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How the Warriors are killing the NBA
This is my first post of the year. For the first time in 10 years, I did not make any playoffs predictions; for the first time in 10 years, I watched only one season game (just one!).  Reasons are simple:  - the Dubs cracked the game's most efficient loopho...

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un peu de créativité en vidéo avec son smartphone, une formation YouTube à la clé !

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+Jean-Philippe Bécane +Ben Marcilhacy
Mes prono pour l'euro : l'Allemagne bat l'Italie.

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Fellow basketball fans / chers amis fans de basket,


20 years ago I won a trip to San Antonio (I was 12 on that picture). Every year since, I promise myself I'll go to Texas to support my +San Antonio Spurs during the playoffs. Every year I find excuses not to do so. Years go by, I'm now 33 and getting old... but so is Tony Parker, so this is the year it has to happen: IF YOU DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY KNOW FOLKS WHO WORK AT THE NBA or SPURS ORGANIZATION, or FOLKS SELLING SEASON TICKETS, maybe you can help me get tickets for the Conference finals against the Warriors. I already booked my flight to San Antonio from May 19th to 24th.
I posted on my blog the story of how my "fandom" began in 1996 at the all-star game, with all the great memories. Because being a fan of the San Antonio Spurs should not be just about the delight of watching how the game should be played, it should also be about sending and sharing good vibes in the heat of money games, right there with the team.

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Help me come back to San Antonio
I t was late January 1996, I was only 12 and won a trip to the NBA all-star game in San Antonio, for what became and remained a founding moment of my basketball fandom and one of my happiest childhood memories. After my trip to San Antonio, I always promise...

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Best sports game of the year. No less.

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My 2015 NBA playoffs predictions: Warriors beat Cavs... or Spurs beat Bulls ?
Yes, better late than never, this time of the year has come. This year I could not come up with an easy prediction. I predicted 7 out of the last 8 NBA champions on this blog before the playoffs, and it was always rather easy (2008: Celtics, 2009: Lakers, 2...

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+Patrick Heneghan +Raphaelle Thibaut +Ben Marcilhacy et autres amateurs de B.O. : le splendide remix de la scène finale de La French.
(bizarrement pas dispo sur spotify)

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+Chloé Broughton +Ben Marcilhacy petit hommage au polyvalent Pierre Niney.
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