Shooting sports in Japan: my eldest son's last sports-day at junior high-school

This week has been a busy week, mostly with shooting the four-day Advertising Week Asia event as their official photographer. Friday was spent teaching and having meetings, yesterday was spent shooting the junior high-school sports-day for the school magazine.

It is my eldest son's last year at the school and was his last sports-day. H has run the 100m for his school and the city. This shot was taken of him running as anchor in the relay. The kid running the leg before him had fallen on the last bend, leaving Joe a lot of catching -up to do. He lost the race by 2cms.... after re-gaining about 40m on the guy in front.

Details of this shot?
Nikon D3S
Nikkor 28-80mm AF-S G

I use this cheap kit lens anywhere where there are bad conditions. In this case, a lot of dust and crap flying around and blowing in the wind. As long as you stop it down to f/8 or smaller, it's sharp as a razor.

I was sat on the curve in the track, just after the baton-change area.

I'd set the lens at around f/8 and manual focus. I was zone focusing to get as wide an area of the track as possible.

Camera was on C(H) mode, to fire rapidly.

I was cradling the camera in my hands, low and away from my face, just above the ground... and panning with the runners as they passed me.

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