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+businessweek asked me to break down How to Build a Web Following based on all the lessons I've learned from creating & building brands like +reddit, +Breadpig, and +Hipmunk. What do you think of the video? (Shot in the marvelous Brooklyn Heights - 100 bonus points if you can guess where)

And if you prefer text - here's the article from this week's Businessweek!
April 12 (Bloomberg) -- Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian gives advice on easy steps toward growing your web and social media footprint.
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Great tips. Simple, concise and straight to the point. When you say care for step 3, do you mean care for your particular audience or care about everyone that you want to come to your website?
Willowtown, Columbia Place by the dog run and Iris Cafe?

excellent coffee and ploughman's sandwich BTW

and the GA vid is inspiring - must watch for Web startup people
Daniel - the one that really bothers me is "podcast" -- can't think of less appetizing name.

Alexis - sweet video. Now I just have to figure out what people want.
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