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Join me! I'm writing sympathy cards to my Senators mourning the death of the Internet because they supported Protect IP.


Check your Senator:
If he/she's against PIPA, it still wouldn't hurt to let him/her know that we'd be mourning the death of the Internet if he/she doesn't convince enough of his/her fellow Senators.
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Love it!

I believe that we're at a turning point in our nation's (and our world's) history when the people elected to represent their constituents start to realize that they absolutely must represent their constituents and not their own person preferences of the preferences of companies or organizations with deep pockets.

This is wonderful!
Great Video,, thx for doing it.
I submitted it to digg. lol.
Thank you for doing this. Honestly, we the internet appreciate your efforts.
Hey +Alexis Ohanian, thanks for your leadership on this. We built a Stop #PIPA bar for sites to add to show their opposition if they can't go dark like Reddit. Would love for you to check it out:
Good idea except for the part where you need an account to send the letter. Sorry way to gather mailing lists, if I'd have know you were going to insist on an account you can do it yourself.
Occupy the House!
Doesn't anyone speak of this as a violation of our First Amendment Rights?
Does it really matter for one or two--it has to effect their entire 'majority' constituent group!
+Alexis Ohanian awesome! Thanks so much. Thanks to you and +Radiohead and others, more than 1.2 million people saw those Stop PIPA bars last week.

We're working on updating the page, and are now trying to figure out how we can help other causes add these bars to their advocacy efforts so they can quickly deploy these to their users who have blogs, etc.

It was certainly an eye opener. Any way, thanks again and thanks for your leadership on this issue!
Now can you stop ACTA please?
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