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Ali Adelstein
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Ali Adelstein

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Why are you littering?
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+Ali Adelstein
Thanx so very much....for SHARING this post/video and helping me to get this message out... PRO BONO!

* Engage, Direct and Measure is the key to success for gauging audience interaction.

One of two things will happen among those you shared this with... They WILL TAKE ACTION and watch the video .... OR, they are too lazy or skeptical and will NOT wish to improve their communication skills... finding every excuse under the sun -- NOT to watch and LEARN!

If they do not INVEST IN THEMSELVES FOR FREE... I definitely would not try to communicate with them further -- as they just do not "Get It!".

“Bringing the OFFLINE World to Your ONLINE Presence™ - Using Call2ACTION Symbols™ as the Entrance Ramp to the Information Highway”

I really pray they DO watch the video... As it will produce a major skill enhancement for their business and their LIFE... and they will remember YOU - as the person who shared this great news with them!

If your friends and business associates choose not to INVEST IN THEMSELVES, I hope "someday" (when they get a "Round Toit" ) ...they'll be open to this very unique learning experience

GOD BLESS YOU... Wishing the very best for you in 2016.

** PS -- Sorry that some of the links do not work... I had to shut down a number of online software tools and cloud resources when I retired.

#ElioMotors #QRCode #WillSmith #Spyders #3Wheelers #Call2ACTIONSymbols #BudgetVideo4BIZ #MLB #EDM
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Ali Adelstein

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Amazing Hyper-realistic Tools made of fine Chocolate

Season's Greetings from a Munich Christmas Market 2014...

See also ➜
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Germany beats Pakistan in hockey but after seeing this post, I don't care hahahahah..
Love the way chocolates are turn into something that could be placed anywhere unharmed ;)
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Ali Adelstein

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There is No Planet B - we have a moral imperative to act!

Today I am marching for my children. I am marching so they can live in a world without worrying about the next big storm destroying their community, said Bill Aristovolus, the superintendent of an apartment building in New York City's working-class Bronx borough ➜ & &

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators of all ages and from around the world took part in protests dubbed the People’s Climate March - flagged as the biggest ever call-to-action on climate change.

Climate change is a terrible problem, and it absolutely needs to be solved. It deserves to be a huge priority ― Bill Gates

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● With your help, we can make Ice a thing of the past ➜
● Hunger kills 2.5 million Children every Year ➜
● We could have stopped catastrophic climate change ➜
● Atmospheric pollution affects everyone ➜
● Swimming over sunken New York ➜

Photos by Reuters via
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+Zaid El-Hoiydi
Does being a self-righteous ass come naturally or do you work at it.

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Ali Adelstein

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Bedroom Dream Monsters

Green giant spiders and nasty cockroaches. For children, the monsters from their dreams are terribly real. Laure Fauvel shows in her pictures, how brave children fighting their dream monster and face their fears.

How to help children to cope with nighttime fears ➜
● Talk to kids about the difference between fantasy and reality.
● Prove to them that there is no monster in the closet.
● Consider sources of daily stress.
● Avoid frightening television, stories, and imagery - especially before bedtime.
● Fight fear with the power of touch.
● Offer your child the comfort of a soft toy animal or doll.
● Try to be patient.
● Respond promptly to nightmares.
● Provide your child with a night light.
● Be a model of calm, confident behavior.
● Show your child how to relax.

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● Study analyzes content of nightmares ➜
● Sleep requirements in children ➜
● Interview with Laure Fauvel ➜

Photos by +Laure Fauvel ➜
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Yes, you're right +Jos Poortvliet 
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Ali Adelstein

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NSA targets the privacy-conscious - everyone should use Tor now...

