week 
I understand the representation, but it also paints a bad depiction. The average family, especially in the US, could not afford $340 per week in food. I think the prices better represent a month of spending, but the amount in the pictures does make a good representation.
+Barbara Tillman your ignorance is astonishing. By the way let's not forget America's interment camps. Or what we did to the native Americans.
Of course in italy we get best for our
+Andrew Calvert That´s correct! Beerholics:) But after some beers you are missing a) shnitzel and b) shnaps!!!
+Barbara Tillman In some part of world your opinions can be apprecieted. But it´s not here, it´s in a jail!
You need a brain transplant Drew Karcher.
Sorry, I have been around the world. I have seen what and how others eat. No other place I would rather be. I don't care what the food costs.
Frankly I think these kinds of comparisons are ridiculous. You can't paint an entire country with just one brush. Is that a middle class family being represented in Chad or are they near the bottom of the economic scale? Is the USA family eating the same diet as all USA families? I'm pretty sure that we could find a higher income family in Mongolia and a low income unemployed family in the USA (unemployment has been in double digits for the past couple of years) and the results would be completely different. And don't forget the costs of living associated with each country. My money goes a lot further in Ecuador than it does in Germany. Like I said, this kind of infographic is pretty useless without a lot of data thrown in to clarify the comparisons.
USA = $341.98 per week? That is scary to think....
I personally don't spend that much in a MONTH & I feed 5 mouths! 
Glad my family is not part of this statistic! 
I wish the philippines is included ;)
Looks like Ecuador is doing it right .
Plus they all have cool hats!
for Egypt 63.5 $ a week is so much - they must say how many members of the family they make there study on and the amount of food in Kg's - 411 LE is just crazy - this means around 1644 LE/Month for food which is crazy 
+Drew Karcher   is that suppose to be a joke.. ?   btw. i'm from UK and i eat at about 10£ a week... and on weekends i'm fasting 
I prefer Japanese food . Hahahah...............
What in heavens name are the german eating?
Them folks in Mongolia and Egypt have better tastes imo. Fresh foods > boxed pizza. Just sayin'. :/
Way to stereotype people and countries. 
u know Indians didnt feature in dat otherwise we would have leave every1 behind
Interesting ish.

Curious why they staged it so the Uk fruit and veg (granted its not much) is at the back, yet on the Egyptian pic the 'processed stuff is at the back'

Slightly biased but I guess there is an element of truth in it. 
actually the uk eats the healthiest food out there so be quiet
In dont so,papua New guneans eat more fresh food,than others! 
There would be many kinds of fruit for Taiwan diet!
PTL!!! Eye opening and sad to see that there is such a remarkable difference!!!
its great post this..............
all over word as different.....
US - 2 large supreme, double crust, + hot wings + frys + a load of sodas + chips? .... What happened to my vegetarian photo?
The book is not intended as a scientific study ...
Mongolia FTW. 

Everyone else is either eating like a rabbit or eating a bunch of processed garbage. 

Mongolian's have a natural, healthy omnivore diet, necessary for tearing down walls. (GODDAMNMOGORIANSAWAYS TEARINGDOWNMAHWALL)
It would be interesting to see a comparison of calories per person, price per calorie, and even the macro nutrient breakdown.  
You could see what people actually get for their money and what they're actually living off of.  
I bet the food in chad is the healthiest.
No idont think so,papua New Guineans are eating fresh vegetables!

I don't believe this... since I'm in the UK (before that in Germany) I have to pay twice the price for my food.
USA 2012, my family of four pays about 400.00 a month in groceries.  However, we are vegetarian and have planned menus.
I hate weak biased comparisons like this. I live in America and we eat mostly home cooked meals with fresh vegetables from my dad's garden. Almost nothing fried and spend less than $200 week on food for a family of 4.
..........I am no expert on age-related photos, but does anyone else think these pictures look like they are either from the early 90's ? If you want to tell us this is a comparison piece that's fine, but that $500/week statement needs to be amended for the times. I can make a guestimate that everyone's food supply size will be greately diminished if you were to take this picture in todays times.
Our family, when it was a family of 6, must be really good at eating cheap. $600-$700 a month was what we spent.
I have yet to meet anyone that spends 17 thousand dollars a year on food alone. I'm pretty sure that 15% of Americans do not even make $17,000 a year. And up to half of Americans do not make over $50,000!

