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Around the World in 80 Diets - a fascinating and beautiful journey.

Another visually stunning photojournalism by photographer Peter Menzel and writer Faith D'Aluisio is telling the global story of our relationship to food through portraits and essays of 80 people from 30 countries and the food they eat in one day. — What I

Hara hachi bu, means 'stop eating when you're 80 percent full.' in Japanese

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An alternative explanation for evening junk food could be watching tv and seeing ads. The depletion effect can be part of poor choices but usually a good breakfast leads to better choices later during the day.
You keep my busy following all these interesting links. Thanks a lot +Ali Adelstein again a great share!
Where is Germany, not here :(
As I said, a lot of beer in the German photo ...
“Along with a great variety of foods, we calculated the calories the subjects consumed, and revealed their lifestyles by including their level of physical and leisure activities and work environments.” - Peter Menzel
I don't feel represented by any of those examples, let alone by what a shepherd may eat during his trips with the sheep.
Please follow the first link in the post  Mr Zephyr
Please follow the first link in the post Mr Ranjan
Wow Great man where ru from past years
Egypt twice +Ahmed Harara, because the images fit well and show also that, of course, these images are not intended to be representative ...
Funny... how Egyptian dud is all dressed-up and Iran is like a baker .... Spain is a hiker hungary guy stumbled on picnic table .... I have travelled much and been to some of this countries eating with locals mostly! Images are far from truth..... the article is another story by itself! 
Accha than come on share the true story .....Mis ROX
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mesopotamian and iranian cuisine looks fairly tasty.  weird seeing all the portion variations, too.  hhmm i really like this photo. really interesting. no offense, namibian cuisine looks pretty gross lol.    wow I really like this photo.  Question though: is it supposed to be average full-day's food for each place?  couldn't be single meal.  is that like a full's day total food in each place?  liked seeing the variations in beverages and quantities/volumes. dang this is an awesome photo.  people's (culture's) cuisine definitely occasionally reflects the people (often physiologically).

LMAO! I like how the person in Spain is the ONLY person who has actually started eating HAHA. like screw this, munching on baguette thing haha. dang this photo is really cool. I like this photo.
So go ahead make it as ur wallpepar
that previous commenter obv. didn't scrutinize. yes, there's one egyptian photo with a person dressedup but the other egyptian photo looks very distinct with huge culinary and apparel/costume differences.   I think one of the things I like most about this is how the people's 'costume' and appearance seems to match the cuisine.  anyways this is endlessly fascinating. relaly liked this.
Ok Rockers time to sleep ...Good Knight
im single guy 20 and gay. Help me guys i think im commiting a sin. Do u think god will forgive me?
im single guy 20 and gay. Help me guys i think im commiting a sin. Do u think god will forgive me?
Here you come and i cant wait
Two things: First, not ALL Americans eat Marlboros for sustenance. Second, is that a tiny Iranian, or giant stuff?
Thank you for your post. Very interesting.
And to go against not feeding trolls, +scelimpililo gadaff your view of God is contradictory; if He made you, programmed you and designed the environment for which you to grow and learn from, how then could he blame you for your actions? Thats like blaming the vacuum for sucking up jewelry on the floor. ie. you are as He intended you to be.

By-the-by, Im not gay or religeous lol.;P

next time you plan to get something like these together please contact me(Shadrack Philips) so that i can get you footages from Nigeria for free sir.
It's a little-known fact that the Chinese eat in that position.
Falta el puesto de barbacoa o carnitas en la Ciudad de México! :)
I read that book. interesting stuff. especially the 11-12 yr old porter from India.
Kenya is where i am, the second one is mine.
Ecuadorian Fanesca, Cola Morada, humitas and more.
Why does Egypt have two spots, and why does China have a guy balancing myself on a stick?
what poor examples of usa..i hope the world doesnt see this post.
Read all the comments and no-one has mentioned Scotland If the Worlds food included porridge then the photograph at the beginning of this article would have so much more meaning and possibly a vital food fir everyone to enjoy 
What a lot of stereotypical bollocks
You should be ashamed sharing this picture
+John Yaşar I wouldn't waste my time. He lives in Yes and goes to a community college. Hasn't made a public post since Aug.

