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Alfredo Hernández

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Finally got my invite. Let's see how it compares to Pocket :)

PS. Import/Export options are love. It's cool to see devs implementing it in their services; some motherfuckers will make your life impossible if you try to move your data to your new preferred service.
Started using this week and already moved away from Xmarks, Pushbulet, Save to Google, and Raindrop; as well as traditional browser bookmarks, which were a little cumbersome and useless to begin with.

Not sure how many people I can invite but hit me up if you want to test it out.
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Yes, I actually sent them a long list of problems, and they said they'd fix them (including the dullness of the UI) but they don't want "to keep changing the design of UI for their users" :)
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Alfredo Hernández

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It's finally out! Joined eight Beta Testing programs didn't know existed.

Seriously, I don't understand why the testing programs are pretty much hidden in the Play Store... hell it took months for Google to put a "Beta" tab in the Android app (and, of course, it doesn't tell you about available testing programs, just the ones you've joined; Google being Google, I guess).
Originally developed for my own use to save me quite a bit of time daily, I thought you guys might enjoy it too. Judging by the initial teaser response, I wasn't wrong.

So here is the first version, which has been a huge time-saver for me for the last several weeks. Enjoy!
A few months ago, I started working on a companion Chrome (and Opera) extension for APKMirror. The extension simply added a button next to the Install butt... by Corbin Davenport in News
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Alfredo Hernández

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I think we all can agree that I don't know how to draw a fucking dragon 😆.
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Alfredo Hernández

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Just tested Nautilus 3.22 in my machine. The future is now, indeed.

PS. Kudos to +Carlos Soriano and the guys involved in the development of Nautilus for this awesome release.

EDIT: Just realised F2 brings up the massive rename dialogue. 3.22 is officially the release I've been most hyped about ever!!
To see the future, run in a terminal: $ wget $ flatpak remote-add --gpg-import=nightly.gpg gnome-nightly-apps $ flatpak remote-add --gpg-import=nightly.gpg gnome-nightly $ flatp…
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+Sean LeRoy some people complain about the lack of features nautilus has, but oh boy, this is one of the biggest updates yet. It's simple yet functional for a standard user. 
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Alfredo Hernández

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They don't even try anymore. #spam
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Alfredo Hernández

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Even when you let the community choose between a limited number of design proposals (or asking for feedback for an already solid design), a John Doe will come and tell you they're all shit and come up with his own design (made in Paint, of course). /rant

Anyway, what the Bash community have accomplished here is brilliant example of the bright side of the collaboration process within GNU/Linux and Open Source communities; and an even better example of how design-wise choices MUST be handled in the Open Source world.
Learn lessons for creating a new project logo from the Bash logo experiment.
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Alfredo Hernández

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Twelve applications (at best) at the same time in the app drawer; what a game changer! /s

Seriously, I don't understand what's the concept of good UX for the Ubuntu design team...
Wow! Monday's surprise on my E5 😎😎😎
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Alfredo Hernández

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Mathematica and the Wolfram Language: Version 11 released Aug 8, 2016. 3D printing, machine learning & neural networks, audio. Available for desktop, cloud.
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Alfredo Hernández

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"Good ideas are good for everyone"; wise words.
This is a really interesting article and it really resonates with me and reflects something I would like to do with employment at elementary. I strongly believe that your job is far from the most important thing in your life. Spending time with your family, making new friends, going on adventures, discovering all life has to offer, love, art, learning. These things are important. Your job is only valuable insofar as it enables you to do these things. The fact is that jobs suck for everyone right now because employers don't believe that. They don't care about you the person. You're capital to them. And that sucks. And it especially sucks for people that are caregivers. Employers need to redesign. Restructure.

As a side note, I remember someone writing that "accessibility features are just features". It's in a similar vein as the thought, "gay marriage is just marriage". And I think what these people are trying to say is that good ideas are good for everyone. Flexible hours are good for everyone. Shared responsibility is good for everyone. Not having to work massive overtime is good for everyone. Not working in dangerous conditions is good for everyone. Good solutions to the gender wage gap problem are good solutions for all employees of all genders and lifestyles.
Women earn 79 cents on the dollar compared with men. But the gender wage gap is much, much more than one number.
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Alfredo Hernández

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Cool stuff!
Courtesy of - Build IoT devices easily with Python, Node.js & PHP
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