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My criticism of Facebook for supporting #CISPA made it into +Washington Post yesterday and got picked up in a number of other sources (along with hitting #1 on /r/technology and high up on Hacker News).

What's next, Internet?
Mark Zuckerberg reportedly wears a hoodies as the company pitches its stock to investors.
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I think that you are just saving some naive people from losing their shirt. Yes it sucks that Facebook supports CISPA, but what should really matter is whether or not Facebook can continue to convince its users to freely hand over their information. As someone who used Facebook ads, I can tell you that I will never use them again, it was the biggest waste of money my company has ever made. Yes, Facebook has billions of users, but how much of the information that they provide is fake, and more importantly, how many of the now "open" millennials will continue to give over their real information freely before they become old enough to realize that privacy does matter. All it takes is one time to lose a job offer because of something on Facebook and the open kids of this generation will quickly lock down their personal information.
Keep up the pressure Alexis - you're one of the few people that's fighting for us and we all appreciate it
Yes, we should all support people like Alexis as much as possible. It is our only hope of pulling out of the stone age.
Not sure which I agree with more, Alexis or anti-Facebook
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