'Cats and bokeh.... no doubt someone will give me some shit for posting this but, as I pointed out recently to one person in Flickr who let me have both barrels with their 'not anther f***ing cat shot' comment...

A. I like cats.
B. I like street cats even more
C. They can look really cool if you catch them at the right moment
D. Everyone likes a cute animal shot, don't they?
E. Street cats are one of the things I 'collect' with my camera in Tokyo. We have a small apartment so collecting material things is not really an option anymore and anyway, after moving from the UK to Japan in 2007 I realised how much 'stuff' didn't really matter. You just end up clearing it out after a few years and it's a pain in the backside every time you decide to move house. It's good to 'collect' things with the your camera, as if you are looking for certain things you like all the time it helps keep your eye sharp to the world. And they form nice little ongoing sets or 'typologies'. Here's a link that will help explain what a typology is in photographic context:


F. Cats can help pay the rent: I have now had a magazine feature and a commission from the BBC because of cats. Back to the point above about collecting things: they become something of an obsession. Obsessions can make you a 'specialist'. Magazine editors like specialists.... :-)

The tech details on this shot:
Nikon D700
Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai
The black and white/sepia is done in-camera using the 'Dark Sepia' picture control which I made for my Nikon.
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