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The six minute fashion shoot: Shinyong in kimono, Nihonbashi, Tokyo

I've been shooting a fair bit in the Nihonbashi district of Tokyo recently, mainly for a feature on the area for Cathay Pacific Airlines' inflight magazine. It's given me a little more insight into the area and a chance to hang there more, which is nice because it's a nice area of the city.

This morning I had chance to do a quick shoot with +Shinyong Lee as she is promoting a kimono brand.

She was late [it always takes longer to et ready in kimono than you think it will] and I was waiting at the location. By the time she arrived, the bridge was busy with locals and tourists. Shinyong had to be somewhere else pretty quickly afterwards too, so we had a very short time to shoot.

These shots were lit with two small speedlights inside a 1m x 60cms softbox and triggered by radio. 

I had our make-up guy hold the light, which was mounted on a monopod, so he could boom it into her a little bit from above.

Checking the shots afterwards on the camera, I saw that the first was 10.57 and the last 11.03am: six minutes from start to finish.

I shot three angles, one from across the road with a 200mm and a couple from more close-up with an old 36-72mm Nikkor E series lens.

Nikon D800E
Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8
Nikkor 36-72mm E
Post-pro in Photoshop with Nik Analog Efex Pro2.
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Alfie Goodrich

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Shooting Tokyo Fashion Week, 2015, for Getty Images

Spent three days of last week shooting the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Tokyo, for Getty Images Japan. 

I work as a stringer for Getty here in Japan, shooting mostly corporate and entertainment assignments. 

Fashion week was good fun. Met some nice people.

I was mainly shooting 'street style', taking pics of the visitors to the show.

There's a load of the shots, online at Getty, here:
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Agreed, +Drew Northup
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Alfie Goodrich

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Photography tours in Tokyo, Japan

One of the things I do here in Tokyo is to offer photography tours, photography walks and lessons to visitors from overseas.

It's something I love doing and combines the best of a few things for me: meeting new people, showing people my city, helping people learn more about shooting and getting the best from their camera whilst travelling.

Typically I also try to make a magazine for them, from the photos we shoot on the walk.

Part of what people also learn whilst they are with me is the mindset of the professional photographer, how to get the best shots in the least time, how to pre-visualize and how to make the best of your equipment.

Plus, you also get to tap into my knowledge of the city. I've been living here 8 years, first came here 15 years ago, speak Japanese and have explored a very large chunk of Tokyo.

You can see one magazine here and read a little more about tje walks and tours. The photo heading up this link is not mine but was taken by a lady who recently did a tour with me.
Guided Photographic Walks & Tours in Tokyo, Japan: Tokyo-based professional photographer & photography teacher, Alfie Goodrich, as your guide.
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Well done Alfie Sir. :-)
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Four days of being the official photographer for the Duke of Cambridge's visit to Japan

It's been an amazing experience, the past four days. Some time soon I will write up an article about the whole four days and show you some photos. I'll need to clear that article with the British Embassy and Royal Household first.

But, for now, here's a frame from one piece of the Japanese TV coverage... in which I was spotted.

The whole four days is something I will never forget. Met some great people, saw up-close how the corps of royal news photographers work, had some extraordinary experiences.... top of which, in many ways, was being in the motorcade, heading to Tokyo station to get the bullet train: police escort, screaming through Tokyo traffic, sirens blaring etc etc. Getting the train in Tokyo will never be the same again! :-)

#alfiegoodrichblog   #dukeofcambridge   #japan  
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Well done!!!!!!!
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Aerial photography in Tokyo: Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Bay & Rainbow Bridge

This was shot towards the end of December, when +Ben Torode was good enough to offer me the spare seat in the R44 chopper he rented for an aerial photo session.

Perfect weather, a great sunset with Mount Fuji visible behind the city..... all in all a very satisfying 30mins of shooting.

Always fun to get up in a helicopter. Not just for the photos but for the unique insight it gives one of the topography, layout and sprawl of this massive city.

This frame was shot about halfway through the trip and after I had stopped shooting with the Hasselblad H4D-40. My Hassie has a CCD sensor, which is awesome for colour but it isn't great at high ISO.

Nikon D800E
Nikkor 36-72mm E series, manual-focus lens

#japan   #tokyo   #aerialphotography   #tokyotower   #nikon   #alfiegoodrichblog  
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nice look
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Warming light at the end of a cold day: Mari Hirao in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo

We'd been out shooting for a few hours and Mari was getting cold. Very cold. She's a brave soul and won't complain, so I have to make sure I don't push too far. Despite regular breaks to put a warm coat over her, she was shivering by the time we did this last cut in the park.

Very pleased how this came out. Unlike most of my files out of the Hasselblad H4D-40 - which I hardly ever process at all in Photoshop - this one has had a little work on it; just five minutes or less, mind you. I always try to keep my post-pro to under 10mins per picture.

This looked great with a little work on the light, the addition of a light-leak effect in Photoshop using Nik Analog Efex Pro2. Just to accentuate the backlight and make it feel a lot warmer than it was at the location.

Thanks for hanging in there, Mari. Great pose, perfect expression.