And if every body in chad lives in mud huts and eats sacks of grain instead of making bread. They can leave. Every one in america came from somewhere else even the native Americans.
I guess our household - Princeton, NJ area - is not representative of the USA. We spend on average about $800 on groceries each month for a family of four. If we include restaurants the average jumps to $1000/month. We eat mostly vegetables and fruit but we are not vegetarians. We spend more in the summer months as there is more fresh organic produce available then.
Haha, dets not good enough we PNGs spend less for food,because we produce food in our gardens... 
When were these pictures taken? It looks like the late 70s
tt rr
I'm japanese.

I learned this picture in my school.
That does it. I'm moving to Chad.
everyone's food selection looks very balanced except for the Western countries! which is interesting since they have some of the highest food cost
Thanks +Ali Adelstein I promote this too. In related news, we waste as much as 50% of the food we grow along with all the water and pesticides it took to grow it  This book is worth buying or getting from the library.
In science knowledge, after rice go inside our stomach so will be produced L-Tryptophan, namely amino acid which became formation of bed material niacin, own vitamin B. Niacin will be used to make serotonin, nutrient sender signal in brain that could be generating pleasant feeling and cause us sleepiness. Food that is rich carbohydrate such as rice, will stimulate pancreas to generate insulin , that will keep food in body.

Other a few tamarind amino that earlier contained in together blood with L-Tryptophan, will enter into muscle cell. Therefore, will happen increase in relative concentration L-Tryptophan in blood and serotonin that formed make us sleepy. That reason him why reason him after eating heavy usually we will sleepy and want sleep. 

Need to be reminded, fruit is food substance which contains fructose that can raise increase of rate insulin. And for that, eat fruit organized before eat rice because to prevent hard labour from pankeras produce insulin.

If eat first rice, pancreas will work weight to process rice and protein that there is in dishes and need time hours. And if fruit eaten after eating rice, so fruit which already inside stomach will take long time to pass process digestion and the nutrient will damage first before managed to be digested.

We are surely ever looked at apple which already are taken apart then too long being kept so gradually will be yellow and can putrefy. That just only affected air not been mixed yet with food in our stomach? Certainly fruit will putrefy before managed to be processed. EAT THE NEED NOT PURPOSE. EAT BY ACCORDING TO RIGHT METHODOLOGY WILL GUARANTEE OUR HEALTH!
A comparison among same income families would have been more insightful.

I can see why Germany's cost is so high, they have a great deal of beer and wine which is costly.
Absolutely fascinating. Thank you for sharing. Curios which family will live longest. What do you think?
Holy fuck on a stick. $341.98 a week for groceries? I mean, it's just my wife and me, but the most we ever spend in a week is $75, and that's if we want some wine or something. Otherwise, we stay under $50, and eat pretty damn well too.
+Ali Adelstein "This study does not attempt to be representative"; so you are saying it is misleading and fraudulent then?
If it's not representative, then it's neither a study nor a comparison, good or otherwise.

This is random numbers and nothing more.
This is a picture chart showing the poorest country to the richest fatty ones. ..

You can debate as much as you like. ...but you can't change the weather....

Take a picture of a wealthy person in chad it will look no different than the Germans one's. .

So all you miserable debators. ..go to bed...this is boring 
I can Spend a couple hundred a week on Food. I have a family of Five and it is not cheap whether I cook from Scratch or outta a box it is Not Cheap to Eat in America. My whole Family is from Ethiopia and my Dad makes a total of a couple hundred a month and makes it just fine..I could not live like that and my boys play football so their  constantly eating up everything..
Thank you! You will get sick when if think of hiding TRUTH, similarly may all that have found, observed and publish TRUTH are healed by the Scribes of The Living TRUTH of Eternal. The Keys and the Products. 
I don't think that is all for Chad .
Very miss conception of things. You choices a middle class family all around and when you come to what we call Afrique noire, you have a poor family. What not a middle class from Chad too.
C'est vraiment triste comme vous regarder les gens. Malgré toute ces richesse que vous exploites mais le simple fait de montre ce qui ce passe réellement vous ne faite ps.
For those who can afford a lot of food, I think moderation and charity is the answer, with which the world would have been a much better place. I also hate the wastage of food, knowing there are those out there who are dying for it.
+Barbara Tillman I'm not defending the Nazis. I just don't believe the current generation should be blamed, insulted, ridiculed for what the previous generation had done. It makes no sense. What you're doing is that you're cussing at Germans because you suppose all of them are Nazis, and were all responsible for the holocaust.

