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Alexis Ohanian

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Hope you saw my friend Serj Tankian's AMA on r/Europe about this. Here's the petition is:

It's going to take a lot more than a petition, but Armenia absolutely deserves better. 🇦🇲

To my brothers & sisters in Yerevan -- we'll see you next year for parliamentary elections!

We, as Armenians, residing in Armenia and throughout the diaspora, are collectively committed to immediate change and justice in Armenia. In the wake of yearly protests and recent upheavals during the spring and summer of 2016 that resulted in gross violations of human and civic rights, We say ...
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I agree ..I Have many Armenian friends. . And I remember all the history of the past genocide. . it's time these deplorable things change. .. 
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Alexis Ohanian

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We did it, Reddit.

OK, but if you'd like to learn about the atrocities that are actually happening in NK right now, watch this AMA with a North Korean refugee:
Joseph Kim is a man with an incredible story—a story that spans around the globe. With the help of the Liberty in North Korea organization, Joseph has been able to escape North Korea at the age of 16, eventually s
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Alexis Ohanian

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More & more politicians are turning to Reddit to communicate with their constituents at the local level. When a politician is on, say, r/sanfrancisco, she's actually talking with San Franciscans -- supporters, detractors, and neutral -- in the digital townsquare. There's no where else to do this at scale. It's exciting to watch the future of politics.
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🏃Que que eres💑 lindo.🙌
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Alexis Ohanian

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So this happened today. Chip, you've found a new home at Concur and I think it'll be a great fit. Congrats to everyone back at Hipmunk!
Six years ago, I joined two weeks before launch day to help Adam and Steve take the agony out of travel search (and create the mascot of course).

This was no small feat by all the people who have worked tirelessly over the years to help our little rodent soar. Thank you.
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Alexis Ohanian

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Classic Reddit:
Redditor in r/WeddingPlanning community offers wedding dress to anybody who lost theirs in the Baton Rouge flooding in Louisiana, resulting in a thread of dress donors.
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Alexis Ohanian

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ana.ana.z Dbasn e snasnabnsbaanbwwnas.nbqsnansmn
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Alexis Ohanian

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Another one! Love the old-school pixel art, Ben. I grew up with this quote on the wall of my bedroom and now to see it tattooed on people is next level. ⬆️🕹♥️
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Alexis Ohanian

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Alexis Ohanian

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Redditor is having trouble getting matches on Tinder, so he changed his name from "Ahmad" to "Nick". Everything else was the same (the bio, pictures, age, height, etc.)

He went from 0 matches to 28. Reminds me of all those resume studies.
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Yade tade ade ade
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Alexis Ohanian

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Marketers spent a century trying to influence word of mouth through indirect means, now they can go right to the communities + discussions where opinions are being formed. They just have to come correctly: unlearn bad habits accumulated over a century and go back to just keeping it 💯. Turns out no one -- not just millennials -- likes BS.
A small mattress company (yes, a mattress company) generates over $60,000 monthly from this single organic post in the r/minimalism community. That's the power of authenticity at scale. That's the...
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Startup guy who wants to make the world suck less & doodles all his own logos.
Guten Tag! I'm a startup guy in Brooklyn who gave a TED talk about a whale. TechCrunch calls me "one of the more passionate and audacious young entrepreneurs in tech." Hide your kids - especially because I'm writing a book called Without Your Permission.

After graduating from UVA, I started with Steve Huffman. Founded Breadpig, which creates geeky things, sells them, and gives away all the profits -- over $190,000 so far; things like: xkcd: volume 0, AwesomeSauce, LOLMagnetz, WTFCNN?!, Save Yourself, Mammal!, and a fake Rock Band.

Helped launch hipmunk -- ran marketing, PR, and logo-doodling -- presently an advisor. Ambassador to the East for Y Combinator. Angel investor at Das Kapital Capital, LLC.

Once rendered in CGI on NMA.TV. Bloomberg TV contributor. And my favorite: Stephen Colbert once gave me a shoutout.

If you've ever told someone about any of my projects, I owe you a beer. (Thanks!)

And if you're interested in having me speak -- I do it to fund my hummus addiction -- please email my agent.
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