The XKeyscore source code contains both technical instructions and comments from the developers that provide an insight into the mind of the NSA. Thus, all users of such programs are equated with "extremists". Not only long-term users of this encryption software become targets for the NSA. Anyone who wants to visit the official Tor Web site simply for information is

Why everyone should use Tor now?
Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against traffic analysis, a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security. Tor protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: it prevents somebody watching your Internet connection from learning what sites you visit, and it prevents the sites you visit from learning your physical location. ➜

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● 7 Things You Should Know About Tor ➜
● Tor and HTTPS (interactive infographic) ➜
● NSA is checking who visits Tor's website ➜
● Tor Browser Bundle download ➜
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+Carlos Symbol That's like saying, the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007 was insignificant because more people get shot in Chicago on some weekends.

And you know what?  We didn't let that incident fundamentally change things.  We improved our emergency notification system, and we invested in more security cameras (which are more targeted towards "who stole the computer from the lab" than actual incident response).

Yes, we lost 3,000 people that day.  But we've lost close to 500,000 since then due to handguns in the US (averaging 11,000 homocides and 20,000 suicides a year).

And if you want to yell "Second Amendment" - note that we've made the choice to let a half million get kill because of "freedoms" - and then given up even more freedoms because 3,000 got killed.

Nobody wants terrorism, but it's the easiest and cheapest way to disrupt the lives of innocent people

No, as the terrorists have discovered, the easiest and cheapest way to disrupt lives is to let the people do it to themselves.  The whole DHS/NSA security complex has done more damage to what it means to be a free American than the terrorists ever did.

And it's all been self-inflicted.
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Ali Adelstein

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Antibiotic Resistance Sweeping Globe

In a report released last month (➜, the World Health Organization warned that excessive use of antimicrobials, including in livestock, has generated worldwide drug resistance that threatens a “post-antibiotic era” when infections caused by bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi can no longer be treated.

According to the federal Food and Drug Administration, 80% of antibiotics used in the U.S. go to animal agriculture.  The report by WHO confirmed that livestock producers in half of the world’s nations, including the U.S., follow the discredited practice of using antibacterial drugs as growth promoters in animals  ➜

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● Nutritional weaklings in the supermarket ➜

Photos ➜ & & &
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Isn't the solution not to intensively farm animals, thus requiring the use of antibiotics?  I guess it's time for government to step in to the rescue since the free market is all about profits.
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Ali Adelstein

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No place is unskateable...
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+Ali Adelstein lets skate moon
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Ali Adelstein

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Happy New Year!
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Thanks brother, happy new year too
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Ali Adelstein

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How to Write a Good Bug Report...

Avoid Duplication - Search First
You don't want to waste people's time reading issue reports that have already been covered by someone else.
Choose a Good Title
The title should describe the problem as well as possible. Remember that the title is read more often than any other part of the bug report.
One Bug per Report
If you put in multiple bugs, some of them may be overlooked. To avoid confusion and duplication, please, one bug per report, no more, no less.
Describe the Problem Concisely and Effectively
How would you describe the bug using approximately 40 words? This is the first part of your bug report a triager or developer will see. A good summary should quickly and uniquely identify a bug report. It should explain the problem, not your suggested solution.
Did this work in the past?
It's important to know if the problem is a regression bug. If possible add the version in which the problem did not exist.
Include exact Steps to Reproduce the Problem you are Seeing
If the bug is not fully reproducible, indicate that clearly in the issue report. Avoid steps that don't matter - those which have nothing to do with reproducing the bug.  Including too many steps can waste time and lead to confusion.
Include the Results you Expected
Describe what should happen if the bug was fixed.
Include the Results you Actually Observed
In contrast to the expected behavior, describe what currently happens when the bug is present.
Include Background References, if possible...
If a bug is related to other bugs, then please include links to them in the bug report. This will help the everyone who reads the report understand the issues at hand better.
Attach Anything Else that Could Help
If you can supplement your bug report with an image or log that helps others to understand or reproduce the issue, attach these files.
Avoid Speculation
Report the facts - what you saw, what you expected to see, and any other symptoms.  But in general, avoid speculation as to the root cause of the problem, unless you have sufficient facts to back up your speculation. Speculation can send the reviewer on a wild goose chase and waste their time.  It can also make this bug report appear as a search result for cases where it's not relevant.
Be Careful of the Tone of Your Report
Be objective and respectful.
Proofread the Bug Report
Now, that the bug report is readied, why not just trial run what is written to make sure other people can follow and reproduce the problem exactly? A proofread bug report has a much higher chance of being understood properly by the developers.

