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There was such a great response to How I Made the Hipmunk that I figured I'd dig up How I Made the Logo.

Remember, this was from back in April 2005 using PaintshopPro5 (cracked). I wasn't a very experienced artist back then. Be gentle.

(miss the hipmunk post?)
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Good thing you skipped the "red" metaphor. It just didn't ad anything to the end result, which is brilliantly simple and friendly.
+Guillermo Espinosa Right? I also really was considering calling it reditt (I'd registered both and at the same time). Orangered (#FF4500) ftw! No idea how I ended up choosing that one... I think I just liked it with the blues of the site (maybe a subtle UVA thing? Hehe)
I like how the character's antenna was pointing to its right on all your sketches, but the final one miraculously points to the left.
+Lou Stoilas I'd always wanted the antenna to point toward the brandname. It was just a matter of time until I realized the alien should be on the left so it's the first thing someone would see on the page.
Good call on making the switch +Alexis Ohanian. It makes a huge difference and it is so appreciated by anyone familiar with design.
+Alexis Ohanian Awesome Alexis, you said you'd post this and you did, good times! I'm glad you chose to remove the red color in the end, it's a bit distracting and the final product is definitely the best one. Did you know when creating the logo that the color scheme of the site would be blue and white or did that come later?
Thanks for the history lesson, it's really cool to see how it all came together. I added you to a post I just made about the link to "snew" . reddit is a much better name :)
Always fascinating to see how things change. I remember being extremely fascinated in how World of Warcraft for example changed as it went through early design phases.
+Jeff Sandberg I dug a bit deeper in my gmail history and found um. Just gotta sling them together and post tomorrow.
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