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Nearly colliding into car jumping red light.

The hand terminals of the TV series The Expanse, looks so cool. Smooth transfer of info.

Collection and processing of information.

The fully see through panel might have limited use in bright environment, in a dimply lit space station, it is perfect.

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Why does Google Text to speech does not accept audio over Bluetooth?

With connected Bluetooth ear piece, when I press the mic button on #Swiftkey keyboard, it is listening on the phone only.

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Crazy jaywalker #dashcam

New update (Feb 2017) from SultanXDA !!! #oneplusone #bacon

I got too much work stuff in the car boot

Action Launcher 3, +Chris Lacy
Hi, I just started using a bluetooth keyboard (BOW Hangshi HB188) with my OnePlus One. At the home screen, when I press any of the arrow keys, the app crashes. Tab works fine, but confined to the current screen.

I hate websites with autoplaying videos. Just discovered BBC joined the group!

I just discovered the wonders of #Android #trustedface. Why didn't I try this out earlier?
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