Tips for a ghetto alarm clock, i  get asleep with my laptop on my side, and my alarm clock broke, and the cellphone just isn't loud enough. 

So this is how I suspend my laptop:

sudo rtcwake -m disk $(date +%s -d ‘tomorrow 08:30’) && amixer -c 0 set Master 100% && mpv /home/masterkorp/Music//Mozart\ Discography\ \(5\ CDs\)\ 320kbps//

As simple as that, this also works great on a tab, just set the the rtcwake -m no, so whenever you close the tab it will suspend, so basically I will wake up at that given time. 

This is also great to ensure you're well waked up because i have to ps aux | grep mpv and kill the frreaking thing. 

Just tough I would be a cool share if you're on a hotel of out of an alarm clock for some time.
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