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Ali Adelstein

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Treat your body like junk...we're lovn'it

We may find in the long run that tinned food is a deadlier weapon than the machine-gun. ― George Orwell

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Original image by Ad Agency Draftfcb ➜
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Who still eats that crap? My dog eats better. 
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I am sure there are things that can't be cured by a good bath but I can't think of one. - Sylvia Plath

● Every man has a right to a Saturday night bath ➜
● There's no such thing as a free Bath ➜
● The best Bathtub in the World ➜
● Bathing Stories and Quotes ➜
● Outdoor Bath with Sheep ➜
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● Outdoor Bath compilation ➜

- approximately an hour to fill 750 liters of water into the Dutchtub.
- about 3 hours and 3 cubic ft of firewood to get the water to 38°C.
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Einfach und funktionell, bestimmt nicht in Deutschland erfunden ;-)
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The most meaningful way to compare wages across countries or regions is always to compare them against the local cost of living. This can be complicated, because it isn't always easy to define what a basic living package is: people eat different foods in different areas, have different transport needs, and so on. (For example, if you live in a place where you need a car to get to your job, that car is going to be part of your most minimal cost of living -- but if you can walk or train to work, it isn't) Likewise, there are some goods which simply aren't available everywhere, like clean water.

So this chart, despite being a quick piece of work by someone, is actually surprisingly informative. Beer is something which is available and commonly consumed around the world, (with a few notable exceptions like Utah and Saudi Arabia) and it takes up roughly the same role in the dietary hierarchy in all of these places. So despite not being part of the "core" of anyone's diet, the price of beer is actually not a bad bellwether of the overall prices of basic consumer goods.

Minimum wages are more nebulous -- they're the consequences of laws, and don't always indicate market conditions. (For example, Georgia appears to have an anomalously low minimum wage relative to cost of beer from this diagram, but I don't think that it's actually in significantly worse shape than Bangladesh; I suspect an anomaly in how their minimum wage works relative to their market, rather than a real economic issue) A better measure would be to look at different percentiles of the economy: e.g., how many hours does someone at the 25th percentile -- someone who makes more than 1/4 of the population and less than 3/4 -- have to work to earn a beer? Unfortunately, good percentile data is harder to come by than good minimum wage data, simply because the latter can be looked up.

Nonetheless, this graph gives you an interesting insight into the relative cost of basic foods in different parts of the world.
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Thank you +Meihui Su
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Ali Adelstein

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How Hearing Happens

The Hair Cell: When a young student heard that the lab next to mine studied frog hair cells, she exclaimed, "Oh? I didn't know frogs had hair!" Actually, hair cells, so named because of the curious stacked arrangement of hair-like stereocilia emerging from their crowns (image a), are the cells that detect sound.  About 16,000 of them line the snail shaped cochlea of our inner ear, picking up sound induced vibrations of the fluid inside our ears of less than 1 nanometer. The remarkable hair cell is what gives us humans the ability to detect sound of frequency ranging from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. 

Mechanosensation: How does a hair cell detect sound? The secret lies in the way the stereocilia are stacked. Each one is connected to an adjacent taller 'hair" by a tenuous thread, known as tip link (image b). At the bottom end, the tip link controls the opening of an ion channel while at the upper end it is held taut by a motor protein (myosin) that moves along tracks (actin) inside the "hair". When a mechanical disturbance in the surrounding fluid pushes against the hair bundle (image c), the tip link is stretched, yanking open the gate of the ion channel. Calcium ions flood the interior, changing the electrical potential of the cell and triggering a message to the nerves leading away from the cell. Immediately, however, the motor protein slips down, releasing the tension on the tip link and closing the ion channel to end the signal (image d).  Later, the motor protein climbs up the cables again to re-establish tension in the tip link. 

Deafness, Eugenics and Alexander Bell: It may come as a surprise that the inventor of the telephone also had a profound impact on deaf culture. With both his mother and wife deaf, Alexander Bell became an avid proponent of "oralism" - teaching deaf people to articulate sounds in place of sign language. Given the uniqueness of deaf culture with frequent intermarriage among deaf people, Bell cautioned that the incidence of deafness could rise until there was a separate race of deaf people. Although his ideas on eugenics are not credited now, he was responsible for many changes made to education of the deaf. Deafness is the most common inherited sensory defect at 1-3 births per 1000. Interestingly, the most common inherited form of deafness has actually increased due to assortive mating (this is also seen in other disorders linked to ethnicity or race). Bell's goals may yet be achieved, not by eugenics but by cochlear implants, which may restore hearing and abolish deaf culture in the future. Will that be a good thing?

Another installment in the    #excyting series on cell types.
▶ Cardiomyocyte:
▶ Adipocyte:
▶ Erythrocyte:
▶ Astrocyte:

Image and Free Read: Corey, D. (2009) Cell biology of mechanotransduction in inner-ear hair cells.

