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Hey Seattle people!The big Asian Studies conference is being held in Seattle this year, and that means that I and a bunch of other grad students are going to be arriving in Seattle at the end of March. And, being grad students, we're all pretty broke. Do any of you who live a reasonable bus ride away from the Convention Center have spare rooms or couches that could be offered to a grad student in need for a few days?

Book recommendation request!

I did this a couple years ago, and it worked out very well. I am looking for novels that:
1. Have a female protagonist. If there are multiple protagonists, then 51% or more of the narration should be focused on the female protagonists.
2. No rape as a plot device
3. No ridiculous amounts gore or extensively detailed violence
4. Queer content is a bonus.
5. I like SF and fantasy, but I will happily read any genre.

Last time I did this, I got Embassytown recommended  by +Matt Weber, Tanya Huff's Valor books recommended by +Anna Kreider, and The Orphans Tales recommended by +Chris Chinn. Embassytown was really interesting, and I would have re-read it except that someone borrowed my copy and never gave it back and I haven't replaced it yet. I didn't get around to reading the Valor books until last year, but when I did I devoured them all in a week-- very fun space marine adventures. As much as I enjoyed the other two, The Orphans Tales was my favorite of the three-- I re-read it almost immediately after I finished it, and it's now one of my favorite books.

So given how successful the last one was, I figure this is worth another round. Please suggest away!  

I am bored and sick, so I will join the "ask me anything" club. But with two changes: 
1. I will give the first answer that pops in my head, not one I've thought through.
2. if you ask me a factual question and I don't know the answer, I will make something up. 
(also please don't ask anything racist)

Hey G+ people, I need some tablet advice. 

The sheer quantity of PDFs I m going to be reading over the next year has convinced me that I should shell out for a tablet of my own. But the world of tablets is strange and confusing to me, and I don't want to make a huge purchase before asking around for advice. Does anyone have suggestions, warnings, or general advice to give? 

I will be using mostly as a way to carry around over 10k pages of reference material, mostly PDFs of scanned books and manuscripts, but there are also some books I'll be reading on it, both English-language stuff I'll be skimming quickly, and very old Chinese books I'll be slowly working through.

I need it to:
-Be able to load PDFs (even kind of large ones) and turn pages fairly quickly
-have 7 hours or so of battery life
-cost $500 or less (cheaper the better, obviously)

and it would be great to have:
-A screen that doesn't make my eyes miserable
-A decent note-taking app would be nice

I don't really care about OS-- there are advantages to each of the three major ones. If Windows, I would rather it be actual Windows, not app-store Windows. 

Any advice?

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I made eclairs! And then I realized that eating seven eclairs by myself was probably not the wisest course of action, so I took a bunch of them downstairs to my landlady. 
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Hey, can anyone recommend some good podcasts by women, preferably involving history, international relations, or East Asia? +Jonathan Reiter ?

Boston People, or people who know Boston People (+Isabel Kunkle , +Jessica Hammer , +Dev Purkayastha , others)

My friend Bing and I are going to be taking Manchu at Harvard from June 15th-July 21st, and we need a roof over our heads. Does anyone have or know someone with a spare room or two? We are happy to pay rent, utilities, food costs (and cooking) if you want to do shared meals, etc. If you can only offer for part of the time, or only for one of us, that's fine, too. Any help would be appreciated!

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If I were Citibank, I would not be trumpeting my long history of imperialism. That this is a viable ad strategy makes me embarrassed to be an American.

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Another picture of the communism wedding cake I made for Jon and Karen's wedding. Red velvet, as red as the blood of the workers!
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