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Becoming a Data Scientist
Becoming a Data Scientist

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This is the second update of the Add1Challenge #20 (A1C20).

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A project worth funding: #macunx VR – Memory Palaces in Virtual Reality. I use the Macunx and trust the project.

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#Novaconso - #réinventer ensemble la #consommation - Un projet intéressant qui mérite bien quelques minutes...

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Hi there !

I took part in several editions of the #Add1Challenge, and wish to share a good practice : keep a log or a diary of your progress.

During the challenge, it will give you some time to reflect on your study routine and adjust it if needed.

After the challenge, it will bring back the memories, convey the experience of these three months.

In the video, I briefly discuss two methods : the spreadsheet and the #mindmap. Needless to say, there are other ways to keep a log.

Good luck ! :-)

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L'Université de Namur a organisé le 8 octobre 2015 une conférence sur la machine Burroughs Série M (Moon Hopkins). C'est sur une machine de ce type que Georges Lemaître a travaillé lorsqu'il mettait au point la théorie du Big Bang.

Cette carte représente mes notes de la conférence.

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Google double votre don en faveur de quatre organisations qui portent secours aux migrants.

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现在开始A1C8第三个更新 !

我先手恐怕录音最后的录音。 突然有交换语言朋友上Skype问我好。我决定把机会别错过 ! A1C的规定给她被说明以后,我们就用中文聊天。


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Here is #A1C8's second update (day 60) !

In this update, I introduce a TV series (匆匆那年 / Back in Time), which I started to watch during the second month. It's about a romance between high school students.

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To make #progress in any #language,@italki is one of the best tools I know and use !
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