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Was the "RSS Subscription Extension (by Google)" extension for chrome removed from Google Play store?

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So Google isn't killing greader, they are killing RSS! 
its a bit far fetched, the extension looking at the source code heavily depends on reader services. Its kind of odd though that this pull came far too early compared to the grace period on reader
+Szabolcs Feczak In that case they could just remove the google reader specific features, as the extension could be used with other feeds readers as well.
+Fernando Miguel, Google is aligning itself with Facebook, Apple and MSFT in an open war to kill the remainings of an Open Internet. Walled Gardens are the future... for them.
Since they removed Google Reader from the list of "services" within the extension options, I'll post here the info we need to add it manually:

Description: Google Reader (or whatever I/you like)

Nothing tricky, but is always good to have it at hand case we need to re-install chrome and its extensions.
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