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Alexis Delatolas
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Alexis Delatolas

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oh gorgeous..!
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Alexis Delatolas

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This is the 488 GTB, Ferrari's 661bhp V8 successor to the 458 Italia. And it's gone TURBOCHARGED
So long 458 Italia, hello 488 GTB: everything you need to know about Ferrari’s new 661bhp V8 screamer
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Alexis Delatolas

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Updated animation of Falcon Heavy flight and booster recovery. Check it out:
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Alexis Delatolas

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oh wow!
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Can't wait!
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Alexis Delatolas

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That is awesome news! ;)
Μπράβο +Duolingo​!
"That's all Greek to me" will no longer apply to you!
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Alexis Delatolas

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Chris Harris on Cars - 1000mph! Inside Bloodhound SSC:
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Solving a Rubik’s Cube with one hand? NBD.
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Alexis Delatolas

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The #SF15T has been revealed. Discover all the new Scuderia Ferrari single-seater’s technical details with the exclusive infographic #RedRev2015
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The future is getting closer..!
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mi dispiace , ma non ho capito niente  - nonnina
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Everything about #Formula1 wind tunnels..!
Great job +Sauber F1 Team!
44 minutes of expert knowledge on how wind tunnels work!

+Sauber F1 Team Head of Aerodynamics, Willem Toet, explains EVERYTHING you might want to know about wind tunnels, wind tunnel testing and F1 wind tunnels in particular!

CONTENT and TIME CODES (click on the time code to jump directly to the respective chapter):

00:00 - Basics of Wind Tunnel Design
► basic principles, history
► open-circuit vs closed-circuit wind tunnels
► energy efficiency
► fan, foundation, seismic mass, vibrations
► air rotation and turbulence

04:58 - Heat, Cooling & Airflow Optimisation
► heat, cooling & radiators
► airflow optimisation

08:40 - Test or Working Section
► test section, settling chamber
► closed-jet, slotted-wall, 3/4 open-jet
► contoured-wall, adaptive-wall
► aerospace vs motorsport wind tunnel technology
► boundary layer reduction in motorsports

15:16 - Model Motion System & Tyres
► airospace vs motorsport model mounting systems
► model motion: yaw, pitch, roll
► wheels-on vs wheels-off, wheel steer
► wind tunnel model tyres vs. race tyres

20:51 - Moving Ground Technologies
► rolling road
► development: synthetic rubber vs steel belts
► development: suction control
► friction, cooling
► air bearings & vacuum pumps

27:15 - Measurement Tools
► load cells (6-/5-component)
► wheel load cells
► tyre patch load cells
► downforce, side-force, drag-force
► pressure sensors, motors, capillary tubes

32:04 - The Myth of Smoke in the Tunnel
► smoke wands, rakes, airflow visualisation

33:43 - Model Size & Regulations
► 50% vs 60% vs 100% model testing
► translation of model sizes and speeds
► FIA regulations and testing limitations
► wind-on restrictions

We hope you enjoy this video! If you do, don't forget to give us your thumbs-up and please feel free to share the video!

A big THANK YOU to Alex Humberstone for providing the sound track for this video! Listen to more of his tracks on

#F1 #SauberF1Team #Formula1 #FormulaOne #motorsport #aerodynamics #windtunnel #F1explained  
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Thank you very much, +Alexis Delatolas!
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"Greek", living in Sweden..!
I enjoy reading and sharing interesting news related to cars and technology, and more specifically about Formula 1 and gadgets..!

I've recently started my career in international sales and marketing after graduating from the Marketing Program at the Linnaeus University in Växjö, Sweden.
Bragging rights
I left Greece in 2009 and then, the crisis happened..! (coincidence..? =P)
  • Linnaeus University, Sweden
    Business Administration with specialization in Marketing, 2009 - 2012
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B2B Marketing Specialist
Marketing ( B2B & B2C), Value-Based Pricing, International Business Strategies, Market Research, Complex Calculations, Modern Presentations, Ability to Learn & Use any Computer Software
  • Safeaero i Trelleborg AB
    Marketing Intern, 2014 - 2014
    Export sales and marketing internship
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Awesome food! Really well cooked meat..! And decent price for all that is offered! Loved it!
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Υψηλής ποιότητας υλικά και υπηρεσίες κατασκευών.
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