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Blazing My Own Trail
Blazing My Own Trail

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Balance is the key to everything. One day a hike, the next a museum. The William J Clinton Presidential Center & Park is so much more than a museum though. Oh sure it has the usual stuff — exhibits about his vision and accomplishments and displays…

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Hiking Pinnacle Mountain (or, a lesson in Time Management)
Location: Little Rock, Arkansas Target Attraction: Pinnacle Mountain On my way from the airport to the hotel I asked my Uber driver,”What’s the best tourist attraction in Little Rock?” He piped up right away, "Pinnacle Mountain! It's the highest peak in the...

Today is "March Forth and Do Something" Day. How will you spend your Saturday?

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A safe and happy Halloween to all!

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Tis the season for temptations. I need a plan, starting with these ten simple ways to keep my mind on what matters.

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'Tis the Season: HallowThanksmas
Sunday I celebrated a solstice of sorts. Twelve weeks until Christmas. The glorious season of HallowThanksmas is upon us.  In addition to the usual slurry of advertisements to over spend and over eat, this year we’ll participate in an important election. I’...

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From me to you! I hope you enjoy it! Available on Amazon now.

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Is Your Job Making You a Better Person?
Before becoming a full-time workamper I was focused on being the best corporate employee that I could be. Once I got on the ladder I climbed it as fast as I could. Within a few short years I doubled my income and received some pretty great perks for climbin...

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My Mantra: "simply living"
In my last post I spoke about "simply living". It's a phrase that resonates deep within me. However, it's just a couple of words to most people that see it in my writing or on my business card. The two words melded into a way of life for me in 2002 when my ...
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