Hasselblad H4D-40
HC 100mm f/2/2
1 x Paul C Buff 'Einstein' light behind the tree
Photoshop, Nik filters

#tokyo   #japan   #hasselblad   #nik   #googlenikcollection   #fashion   #alfiegoodrichblog  
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The other one is good, but I really like the way this just glows.
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Street photography in Tokyo with Hasselblad H4D-40: Shibuya evening

I stepped out on Friday between shows at the fashion week, to have a little wander around outside the Hikarie building. 

The sunset had been amazing. The light in the background was still stunning. I stood by the zebra-crossing by Hikarie for a bit and shot the people coming towards to me.

Hasselblad H4D-40
HC100mm f/2.2
I metered with the prism finder on, then removed it and shot waist-level, viewing off of the ground-glass. Focus was manual.

#alfiegoodrichblog   #tokyo   #japan   #streetphotography   #hasselblad  
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Street photography is good work 
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Stormy skies, weird light: late afternoon urban landscape in Omori, Tokyo

I was thinking when I shot this yesterday that there was an odd, orange, sandy, dirty feeling to the light. This morning I went outside to use the bicycle to take our youngest son to school and on every surface was a dusty residue. Must have been another one of those Chinese sand imports. We've had a few in past years. It's a common thing, to get clouds of sand and PM2.5 particulate air from China. Normally the clouds don't reach so far up as Tokyo. A few times in the past few years, I have seen significant clouds. There wasn't so much of a significant 'cloud' yesterday but the light had a weird, sandy, yellow tinge to it. 

Seems that since the end of February, there have been more incidences of such clouds:

Certainly always makes for a dramatic sky.

Nikon D700
Ektachrome *P picture control made by me and downloadable from my Japanorama website, here:

14mm f/2.8 lens
1600 ISO

#alfiegoodrichblog   #japan   #tokyo  
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Alfie Goodrich

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Street photography in the rain, in Japan

After a very busy two weeks of shooting for clients, last night I got out and spent some time shooting for myself. It's important to do this, to keep myself feeling creative and refreshed.

This shot was made with the Nikon D700 and Nikkor 50mm f/1.2Ai, using a custom Nikon Picture Control that I made, which sort of emulates Kodak Ektachrome when it's been pushed a couple of stops.

You can see a load more shots in the article at the link below, plus the Picture Control is there for you to download.

Nikon D700
Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai @ f/1.2
Custom Picture Control
This shot straight from the camera, apart from re-sizing.
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I don't miss film.
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The Blossom is Starting: in my local park with the Hasselblad 120mm Macro Lens

Blossom time is on its way again here in Tokyo and I spent a little time in my local park, Shinagawa Kumin Koen, to do some flower shootingthe other day.

I haven't really had time to do any pictures like this recently but I wanted to try out the Hasselblad HC 120mm f/4 macro lens on my H4D as I had heard so many things about it. 

The lens is heavy. It's a massive lump of glass and the helicoid on the focus barrel is super long, allowing for very close focusing.

Hand-holding this thing is tough. Almost as much weight as the HC 300mm lens I have shot with a few times. 

Weight for macro can be a good thing, up to a point. Weight means stability but I was pushing my [fairly good] skills to keep this baby still.

But, all the shots I made the other morning were hand-held. I find tripods and even monopods a hassle when shooting macro outdoors: too many limitations, too much time to get the lens to exactly the right spot. Hand-held is easier.

Great momo [peach] blossom and early sakura [hayazaki-zakura]. 

This one is momo.

My lens was about 2cm away from the flowers for this shot.

Hasselblad H4D-40
HC 120mm f/4 Macro
Straight out of camera for colour and processing. Just re-sized in Photoshop, with watermark added.

#tokyo   #japan   #blossom   #nature   #macro   #hasselblad   #alfiegoodrichblog  
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Most beautiful 
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Looking towards Shiodome from Andaz, Tokyo

Great view from the 52F bar at Andaz Tokyo in Toranomon Hills.

This is looking towards Shiodome and the Kyodo News building..

Shot this the other night, after having a meeting there.

Hasselblad H4D-40
HC 100mm f/2.2

#japan   #tokyo   #alfiegoodrichblog   #hasselblad  
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It's so beautiful!
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Photographer in Tokyo, Japan | Photography teacher in Japan
Freelance photographer and photography teacher in Tokyo, Japan.

Been shooting pics since the age of 7. It's been part of my career since age 21, through the 10 or so years I was in the music business and the five years I ran my own design and marketing company. Went full-time with photography and teaching photography when we moved permanently to Japan, in 2007.

I run weekly photography workshops, photowalks and private photography lessons, which were recently featured in Travel & Leisure magazine.

Have shot as a freelancer for Ferrari, Porsche, South China Morning Post, QMagazine, BBC, TIME, The Wall Street Journal and Lexus - to name a few.

Live in Omori, Tokyo with my lovely wife and our three children. 

Enjoy reading, was a chef once [a long time ago] and still love cooking. Love the sea, the mountains, sitting in a Japanese hot-spring bath, playing in the park with the kids...
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