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Tokyo In The Rain | Waiting to Cross

Another one from yesterday, shot in Okachimachi as I was heading home.

Great place to shoot and one of the first places in Tokyo I shot street, all the way back in 2000. Great light, lots of people and a big, wide zebra-crossing with superb background.

The Gear?

Nikon D700
Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai
In-camera monochrome.
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Lovely picture, great tone - especially for In-camera monochrome.
Cheers +Mark Hebblewhite . I've made a load of different picture controls for the Nikon. They seem to work put pretty nice.
I need to start playing around with my controls on my Nikon (any hints would be welcomed). Your old Nikkor lens seems to be working well, my old lenses are now on the display cabinet.
That's a wonderful share Alfie - I didn't know we could do that with an external application. Bookmarked that for tomorrow morning read with my toast.
As soon as I can, +Mark Hebblewhite , I'll get the others packaged up and online. But these are a good start and in the comments on the post are a bunch of experiences of installing them etc. Which help.
It's amazing how you just miss people's work - due to time zone differences. Good thing I watch a late night film. You have some truly stunning work and look forward to spending time looking through it further.
emang ya indonesia ini yang ada yang benar pemerintahan ya bikin darah tinggi coba klo aku yang mimpin pasti makin hancur hahahahahah
cooooooooooool camera and cooooooooooooooool pic
really love it,, monochrome photos makes me fell lonely.. :3
This monochrome photo extends my imagination what you saw in the rain and the city...
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