Tokyo is very big & it's beautiful in the right light: shooting the sunset from the Mori Tower with a 300mm prime lens

It's been at least six years since I went up the Mori Tower to the 'Tokyo City View' there on the 52nd floor. I go up high in Tokyo often. But at 1800¥ a ticket, the Mori Tower viewdeck is not cheap so I don't do it that often.

But, it was time I did. And I was glad I did. I shot a load of pics with my Hasselblad H4D-40 and the HTS1.5 tilt shift adaptor. Plus, I took my D800e and 300m f/4.

The 300mm is an old one, an ED model from 1991. It's a tank. I love it. New ones have VR and all that jazz but I love the old one and I'm happy shooting it handheld at 1/200th. Slightly less if I am not tired and have a good spot to get into the right posture.

This shot was made looking out of the western side of the building, looking just north of the Red Cross Hospital in Hiroo.

I loved the light. It was just magical for a few minutes, catching the edges of every building from those nearby to the ones at the horizon.

Would have been nice to have a tripod, to shoot at lower ISO and more stopped-down. But, like most high buildings in Tokyo and Japan... tripods are banned.

Nikon D800e
Nikkor 300mm f/4 ED

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