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Alfred Poor
Professional speaker, writer, and technology expert
Professional speaker, writer, and technology expert

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A new transistor design relies on heat as the controlling signal, 100 times more sensitive than thermoelectric materials. #healthtech #ns

70 years ago, a discovery was made at Bell Labs in New Jersey that changed the course of human civilization. Three researchers — Shockley, Bardeen, and Brattain — created a switch with no moving parts. By applying a current to one lead, they could control…

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A lab-on-a-chip to detect #cancer can be made for as little as one cent, using a standard ink jet printer. #healthtech #ns

“We’ll have to wait for the lab results to come back.” Chances are good that if you’ve had any contact with the healthcare system beyond simple wellness checkups, you’ve heard this line before. Perhaps even more than you care to remember. Complex chemical…

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Okay, this is too cool for words: 3D printing "all at once" using light-cured resins and laser-driven holograms. No more waiting all day for your part to print!

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Artificial intelligence can remind you to take your medications, helping solve a $300 billon annual problem in the U.S. #healthtech #ns

More than half up all people in the U.S. live with at least one chronic health condition. And one of the biggest problems is lack of adherence to medication treatments. According to some sources, the cost of failing to take prescriptions as directed…

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Your voice may provide information needed to diagnose illness, including heart disease. #healthtech #ces2017 #ns

The eyes may be the windows on the soul, as the old saying goes, but it turns out that the voice may be an effective window on your physical body. Your spoken words may provide valuable data that can be used as a non-contact way to diagnose disease, even…

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A suit designed to be worn under normal clothing will provide seniors with a power assist to sit and stand. #healthtech #wearables #ns

As we get older, simple tasks can become more difficult. For example, consider going from a seated position to standing and then back again. For some seniors, this can be a challenge as their muscles lack the strength and endurance to perform these…

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Fitness wearables are giving way to devices that gather data to help lower healthcare costs. #healthtech #wearables #ns

Fitness bands are on the decline; Health Tech devices are on the rise. That’s the conclusion of a new industry report by Juniper Research. Within the next five years, the combined market for such devices is expected to reach more than $21 billion in…
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