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Shooting for Ferrari Magazine in Tokyo

I recently did a shoot in Tokyo for The Official Ferrari Magazine: one famous owner together with his car. You'll have to wait until the 9th December for more details as that's when the new edition of the magazine is published. Then I'll be able to tell you what a wonderful afternoon I had shooting the job and all the little details that went into the planning and location-scouting.

For now [because the rest is embargoed until publication], here at least is the car..... a 246 Dino. My favourite of all the Ferraris except, perhaps, for the 1958 TR and the 365 GTB/4 Daytona.

This pic is an out-take from the shoot.

I eventually got a nice spread in the mag: opening double-page spread, full-page inside and several more shots.

I'm excited about seeing it all in 10 days..... and I wil post up the PDF the magazine are sending me as soon as it arrives, together with that shoot report.

Nikon D700
Nikkor 24mm f/1.4 AFS-G
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Magnificent car! Did you have the chance to drive it?
No, didn't get to drive it but that's hardly surprising. It's the owner's pride and joy and he's had it fully restored ti concours condition. Driving this baby in Tokyo would hardly do it justice. The Hakone Turnpike, a few hour's south of here.... now, that would be the place to drive this.
woah, that is one sexy car. looking forward to the pix!
I don't know much about cars, but that is one sleek-looking machine!

I'm curious about the building behind it as well - is it just the lens distortion that makes one side of the entrance/garage so much bigger than the other end? It certainly makes for a unique looking backdrop.
Actually +Alex Iliev it was tough but you'll get to read about that when I put the whole story up :-)
+Jeff M partly the distortion, yes and the angle I shot it at. Finding a few nice street backdrops in one specific part of town was not so easy but I'll be writing about all of that part too.
This location +Jeff M was on a hill so it was fun to use the downslope as apart of the whole angle on the car.
its so awesome...i like your photographs!
Ah, I was wondering if a slope was helping contribute to those extreme angles! Never thought to try to incorporate slopes to exaggerate angles, will have to find one and try it out. Look forward to the rest of your write-up once the magazine officially comes out!
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Can't wait to see the PDF! 
Its the Ferrari Dino no doubt. Named after Enzo Ferrari''s son Dino ! There is something exceptional about every Ferrari. Particularly the F40, F50 and GTO .
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