Now who's the dumb one? ps: Stupid people sickens me more.
What we used to eat in the Philippines were a combination of Ecuador's and Egypt's.
This is why I am proud to be an American :)
I think that was d survey on rich peoples?? What abt d working class??

ba tamam vojood ghamginam
In a World where millions of people go hungry everyday,this is a wake up call for the priviledged to remember the less privileded ones!
I love how Germany had everything nice and neatly organized, very linear. :-)
Living condition in most parts of Africa is tereble due to bad governance.
I saw a video on HuffPo live +Roger Diaz of Alex Jone admitting he is "mad". He admitted that, so why don't you get him psychiatric help?
Wow a wake up call to the masses to step up and work a solution for hunger.
This is not a good comparison because in order to do this right you would have to compare families in the same lifestyle. Meaning money wise. The families from Chad n Ecuador are the poorest of their country and the others are in a high luxury life.... The American eating pizza does not make sense because fast food is eaten mostly during working hours. At home it will be a normal home cooked meal.
Jake L
Thats awesome man
That is so cool. The world needs more love!
Looks like UK and USA eats the most junk food. May be that's the reason they suffer from obesity and life style related diseases. Expensive foods doesn't necessarily mean they are good. By the way I live in India. Out eating habits resembles to Egypt. 
+Rick Dager It is, in fact, very normal in the US to eat take-out pizza at home.  I don't know where you get your information, but it doesn't match the statistics about how Americans eat.  Of course, I agree that you can't say anything precise based on a sample size of one, but as a visual it is striking.
That pic of the USA food is so true. One must actually take effort to consciously buy non-processed food. Props to those still eating primarily foods the way nature made them. Must say I laughed at Germany's layout (beer beer and more beer).
What I see there, is the simple, unprocessed foods are cheaper, and better for your health.
  While the US and Germany, and the UK, have stacks of processed, packaged foods, stacked up on the table.
  And they are paying for the packaging, the processing, and the medical bills from the after effects of a diet of this stuff!
I wonder how these numbers were calculated, because part of the total amount that wealthier nations (i.e. USA and Germany) spends on food goes to aid poor countries (i.e. Chad). That would skew the numbers significantly. just my two cents (not spent on food)
I am surprised at who spends the most.  We have our images of the size of people in the USA and here in the UK but that is not the popular preconception of people in Germany.
Lol I just took a very good look at the American family ... They have McDonalds, Burger King, Chinese food, the .25 cent roman noodles, KFC.... What the f@ck?
The chad n Ecuador families don't have any type of meats lol

Thats a normal vendors try to survive but not poor..God dont give a poor country..Man create himself to be a poor in life for both material living and the attitudes..When his old his alone thats the worst..
I see this type of study from the birth of my intelligent I am 45. Only thing that changes is the consumer economic system which is now more stronger than ever. Useless study :( 
great work... uk and usa only eat trash? :)
I disagree, the cost of living index is different in different countries as are the social variances. Of course you forget to mention the governments of the countries and their corruption level, local war lord fighting etc just to mention a few. I realize there are poor and malnourished people everywhere, I could find examples in Germany, UK and USA who have very poor housing and food. I can also show people in countries such as Chad and Ecuador who have a very high level of housing and food. Your post is obviously done to show the poorer countries and does not show the whole picture and does not explain how the variances came about in each of the countries. 
German wins with all that beer.  Awesome.
Well I live in the UK and my cupboards don't look like that. Great post for generalisation...
How did u did that did u traveled acroos the world
For USA they should've just had a picture of McDonalds :P
K Kh
This a nice gross representation of different communities expendtures.
Excellent Ali
It is sad reality. People are not equal to each other.
These pictures are definitely not from 2005. Probably from the early 90s
Definitely a compelling set of photos.  
Food expenditure for one week in Kuwait is: $221.45
Family recipe: Chicken biryani with basmati rice :)
From the Book, "Hungry Planet"