How to Write a Good Feature Request...

Avoid Duplication - Search First
You don't want to waste people's time reading feature requests that have already been covered by someone else.
Choose a Good Title
The title should describe the feature as good as possible. Remember that the title is read more often than any other part of the feature request.
One Feature per Request
If you put in multiple features, some of them may be overlooked. To avoid confusion and duplication, please, one feature per request, no more, no less.
Describe the Feature Request Briefly but Completely
Just specify the features as clearly and complete as possible. If the necessary description exceeds a certain length, 
a wiki link to the full specification should be added to the short description. If possible add a flowchart, diagram or mockup.
Include Background References, if possible...
If a feature is related to other features or there are other references available, then please include this information in the request. 
Include Proposed QA Procedures, if possible...
If it is already clear how and what to test, please add this information. At the latest the implementing developer should add something for the QA here...
Be Careful of the Tone of Your Feature Request
Be objective and respectful.
Proofread the Feature Request
Now, that the feature request is readied, why not just check what is written to make sure other people can follow the request exactly? A proofread feature request has a much higher chance of being understood properly by the developers and testers.

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● Mozilla Bug writing guidelines ➜
● Painless Bug Tracking ➜
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Thanks for the share, +Ali Adelstein ! 
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Ali Adelstein

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Geometry in the desert - general view of farms in northern Saudi Arabia

● Seen from the ISS ➜
● Seen from satellite ➜

The fields are irrigated by water pumped from underground aquifers. That water is distributed in rotation about a center point within a circular field—a technique known as center-pivot agriculture. The approach affords certain benefits compared to traditional surface irrigation, such as better control of water and fertilizer use. This so-called “precision agriculture” is particularly important in regions subject to high water loss due to evaporation. By better controlling the amount and timing of water application, evaporative losses can be minimized.

Over the past decades, the agricultural development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has drastically improved. Although Saudi Arabia is widely thought of as a desert, it has regions where the climate has favoured agriculture. The government in particular has aided with this process by converting large areas of desert into agricultural fields. By implementing major irrigation projects and adopting large scale mechanization, this has progressed in developing agriculture in Saudi Arabia, adding previously barren areas to the stock of cultivatable land ➜

Photo by Brendan Smialowski/AFP via
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Wäre gerne dabei +Christoph Schaddach, aber da bin ich im Urlaub...
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Ali Adelstein

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Bring Your Own Sofa - this was the best place in the world to watch the World Cup

Union Berlin, a second-division German club, has turned their stadium into one gigantic living room with around 850 couches dragged onto the pitch. The club invited the fans to bring their own sofas to the stadium for the World Cup.

Source links:
● The best place to watch the World Cup ➜
● Photos from Berlin's World Cup Living Room ➜
● Bring your own sofa to watch World Cup ➜
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Maybe something for a Kickstarter project +TECHNICS :-), Cheers!
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Ali Adelstein

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People who abuse animals deserve a tough judge

“The unnecessary torture and abuse of other animals is one of the worst human atrocities of our time. Humanity's self-aggrandizing misconception that humans rule the world with no moral responsibilities to those with whom we share this planet is reinforced by how we treat other animals, and this ironic view is facilitating destruction of the planet even for ourselves.” - Kyle Ash

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● Facts about the Exotic Pet Trade ➜
● Do we need industrial livestock farming ➜
● Reasons to end factory farming ➜
● Catch me if you can ➜
● What makes you live longer ➜

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Yes ... that is really true
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