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Enjoy the Moment. You never know what comes next...

Original image by DDB, Amsterdam →
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The Gimp user would have done better ;-)
I did at least the text and some more motion blur in Photoshop +birger monsen but maybe the original poster was gimped ...
cool, the car will get dirty. Blame photoshop, no?
We shouldn't really give photoshop all this free advertising by calling manipulated pictures photoshopped. :-) 
Yeah, it's more for the vegetables .. and it's probably a bunch of processed beer and corn dogs in there.
I know  >  I'm a weirdo, What the hell am I doin' here? I don't belong here. Radiohead.  
I tried & do like regular ones &  tofu dogs.
I have never tried corn dogs. Anyway, now I am ready for a very cold Munich beer - Cheers to everyone!
May be lets just try to get the message into our heads than going on about the image like kids. 
Talk about a party pooper.....
ansel k
this is soo shopped,  it's retarded
ansel k
sry to hate, i love this picture, but i just noticed that.  Never got to see, seeing as the version i have is very small.
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