that picture do not show a typical german family, so as i lived at my parents with my brother, our family maybe buy food ma for 200$ per week not more.
I agree that the Germany number seems unrealistically high. My wife is German, I've been there many times. Food is not very expensive and they don't eat that much. They do drink a lot of beer, but it's annoyingly cheap over there.
where's India in this list..
well not every german drink a lot of beer, i only drink beer on partys not at home alone
sorry to generalize +Torsten Händler, I didn't mean to say that Germans drink too much. Just that, in my estimation, good beer is more a part of everyday life. Which is awesome.
you can live off a lot less in the uk !!!! most people go that is fabricated b's !!!!
I agree with Brian Bishop Beer is awesome and German food is tasty. I'm American with Irish, German, and English heritage, but i don't care much for English food. Looking at the USA picture it looks like a fair representation, sad but fair.
ansel k
wow, the comparison between everyone but US is quite similar that, and chad.  Mostly natural ingredients and veggies.  Then we have us...
Interesting stuff. Rather hilarious that no matter how clear the author makes it that the pictures are not a disciplined study and not representative, folks still take it literally and off they go...

I am a middle class American and I don't spend that much on groceries, for the record.
Looks like +Barbara Tillman got served a good platter of common sense, humility and respect. Over and out :) 
nu denn prost ne..
there's a hell of a lot of beer plus almost a bottle of wine a day on the german picture, i somehow doubt that this is accurate. Or if those two have a bit of an alcohol problem. Unless ofc the kids drink too ><
I was scrolling down and dredding when I found america
i  like    becuase  the   same  needs
All  people    are   working  for  to  have  these   things   for  to   eat.
If our government at both state and federal level werent greedy we would not pay taxes on food, . se la vie
What is there to lose anyway if taxes were neglected...
Ossie N
Anyone notice how the more western world countries have so much processed foods on their tables? 
The Chad diet does not include packaging. There is a good amount of food there. If all the UK food was removed from the boxes and packages it would be quite a small pile. Plus the UK shows two large bags of dog food and there's no way a dog eats that much each week.
What is there to lose anyway if taxes on food were to be neglected...
the UK and USA do eat a lot of junk. The level obesity in each country, makes sense.
I   see    that  Germany   drink  drink  drink  ,don't  need  the   dental
Generalizing the entire US as junk food eaters just is not accurate. Let me tell you the people in Texas eat a lot differently than the people in the SF bay area. I haven't been to a McDonalds in a decade or more, and rice cakes are a major part of my diet. We spend a lot on food, but only because we buy our family quality, healthy items.

We will crush an in n out every couple months though ;)
Sehr eindrucksvoll ... danke für's Teilen!
Yeah come to think of it..there is the abundance of GM foods
Amazing study what about china india and pakistan where half of the world population lives
Nice works by a sincere couple. Mankind is self-destructing as he get affluent:(
I have to call BS on this.  I've never spent that for a month on myself.  In college in the mid 90's I spent $30 on myself for a whole month.  Admittedly, that was a very lean time.  Currently I spend less than $130 on myself for a whole month.
Kibaki the president of kenya declines to sign the proposal pf a hefty send off packages of the mp's. Kuddos mr prezzo,nice thot....
Most all people could eat less and be just fine. Just watching your own healthy food choices has a big impact on health. Stay far away from Trans Fat items.
I'm father for a family of 4 in Vancouver -one of the most expensive city's in NA. I pay (and it KILLS me) about $225/week plus extra food and some restaurants for a total of approx. $300/week.  It's obscene.
Its too vague. Firstly this is hardly a comparison as many have rightly said. Secondly its difficult to miss worlds 2 biggest populations from a comparison like this (China and India). Thirdly I have lived in India and currently in South Africa avg per week would not exceed $75 on a higher side, mostly around $50
Sad to say but as a Brit, I can't argue with any of that stuff at all. I know so many young families for whom that is staple
The above mentioned prices for 2005! How much that food cost now?!!!
india me per week $50 kafi he aap aaram se kha pi sakte ho...
Its surprising even in the western world the Italians eat more fruit and veg and fresh produce compared to the rest I.e Americans Germans British and Japanese. I am glad to say my family's weekly food consumption would look more like the Italians than the British (where i live). But it is more expensive in the Western world esp in the UK to eat fresh than packed food. You always get deals on fizzy drinks cakes chocolates but hardly ever on veg or fruits.
Would have been fun to cover India 
It amazes me how many beer botles they got at that german family picture.
Surprising there is no pizza in Italian family, while two in American :)
So, the developed nations eat canned food!!! 
Nice spread... hope there is enough food for everyone on the planet.. No matter what you eat!
Saw this before. still totally disgusted with the quantity but alst the substance of the American diet!
Of course, for the U.S. he didn't pick a vegan, or vegetarian, or farming, or even health conscious family. No, he got himself Junk Food Family That Lives on Pizza and Soda Pop. Which is what you need if you want to stereotype a nation of 300 million people, amirite?
Beautifully done. Incidentally, one aspect this collage doesn't capture is the percentage of income people in these countries spend on food. I might be a bit off on the numbers, but contrary to what one might expect given all the rhetoric about free markets and the like, food is heavily subsidized in the USA, so Americans spend on average of something in the vicinity 15% of income on food. The share is considerably higher in Europe, and in developing countries the percentage is often 50-70% (and in some cases much higher). So, not only is the rest of the world eating much less than do people in wealthy countries, thanks to ever rising commodity prices they must dedicate a much larger portion of often modest resources to do so. That, unfortunately, is a much less pretty picture.
Wow, I'm from #Ecuador and that's really surprising... Specially because the indigenous people aren't the Ecuadorian majority...
Talking about stereotypes... 
Is that purchasing power adjusted? Aside from Chad you can't really tell the massive price difference judging by those photos. Most of it must go towards meat and big brand foods if it's already adjusted for PPP.
Where's India and China? The two largest populations in the world, One would think to include them in something that has to do with food on a worldwide scale.
What is most usefull for health? Many things are extra. Have  you anything about Russian or Ukrain food?
Here's a more accurate diet for people where I live in Upstate New York:

(Weekly for a family of four): A large bottle of ice water in the fridge, from the tap; a few six packs of beer; a box of white wine; two pounds chicken breasts, two pounds pork and lamb chops, a pound of lean chopped meat; 14 cans of various vegetables for side dishes; a sack of potatoes or rice for side dishes; two loaves rye bread; liverwurst, ham, bologna, mustard, tomato, lettuce, and swiss cheese for lunch sandwiches; a few boxes of cereal and oatmeal, and two gallons of milk. Oh, and a lot of coffee... we need the stuff. Total cost is between $150 and $250 depending on where you live.

That's how MY family did it. Most others I know, too. 
Chad's photo depicts the level of poverty and malnutrition in most African nations
Which food is more healthy ????? Does price value reflects a more healthier food ??? What do you think ??
This is a moronic comparison, imho. The picture clearly does not reflect the cost of the same product across the countries listed there. I doubt an apple costs the same in Mongolia, Chad or Germany.
I understand that this is not a study but people should know that prices for most fruits and vegetables are cheaper on the highlands were they are produced also those prices have increased a lot since 2005. I am from Ecuador and because of work I currently live in one of the islands of the Galapagos which is a province of Ecuador and although the government subsidies food there, prices are at least 3 times the prices presented here. 
German bottle not in line with others.....excellent......we need to start eating packaging.....
(Some families buy fresh vegetables, but canned corn, peas, beans, etc, last longer and are easier to prepare.)
If I had to pick a table based solely on the pictures - I would pick the Italian table, hands down - looks the yummiest and healthiest  :)
USD 500 per week for a family of four in Germany is far off. On average I would guess it is much closer to USD  250 in real life. Also the family pictured seems to buy in more expensive grocery shops, maybe in so called "bioläden" which are up to five times more expensive than a discount chain like aldi or penny.
wow do germans eat food or currency.
I like the idea. I am thinking about making the same for an average YEMENI family. I wonder what the picture would look like ????
Ecuador seems the healthiest 
+Mark Reed that's NOT the American diet. There IS no American diet per se. We all eat differently by region. Remember, the U.S. is larger than all of Europe with several times as many political and cultural regions in it, all very different from one another. Just to give you an idea, the entire U.K. would fit inside Texas with room to spare.
All true however it doesn't contradict the fact that we as a nation consume far more processed and sugar laden foods and in greater excess that any other country.while there are reginal variations we leat the world in consumption of corn and soy based products. now things that have never had sugar (corn syrup) in them are being processed with corn syrup since humans have a biological predispositioning to sweet we eat more and  hence become fatter.
Mark, yes, especially corn syrup, it's bad because it is transformed into fat by our liver. Personally, I like carrots and apples. 8-) But I can see that even in some poor countries (like Mexico--some posted a link to the Times original post which includes Mexico!) they have a lot of fuzzy drinks. The worst stuff on the planet. It even includes bad acids now.
+khalid khan Really,What is d rezn of such dearness,if d data is correct.ON the HUMANITY ground we all should think 2 improve or raise up d CHADIAN living stander.
Tony B.
Nice photography. Sending a message as well 
There are some countries in Africa in which the amount of their food for a month in a city is less than the one in a small family in the US or some European countries for a week. that African countries have a lot of gold resources but some countries (like the ... or ... ... ...) are looting their finance.
Good little diet difference for various country going on there 
I don't know any American family that eats like that. Mine certainly doesn't. 
Did you notice not a single fruit or vegetable is on the American picture .
and grapes from the looks of it. RIght in the center there is a little bit. lol