I think the real defining point of US cuisine is Southwestern cooking. That is something that wasn't borrowed from Europe. Hmm, and possibly Cajun also. That's pretty unique. But as someone commented earlier these are just images to re-reinforce stereotypes.
I am from Yemen I did not expect you will mention my country ok overall the yemeni food is the best food it taste really good ,Has any one eaten Yemeni food.
good point there, usa as many other countries are too diverse to
give a small example of what they eat. stereotypes win this one..
This post is not meant to reinforce stereotypes! Is it not possible to post some images without getting always into the same discussion about this vs that??
Sometimes that's the price you pay for being so popular +Ali Adelstein :) Yeah, I get sick of it too.
All I wanted to point out is that Southwestern cooking is a really large part of the US diet and a culture in and of itself. The meaning would be totally changed if you had a nice mixed group of people sitting down and enjoying tacos, burritos and enchiladas.
The fast food hamburger thing wasn't any better since those ideas came from Russia to the port of Hamburg. I'm sure that's not news to anyone. :)
UAS culture and tradition basically came from England 
+DJ yamin Right, except for corn, chillis, potatoes and rice. The first three were found in the New World and of course rice is from the Orient.
Yes +Jim Carver :-) The What's hot is very popular...
Btw, we have an American restaurant near where I live, very good kitchen!
Fuck you do not mention Arab by your dirty tounge bitch 
Btw, I am anything but anti-American +John Yaşar. I just don't like guns and the climate change...
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Something I do not understand. It seems to be impossible to show such a great compilation of what people eat around the world without getting drawn into the same boring discussions about good vs. bad, up vs. down,. east vs. west to be continued.

Talking just for me: I love posts like this because it keeps my head busy, showing me the diversity of this wonderful world and often amazes me. In my opinion, broadining the personal view is good for everyone, no matter where you are from.
I was doing a little research and it seems something close to the hamburger was one of the first MREs. They weren't too keen on cooking it back then. :) It's kind of like this one I ordered at a mall cafe one time, (yeah, that's me totally out of character). I was the only one there and waited for a half-hour. It came out, and it was tartare...sent it back and it was still bloody rare. I ate half of it and split. Jeez, the paleo diet might be okay sometimes, and I like mine pink in the middle, but that was just a bit much!
DJ yamin you are correct America was highly influenced by England especially English Law.When it comes to good food Americans are willing to try most anything.From any country.
+Jack Middleton ok what about the red Indian ? Why USA did not influence by them although they came to USA before the birtsh people 
+DJ yamin The corn, potatoes and chillis were the Indian influence. Spanish food is bland, they didn't have chillis until Columbus discovered them in what is now Haiti.
Basically most Indigenous people the North American settlers meet were hunters and gathers. The crops the Indian people grew they shared this knowledge with the Colonial settlers.
The potato? Obviously you haven't done your research right, the potato comes from Peru in the high Andes and nowhere else, the original potato is a poisonus green root.
Why is china there twice, and also Shanghai, which is in China ? LOL
I wish I could do what you.
Great work 
I love how USA is portrayed as a fat trucker. sigh
Another left wing attack on my Country. Stereotyping Americans as all armed militia.
have we learned nothing from the food channel about other countries wide range of food they eat. in the 1970's this pic would have been widely accepted as fact.
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I did not say that Climate Change is a US problem only +John Yaşar. I am too more afraid of China...
Outstanding work that you do always here, I highly admire your work +Ali Adelstein .... sad to see this fast food in the pic ....
diet The kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats. +Fauzia Lafemme diet doesnt always mean eating to lose weight. :) 
Why is Shanghai labeled as a separate country?
You'll need far more than 80 people to document what Indians eat :)
Where is the real USA photo? You know, the one with a dumper truck full of food?
What richness is, this diversity! and the only thing that catches the humain eye is the difference, what intolerance!!!
+Ali Adelstein  Thanks again for your fights! :)
Thanks for the mention +Ali Adelstein.
Once again, more diversity in the comments than the article!
Arhan khan, thanks mate! I loved this photo (I am prob nerdily getting a tray so can have my own 'food tray assortment' LOL).  I sometimes don't know what to comment but when in a zone like commentin ga lot. google plus is swell imho (actually google+ is awesome; I oft love google plus; disliked fb lol) . Thanks for encouragement! apparently this photo is linked to some book. prob won't get that, but still found this so fascinating. awesome.
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