Through Deaf Eyes (Alexander Bell):

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...very much enjoyed. Tnx.
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Ali Adelstein

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We have a Dream - child labor around the world

Hundreds of millions of girls and boys throughout the world are engaged in work that deprives them of adequate education, health, leisure and basic freedoms, violating their rights. They are denied the chance to be children.
Of these children, more than half are exposed to the worst forms of child labour such as work in hazardous environments, slavery, or other forms of forced labour, illicit activities such as drug trafficking and prostitution, as well as involvement in armed conflict. ➜ &

Facts about child labour: (Source:
● Around 215 million children work, many full-time (one out of six)
● Every year 22 000 children die in work related accidents
● 73 million working children are less than 10 years old
● 40-50% of those in bonded labour are children
● The largest number of working children are in the Asia-Pacific region
● 69% work in agriculture, commercial hunting and fishing or forestry
● 9% work in manufacturing
● 8% in wholesale and retail trade, restaurants and hotels

More related photos and articles from around the world:
● World Day Against Child Labor ➜
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● Child labour uncovered in Apple's supply chain ➜
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Photo credits: 
● Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images ➜ &
● AP Photo/Muhammed Muheisen ➜
● Mio Cade ➜ & 
● Reuters/Finbarr O'Reilly ➜
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the picture is absolutely true
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Ali Adelstein

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Cheers from Germany's highest beer garden (2964 m)
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Thanks and Cheers +Rumiana Nikolova
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Hearing for the Deaf — Cochlear implants with no exterior hardware

An MIT development team has developed a special chip that could eventually pave the way for the production of cochlear implants without any external hardware. The low-power, signal-processing chip would allow implants to use the natural microphone of the inner ear instead of artificial microphones attached outside the ear; in most cochlear implant patients, the natural microphone is intact. The implant would be wirelessly recharged ➜

Other articles on this topic:
A future cochlear implant with no exterior hardware ➜ 
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How existing cochlear implants work ➜ (Video)
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Gene therapy for reversing congenital hearing loss ➜
The latest work of the father of the bionic ear ➜
TED talk about hearing loss, CI's and music ➜
Cochlear Aqua Accessory for swimming underwater ➜

Face your deficiencies and acknowledge them.
But do not let them master you. - Helen Keller ➜

Thanks to the interdisciplinary Science of biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, linguistics, mathematics, medicine, allied disciplines, philosophy, physics, and psychology!    #Cochlear #ScienceSunday  #ScienceEveryday 

Image credit Signal-processing chip for a middle-ear cochlear implant: M. Yip et al 

via +Mark Bruce  ➜ and +Kevin Clift 
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Ali Adelstein

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Music and jewelry in support of finding a cure for Sturge-Weber Syndrome

An old friend of mine whom I have not seen for a long time, has just released a new album named So Vividly So Desperately, as well as a collection of fine jewelry designs. Both the music and the jewelry are for sale with the goal to support research of Sturge-Weber Syndrome – profits will be donated to support the Surge-Weber foundation as well as the Sturge-Weber Center of the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore. Please visit for more information.

 ● So Vividly So Desperately ➜ 
 ● Fine jewelry designs ➜ 
 ● Sturge-Weber Syndrome ➜ 
 ● Surge-Weber foundation ➜ 
 ●  Sturge-Weber Center of the Kennedy Krieger Institute ➜ 

+Christian Schormann wrote: If you like the music or the jewelry, I would be very grateful for any support you can give – be it via a donation, purchases of music or jewelry on my website, or just by sending this message on to friends. Many thanks!

Sturge Weber Syndrome is a rare and serious condition. Mara was born with it. She is a sweet, bright, wonderful and courageous 9-year old girl. As many children with this condition, she has had seizures since her first birthday. Sometimes, they have been easy on her, and sometimes, like an unexpected summer tornado, they have been impossible to control and took her daily life apart. The title song of So Vividly So Desperately is about that. But whatever a day brings, Mara always says: “Seizures will not stop me from having fun”.

Sturge Weber Syndrome is a capricious condition that can cause developmental problems, seizures that are often difficult to control, glaucoma and many other health issues. With outcomes difficult to predict, it always affects families a great deal and makes life a day-by-day affair.

Since earlier this year, there is new hope for better treatments and perhaps even a cure: The underlying cause for Sturge-Weber Syndrome has been discovered after a decades-long search. To realize this hope, we need additional research, and lots of it. This research needs money. Therefore, your support will be greatly appreciated.

The fairy angels in this collection were created because of Mara’s love for the fairies that live in her garden. They make good companions for every day, and great holiday presents. The music is available online and as a physical CD. It will also be on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other electronic sources starting October 28th.

Please visit to hear the music and see the jewelry...
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Thank you and Happy New Year +Kawthar A. I will be back next year...
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Ali Adelstein

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Things to do before you die - how many have you achieved?

Life is short and we spend too much of it doing things we don't really want to do, bound to our jobs and daily chores. Very often we don't spend our available leisure time very clever. Ask yourself - what have you ever wanted to do real badly - or wished you could try? When you were still younger, what did you want to do "when you were older" and, more important: are you doing it? If you're an iPhone user, I'd like to recommend you a small App (➜ which helps you to manage your goals and achievements and encourages you to make a list of the things that you would like to do in your lifetime...

People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.
George B. Shaw

We should not fear death, but the bad life.
R. Pfaller

See also Austin Powers’ "Things To Do Before I Die" list ➜
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in did good motivation although some things we might concider but most definatly .
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Ali Adelstein

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Dear G+ Friends,
+Jason Hurtado Daniels needs more respondents for his research on new, humane organizational structures. Please take a few minutes and check the post below...
Thanks and Cheers,
Hi friends, I want you to join a cutting edge study on making teams more creative and productive. The focus is on free / open source software, business and nonprofit teams. Survey link:  

This is part of my dissertation research. Your completing the survey is greatly appreciated. At the end, you can sign up to receive the study results free of charge.

For your reference, here is my LinkedIn profile:

I have contracted with QuestionPro, an independent research firm, to field your confidential survey responses.  

Thanks for your help on this,


You can get back into the survey later if you have to stop midway. Just click the link again from the same computer then click on continue.

Photo credit: Lobster at
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.....great to see this and I hope it works out well - good luck with it.
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