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New business card makes me proud of my eldest son

I shot a pic of my eldest son, Joe, the other week... just an iPhone shot but a great moment: makes me feel, with him today starting a new school, like in this shot he's looking out onto his future.

So, I put it on the reverse side of my new business card. Makes me feel super proud every time I hand one out.

Of course, I feel proud of all three of my kids.... but the first one is always kind of special in another way.

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+Alfie Goodrich what a fantastic idea. I have some great shots of my son, can I steal your idea ;) ?
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Sakura Season, 2014: Shinagawa Inter-City

What with living here for seven years and coming and going for more than double that, I've seen the sakura in Japan maybe 10 or 12 times now. 

This year I have a personal project for shooting the blossoms. This shot isn't a part of that but I couldn't not take this scene and with anyone's photography, alongside the 'project' there should always be room for single shots. Often the trend recently has been for projects, projects, projects... it's tiresome. 

I shot this whilst doing a lesson with someone. A lot of the time I don't even take my camera with me when I teach. I prefer the 'golf pro' approach to teaching photography: the golf pro doesn't bring his clubs to the lesson. He teaches you with yours. If the student is struggling, the best thing is to shoot something with their own camera that makes them go wow. That way they understand that with more practice, they can do it. 

But, I was off somewhere else after the lesson and had my camera on me. 

..and I like this part of Shinagawa, especially when there is a little nature to contrast with the man-made textures.

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+shelly guayana see this pic ;) I know you will like
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Alfie Goodrich

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Japan three years after 3/11: photography raising funds for Tohoku

Everyone who lives in Japan, has friends here or who was visiting on 11th March, 2011, spends this day remembering. There are still a lot of people suffering, still a lot that has not changed, still many questions that have gone unanswered, still a disaster going on for many people. The MyJapan initiative, at the time and since, sought to create a space where people with images of Japan could share them with a view to raising funds for Tohoku. Two books were made. Exhibitions were held. A lot of money has been raised. It's been a joy to be involved.

Here's one of mine from the collection. I had the privilege of seeing this printed out very large, as the centerpiece of the first MyJapan show. It's raised a fair bit of cash on its own, this shot. That makes me very happy. As a photographer not shooting 'hard news' sometimes it's hard to see how my 'art' fits in to the wider scheme of 'making the world a better place'. MyJapan made me feel that I was doing something tangible.

As we remember, today, the people who were lost and the people who survived but who have lost so much, share this - if you want to - and maybe a little more cash can be raised to help those who are still very much in need.


From the SubjectMatter/MyJapan website:

To honor those that suffered and to support those who are still suffering as a result of the disaster, make sure to buy a My Japan piece now. These stunning images of Japan make unique gifts with a feel good factor, as all proceeds go to the NGO, JEN (Japan Emergency Network).

Buy Alfie Goodrich’s image from only $455 USD (42cm x 60cm mounted, ready to hang artwork )

Free shipping word wide.
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Final shot of the day with Cynthia

It was blowing a gale and not exactly what you'd call 'warm'. But, with our model in the mood and Shinyong holding the softbox down we set about getting the finale shot on last week's shoot.

Wanted this shot for a while. Shinyong has a great rooftop to her flat. One shouldn't really be up there but as long as we're safe, the building management people don't seem to mind.


Nikon D800E
Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 AF-S
Alien Bee Ringflash inside a 1mx60cm softbox at camera left
Part of the main shot used for the left facing page in this layout.

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...and it is a proof, yes.
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Alfie Goodrich

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Cynthia by the station: Tokyo

This is one of those spots in Tokyo that I go past often and think about what I could do with it. 

I've taken a few shots here, of strangers. This is the first time I got a model in the same spot. +Cynthia Popper worked the place perfectly.

I love the way the light comes down from between the railway tracks. And I love the shape of the opening to the sky.

All the lines here really work.

Cynthia and I had come from Shimbashi on the train and were walking back to Shinyong's place, to do a change of clothes and the last shot of the day.

Glad we cracked off a few shots here. Very much worth it.

Nikon D800E
Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai

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Thanks, +Ken Werner :-)
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Looking towards Shinjuku: Shibuya Hikarie Building, Tokyo

I love the Hikarie Building and one of the main reasons is that the light around sunset is always so wonderful.

Plus you have a couple or three amazing windows on the 11th Floor 'Sky Lobby' which are great to shoot people against.

Took this yesterday. Earlier it had rained heavily. The skies cleared and the light was wonderful.

Nikon D800E
Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai @ f/11
In-camera black and white
Little bit of tonal contrast work in Nik Color Efex Pro 4

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My son taking in the view at Shibuya Hikarie Building

This building hasn't been open for so long and it never fails to deliver. I usually always head here if I'm in the area around sunset.

With today's weather - rain and high winds earlier - there were great skies once the worst had passed.

Joe had never been inside before.

Shot this on the iPhone 5C.

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I'm in Tokyo, on a short-term assignment for 3 months. Perhaps once I get a long-term project, I will update the location info :-)
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Cup Ramen Shooting, Volume 2: Shinyong Under the Railway Tracks

What is cup ramen shooting Well, it was a phrase that +Shinyong Lee first mentioned after we'd done a shoot recently which had been so quick. Cup-ramen, or instant noodles in Japan, takes between 3 and 5 minutes to make once you have added boiling water. The last two shoots Shinyong and I have done have been so quick.. so the instant noodle analogy has sort of stuck.

Today's shoot was done to send to Japanese fashion designer, Junko Koshino. Koshino-sensei is soon making a dress especially for Shinyong. The jacket in this shot is a Koshino design. We just wanted to make a shot for Koshino-sensei, with a piece of her clothing and to introduce my photography to her. 

The accent of the shot was to be red: red lips, red nails. The red flash was my idea.

Gear etc on this shot?

Nikon D800E
Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8 ED IF
Nikon SB800 flash fitted with a red lens filter [I couldn't find my red gels today, so I just taped a deep-red camera filter over the flash]. The SB800 fired with CN603 trigger and placed about 10m behind the model to give a red accent to the arch. Fired at 1/8th power and 50mm zoom.
Yongnuo560 flash fired to light Shinyong, at 70% power and 50mm zoom.

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Muchas gracias, +lupe robles :-)
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Alfie Goodrich

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Gratuitous bag shot:Osaka

Heading off to the client in a minute for a day of shooting architecture, interiors, panoramas and coming up with something funky of their new building in Osaka.

Heavy bag. But a happy bag..... :-)
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and i too
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Cynthia Popper: one from last week's shoot

Just a quick edit of one of the shots that +Cynthia Popper and I shot last week.

This one was shot on the train between Shimbashi and Hammamatsucho. We'd done a few shots at the station, including one cut that I have had in my head for years: shooting a model on the platform with the city behind her.

Nice shoot. Lovely lady. Will be posting more of the shots soon... but this is turning into a busy week; shooting in Tokyo today and have two days of shooting in Osaka from tomorrow.

Gear etc?
Nikon D800E
Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai

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