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Wire, Wire Mesh, Welded Wire Mesh, Fiberglass Mesh, Wire Mesh Machine
Wire, Wire Mesh, Welded Wire Mesh, Fiberglass Mesh, Wire Mesh Machine


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Micron wire netting is a stainless steel weave mesh used to filter liquids, gases, and pulp.

Micron wire netting weave: plain, plain in the Netherlands, twill weave, lotus twill weave.
Micron wire netting material: SUS 304, 304 L 316, 316 L

Micron wire netting features: Openings can be square, regular or special open. Typically, the screen has standard hole sizes, open holes, good breathability, high strength. Raw materials should be selected according to different environments and uses.

Micron wire netting is used in petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, food, medicine, fertilizer, paper, airspace and other industries.

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Stainless wire netting
Material: SUS 304 N, 304 HPS, 316 L
Weave: Plain weave

Stainless wire netting is especially suitable for screen printing compared to the usual polyester screen, especially SUS304N screen printing screen with high tension, ultrahigh precision, low elongation, high flexibility, non static and resistant to dissolution etc.

Stainless wire netting imported from Japan, SUS 304 N wire, stainless steel wire has greater strength and elongation than ordinary stainless steel, ensures average thickness, ink permeability, flexibility and other requirements.

Stainless wire netting is widely used in electronics, textiles, ceramics, glass and other industrial plates and aerospace, aerospace, petrochemical and other industrial filtration.

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Stainless steel wire netting material: 304 304 L 316 316 L
Stainless steel wire netting weaving patterns include simple integration and twill weave.
Stainless steel wire netting: acid, alkali, heat, durability

Using of stainless steel wire netting: under acid-base conditions for filtration. Oil slurry network, chemical and chemical dietary fiber industry screen, acid pickling nylon's top business.
Roll width: 36 ", 40", 48 ", 60"
Roll length: 25 Ft, 50 Ft, 100 Ft

Plain or twill stainless steel wire netting with ANSI 304 ANSI 316 and other stainless steel 300 and 400 series.

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Type of SS mesh grid based on material:
304 stainless steel square cable network
Stainless steel square network 304L
316 stainless steel square mesh
Classification of square steel wire 316 L

SS mesh grid products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, atmospheric protection, mining, airspace, paper, electronics, metallurgy and other industries. Unique size and specifications can be used according to customer's request.

Standard roll width associated with SS mesh grid: 1 m to 48 inch
SS mesh grid normal roll length: 30 meters and 100 "

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Safety palisade fencing product specifications
Type: "W" or "D" section
Light: 68 mm (width after completion) * 2 mm (thickness) * 2.45 m (height)
Rail (angle iron): 50 mm * 50 mm * 5 mm * 2.75 m
RSJ Post: 100 * 55 * 5 mm or square mail for your choice
Surface treatment: hot-dip galvanizing, galvanizing, PVC coating, antirust paint

Safety palisade fencing application
Safety inspection of anti-climbing protection of bridge;
Safety fence at substation;
Safety fence in psychiatric hospital;
Factory machine guard
Sidewalk safety fence;
Airport security fence;
358 barbed wire fence door;
Security fence of shipping mouth;
Electric substation fence;
Water treatment project;
Gas safety window girl
Rail safety fence and other commercial / industrial safety fences

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Security steel palisade fencing is available in height range. Steel fences are particularly popular in schools and industrial sites because of their high damage and durability.

Security steel palisade fencing usually produces three thin "W" profiles, "D" profiles, angle irons. 'W' profile 2.0 mm 2.5 mm 3.0 mm
'D' configuration file

Security steel palisade fencing feature
Stronger than traditional steel grid system
Better defense against invaders and destroyers
Optional range for adapting to all conditions of adaptive system
Light weight reduces labor and transportation costs
Low Maintenance

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Introduction of the stainless wire mesh:
With twenty-five seasons of capacity in the company of close relatives and improvement of the shift experience, we decided LONG-TERM CORPORATION WITH YOU!

Main stainless wire mesh information
1). SS Nederlander Integrate narrow fabric (plain weave / twill) Filter elegance from 3 microns to 300 microns, mesh from 8X60 to 400x2800.
2). SS Reverse Nederlander Integrate narrow mesh (twill weave), mesh from 72x15 to 260x40, width from 8cm to 130cm.
3). SS Reverse Nederlander Integrate a narrow fabric strap (woven twill), 45x15 mesh to 360x40. Width from 8 cm to 130 cm.
4). Capable stainless steel, 1--270 mesh (plain weave), 200--635 (twill weave).

Stainless wire mesh material: SUS302 and 304 and 304L and 316 and 316L stainless steel wire.

Features of stainless wire mesh: actions against acid, alkali resistance, wear resistance and wear resistance.
Uses of stainless wire mesh: in my own oil industry, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and program production.

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Crimped 304 stainless steel wire mesh is made of metal cable, black metal cable, has the characteristics of the structure and is beautiful, resistant and resistant. The weaving feature capable of wire curling wire is laminar before weaving, two-way trend bending, locked bending, ceiling insulation bending, bidirectional bending, unidirectional trend bending. Pressed wire cable capable of being used in exploration, coal, development, petroleum industry, development equipment, etc.

Crimped 304 stainless steel wire mesh material
1.stainless steel wire (301,302,304,304L, 316,316L, 321)
2.electro and hot dipped inspired cable
3. copper wire
4.nickel wire
5.low carbon steel wire (iron wire)
6. titanium wire

Application of crimped 304 stainless steel wire mesh
Widely used in exploration, oil, substance, development, protective net, packaging network, barbecue net, vibration screen, food equipment with networks, wall network classification, ect. Some inspired pressed steel cables and pressed stainless steel cable are for roasting food and flour meats.

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Micron stainless wire mesh is affiliated with the stainless steel wire that can be used in the gas and pulp filtration fluid. The beginning can be rectangular, rectangular or exclusive in the form of a rectangle. Normally, this type of cable can have traditional start measures, efficient start, good drip in resilience and suitability. The raw elements must be selected according to different program environments.

Feature of micron stainless wire mesh
Excellent straightness
Excellent capacity to form coils
Strong resistance to destruction
High versatility and ideal fatigue resistance

Application of micron stainless wire mesh
Wire Able Used for search places, oil, items, meals, medicines, creation of programs, analysis of good health care, airplanes, stainless steel, etc.

Standard specifications of micron stainless wire mesh
• 48x10 capable RPD 400 microns profitable
• Profitable microphone TRD 250 of 72x15
• Profitable TRD 200 Microphone 132x17
• Profitable microphone TRD 115 of 152x30
• Profitable microphone TRD 75 of 260x40

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The plain woven stainless steel wire mesh offers excellent resistance to acids, alkaline resistance and heat resistance. Also high tensile strength and good antioxidant property.

The plain woven stainless steel wire mesh is packaged in rolls, wrapped with waterproof paper and then covered with burlap cloth. Special packing can be arranged if necessary.

The plain woven stainless steel wire mesh is mainly used as filtering and sieving material in the oil industry, chemical industry, electronics, grain, rubber and other industries.

Characteristics of the plain woven stainless steel wire mesh
1) Square hole, warp wire and weft wire are the same size.
2) Accurate mesh size, high flow rate.
3) Efficient screening, good stability, high opening rate, low pressure loss.
4) Flat surface, wear-resistant, good air permeability, firm in structure, easy to clean.

The plain woven stainless steel wire mesh is widely used in petrochemical, chemical fiber, rubber, metallurgy, medicine, food industry, etc.
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