spouse and i spend less than 100.00 usd (s. texas usa), but we cook all our food at home and don't buy ready-made foods. we eat a lot of rice and beans. oh, we only drink water and some fruit juices.
like the food from Ecuador and Egpyt,  more natural in comparison with the UK , Japan and US 
I thank God everyday for the blessings we have:-) 
where I live in america I'm lucky if I can make $200 last me a month let alone a week. Shiiiit.
as do my better half and i. but especially on the worst days. if you can do that, you've got it made.
Nice! Egypt and Italy eat the way I want to.... Unfortunately I eat more like UK.
Someone from Ecuador right here!...
Lol it great bring everything foods many nice! 
You know what...I looked for south Africa as well 
...500 a week! ? If you make 4k a month (that's a good amount of money for regular people) that's over half of what you make! ! And someone with an okay salary makes EXACTLY that much! @.o
Beside the food: if I try to imagine only how much waste UK/US/GER will produce, I feel sick already.... 
Haha, this is so inaccurate its hilarious.
What I notice is that only one family is on the verge of starvation. Maybe we should all ba able to share and try to have a balanced diet like in Egypt.
This is just profiling. I've been all over the world, and this is far from the truth.
There's not much healthy food in the UK and USA photo compared to the other photo shots. Maybe a lesson on food from the others would be a good idea for the fattest nation in the world and the fattest in Europe. I live in the UK. 
I was just thinking Eygpt's look nice
I spent some time with the Sinafu tribes in southern Mali, west Africa. They spend very little as they grow our raise everything they eat. Beautiful country, beautiful people. 
And industrial countries think that the diets of non-industrial countries are poor.
I would grow my own food, and milk my own cow. More BLT's and milk for me.
Looks like they eat small dogs in the UK
Not even a single vegetable one the USA's Table
Egypt Italy Mongolia and Ecuador have really good food on the table.
I bet Chad's food is really good but its not enough for me to go there and eat.
I love the judgment here.  +Edwin infante Leocadio  says there are no vegetables on the USA's table.  Yeah, except the ones in the center of the picture.
Someone should share with Chad... UK.
Someone should share with Chad....UK.
I am personally working on this one +Ali Adelstein People can indeed eat healthier and spend much less money on food, if they start slow and cook it themselves. (One tiny example.....make your own peanut butter by throwing a few handfuls in the food processor with just a tad of olive oil)  Makes much more than a jar of skippy :) and is very healthy and cost is far below any store bought version.  There are many simple tips that I am not sure if many people are aware of....
En Ecuador comemos hasta con menos! :D y se come riiico! ;) (english) In Ecuador we eat even with less money...!! ;)
A major problem for the developed western countries is the unlearning of cooking. Interested in cooking? Follow +Larry Fournillier ...
Fresh unpackaged food is and will always be the best. 
that is really bad that is why everyone her is fat just eat, eat, eat
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Amazing how different the types of food and the amounts are so different the enlish and american diet are nearly all junk how bizzare!!
why you bring so old post.?why waist time for something that all copypaste sites show some years ago???
Found this on stumbleupon a couple years ago
This study is superficial, hasty, and cursory. I am glad you appreciate that it is not representative. 
What a coincidence .. I was cleaning some files and found the book and really love it. Noticeable is so much processed food now. Bad bad. 
The Ecuadorian diet looks like the best to me and they all look so happy!
I have to say these is a very interesting picture.
Frontline had a show on this week about kids being hungry in America.
Look at how much processed vs real food is on the table! I couldnt believe the US food ! Almost all junk food
I will go to the club bar to see that bottle arrangement. Thanks
Where's the one showing bugs and smoked monkey?
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