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And now, as you're listening to the sound of my voice... 
All of these images were computer generated!

For the last few weeks, Googlers have been obsessed with an internal visualization tool that Alexander Mordvintsev in our Zurich office created to help us visually understand some of the things happening inside our deep neural networks for computer vision.  The tool essentially starts with an image, runs the model forwards and backwards, and then makes adjustments to the starting image in weird and magnificent ways.  

In the same way that when you are staring at clouds, and you can convince yourself that some part of the cloud looks like a head, maybe with some ears, and then your mind starts to reinforce that opinion, by seeing even more parts that fit that story ("wow, now I even see arms and a leg!"), the optimization process works in a similar manner, reinforcing what it thinks it is seeing.  Since the model is very deep, we can tap into it at various levels and get all kinds of remarkable effects.

Alexander, +Christopher Olah, and Mike Tyka wrote up a very nice blog post describing how this works:

There's also a bigger album of more of these pictures linked from the blog post:

I just picked a few of my favorites here.
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Alexis Vuillemin

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Can't resist from posting again my comment...

This is really encouraging news for Bitcoin.

If this is the best argument a professor of Finance can come up with against Bitcoin, that's really good news for Satoshi Nakamoto's invention.

As Chris Mountford correctly pointed out in his blog, Professor Dowd seems indeed to totally miss the point that a pool owner is nothing much without its participants.
And it turns out that it is also in the interest of the participants to swap to a new pool if the previous pool was likely to threaten the value of Bitcoin (through risk of double spending attack or an attempt at pushing an ill-intentioned protocol change).

If a citizen is not happy with the behavior of a central bank, there is not much he or she can do. But with bitcoin, a participant has a say: changing pool!

And if I remember correctly this has indeed happened in the past.

In the whole history of the human kind, this is to my knowledge the first time ever that an authority (here we are talking about the authority of acknowledging  which transaction took place) is not being centralized, but instead DISTRIBUTED among all of us, the participants, through the magic of mathematics.

This is such a quantum leap change of paradigm, that I can understand it might take a while before the full depth of it makes it to the academic circles.
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Alexis Vuillemin

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Sharing these notes on the first Sydney Ethereum Meetup, where I was demoing the classic meta-coin example:

Hope these can be of some value for anyone about to give it a go.
Not sure how long it will take before the content of this post becomes obsolete, but this is the code I have been using last week (28th Aug 2014) for my demonstration of Ethereum (PoC5). My demo was mainly a refreshed adapt...
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God, I love their garlic home-made sauce. Genuinely cooked, you can see them preparing them on the charcoal. And thumbs for Simon, always willing to accommodate and customise people preferences !
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Really high quality service. Wissam is truly a very talented hairdresser. Now I understand why people come all the way from Glebe!
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The best ever experience I could go through at learning all together Salsa, Bachata and Zouk in one go! What can I say, they made me fall in love with Zouk, now I'm addicted, grr... :) I guess part of the recipe is their music selection: truly, it's awesome. Very very good picks! Last but not least, we can all go social dancing just after the classes in the neighbor pub (Roxbury Hotel). And guess who's the DJ there: yep, our favorite Go Dance staff, yeah!!
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