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Challenge: How do we make non-geeks care?
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I know, too many cells as trackers, the govt gives phones away to the poor. Even now as I as posting, we all are being watched.
It has to do with information. 'geeks' are the type to find & choose the information they take...most people are not choosing, the information is given to them = tv, magazines, etc (for the most part). In fact, I would bet that people, are generally ok with information given to them rather than thinking and finding their own.

how do we make non-geeks care? developing tools that will provide information they or a community care about. empower the 'new citizen journalist' with the tools & web communities.
I see, and understand as well, I am a non profit street ministry, so even though a self taught by God's will, computer person, I try so hard on facebook to get help, and most of them are in their own world and have no clue what is happening around them. All I try to do is help others with what I have.
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