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Alexis Gambis
filmmaker, freelance neuroscientist, artistic director of Imagine Science Films.
filmmaker, freelance neuroscientist, artistic director of Imagine Science Films.


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visceral, visual, and public collision of the human body and water

Video: HOLOSCENES / Bed / 2014 / 90 seconds
Conceived and Directed by Lars Jan.

Part of #ImagineScienceAbuDhabi & #ExperimentalRecords exhibit & #Watermark opening night film.

"HOLOSCENES is a suite of multi-format artworks that manifest states of drowning — both in water and the larger systems of our own devising — in order to directly connect the short-term, everyday behaviors of individuals to the long-term patterns driving global climate change. Holoscenes re-imagines historical antecedents of public spectacle and gathering, and simultaneously translates related streams of scientific investigation into a visual, visceral, and public address in urban communal space that challenges our personal and collective capacities for long-term thinking and empathy".

+New York University Abu Dhabi  

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Century-old stereographs are digitally collaged, making hybrid 3D scenes with stories

"To make the Stereocollision project, I remix old 3D photos known as stereographs.  I’m launching a new edition called “The Gilded Garden”: 12 stereographic cards with letterpressed stories, digitally blending scenes from the vast archives of the California Museum of Photography.  In discrete 3D spaces, these cards reveal a time and place where cause and effect occur in strange unison.  The adventure and bounty of the 2nd Industrial Revolution collide with forces of Nature - and people do their best to adapt in scenes both surreal and hauntingly familiar."

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Optogenetics: A light switch for neurons
+MIT Media Lab 

This animation illustrates optogenetics -- a radical new technology for controlling brain activity with light. Ed Boyden, the co-inventor of this technology, is a professor at the MIT Media Lab and at the McGovern Institute for Brain Research, where he continues to develop new technologies for controlling brain activity.

Animations courtesy of Sputnik Animation

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Mouse Memories and Dubstep
#memories  +Joseph E LeDoux 

Can Memories Be Implanted and Then Removed?  
"Is memory formation now understood well enough that memories can be implanted and then removed absent the environmental stimulus?" +Maria Konnikova  +The New Yorker 

Canimation by Ellie Rowlands and Will Jackson, audio track by Ryan Napolitano.
Dubstep Mice
Dubstep Mice

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15+ Of The Most Beautiful Cinemas Around The World. +Bored Panda 

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Soccer-themed Zebra Crossing at Maracana
Field Work - World Cup
Day -2 #fieldwork   #brazil2014   #WorldCup   #rio   #maracana  

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My life in the desert.

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Animated gifs created from he nighttime Coney Island sequence featured the 1928 Harold Lloyd vehicle Speedy. 
Animated Photo
Animated Photo
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Striving for Chemical Equilibrium
Chemical equilibrium happens when the rate of the formation of a molecule is equal to the rate of decomposition of that molecule.

Watch the video:
The chemical reaction that feeds the world - Daniel D. Dulek
Animation by Uphill Downhill

+David Chako your thoughts? =)
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Projecting Mapping the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
44 projectors with a combined brightness of 840,000 lumens
were used to cover a surface 600ft wide x 351ft high
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