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Model workshop in Tokyo | Yumi goes to the future

William is doing most of the shooting cos he's the student but I wanted to get one myself as I put together the concept for this shoot..... and the image I had in my head perfectly matches what we've got!!

Very happy
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Wow! Great work! She reminds me Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner..!
Makeup and hair was done by a pro... Furuta-san, who I use for all the stuff I do now. :-) She makes my visions real.
+Alfie Goodrich just kidding it probably takes hours and loads of hard work to get to the stage in the picture. 
And probably very hard to keep it "random" "maybe a little smear here and some there and before you know it it will look artificial. 
It looks awesome and a bit scary (would not like to meet here in a dark ally ;)
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