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Welcome adoring Minecraft fans to Whack A Craft! Now, you are going to undertake a dangerous mission that is fighting against hundreds of monsters in a dark cave. Nevertheless, you must succeed in crafting weapons and an armor in advance. To getenough items, you have to shoot at tiles which appear on the screen. From various kinds of tiles, you will get varied items from coal to meat. During the process of collecting items, you should be careful due to creepers. If they appear and shake their bodies, your health is damaged seriously.
Instructions: This game is played with the mouse.
For crafting recipes, please read PROTIP.

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Due to being tired of living in Mineraft 2D, the boy is looking for an adventure to add more tastes to his life. Hence, he decides to go to the maze called Minecraft Platform. In this maze, he has to look for a correct green exit among similar ones. If he is unsuccessful in finding it, he will be there forever. Does it sound dangerous and exciting? Quite many people cannot find the exits in all levels. What about you?
Instructions: The arrow keys help him move in this maze.
He fires bullets with Sapcebar.
These brown creatures will disappear if he jumps on their back.

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Hey, guys! What do you expect from Pixel Box game? Well, this game is the place where you can create any kind of buildings you like without being afraid of awful Minecraft creatures like creepers.
A diverse range of blocks such as gold, soil, diamond, coal, and lava is there, at the bottom of the game screen. Guys, you have enough types of colorful blocks to make your buildings become amazing.
What do you intend to build? Is it a building that none has done before? Go ahead to create unique buildings because your imagination is far beyond any limit. You may be surprised at your work.
In addition to Pixel Box, we have other great Minecraft games like Minecraft 2D, Speed Miner, Minecraft Avoider, Minecraft Zombie Survival and Minecraft Tower Defense. These games have attracted thousand players round the world. Have a look and maybe
You play Pixel Box game with the mouse.

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An one-block creeper wants to prove he is cool despite his odd appearance. Therefore, his aim is to win Free Minecraft Creeper Diamond game which none of his friends have won this game. You are helping him to achieve his aim by collecting diamond safely in the shortest time. What irrigates his friends is the lava and slippery arrow blocks. If they fail to move on them, they are forced to come back the starting point. Can this creeper get all the diamond? You are the one who answers that question.
Instructions: This one-block creeper moves with arrow keys and uses Spacebar to jump.
The next level opens to him if he gets the diamond.

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n this skill game called Whack A Craft, you need to craft an armor and weapons from tiles. You collect blocks from these tiles by shooting at them. They do not stand still, but pop up frequently. They provide you with meat, coal, sand, rock, meat, and others. However, you must beware of the appearance of creepers. Whenever they suddenly appear, if you don’t destroy them quickly enough, they will do harm to you. Please be quick at crafting necessary items to deal with the monsters lurking in the dark cave!
Instructions: Whack A Craft is played with the mouse.
You use the mouse to break tiles into pieces.
You should read PROTIP to know crafting recipes.

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Minecraft Tower Defense 2 Hacked Online is one of the most outstanding games in the world of Minecraft games. When players enter this strategy game, they must be smart, patient, and calm because they have to knock out hundreds of Minecraft mobs to help Steve survive longer. Some of these guys are spiders, wolves, slimes, and even ghasts.
Instructions: - Minecraft Tower Defense 2 Hacked is played with the mouse.
- Players click blocks to create a path.
- Players click the blocks on the path or next to the path to place dispensers and traps.
- Players should upgrade and be flexible enough to know when to buy, upgrade, or sell items.
- It is advised that players ought to read hints at the beginning of the game and enemies’ profiles during the game.

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Hey, everybody! The Minecraft Quiz 2 is the next quiz after two previous quizzes. Also in this quiz, you are about to answer the questions on Minecraft world such as a crafting recipe, picture, and a True/ False. Each question has 3 options. An ordinary right answer gives one point to you, but a Bonus question which appears after 10 questions will give you 5 points. Unlike two other quizzes, no checkpoints are in this quiz. Let see how long it takes you to answer all of the question in the quiz 1 correctly!
Instructions: You use the mouse to click the right answer.

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Welcome loved Minecraft fans! If you get a bit tired after staying at Minecraft Tower Defense for a long time, why not take a rest at Mine Clone 3 Minecraft game. Unlike to Minecraft Avoider or Tower Defense, the environment here is so peaceful. You can take advantage of adequate resources in the inventory or go around to collect your favorite resources. Cool graphics, content, and blocks promise to help you spend best time on this land.
Instructions: - To destroy, build, and pick blocks from the inventory: use the mouse
- To jump: press E key
- To jump: hit Spacebar
- To move: use Arrow or WASD keys

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Welcome to Minecraft Tower Defense New! What makes this Tower Defense New different from other Tower Defense versions is that you can choose the number of starting nights. In addition, the only weapon you have to fight against skeletons and zombies is the sword. You own sixty four swords and you place them along the path leading to your home. From defeated enemies, you can get plenty of booty such as zombie flesh, skeleton bone, iron, and sulfur.
Instructions: This new tower defense game is played with the mouse.
The buttons to the left can help you slow down or speed up the game.

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If someone asks us to say a name of a Minecraft game which is loved by thousands of players, it does not take any time for us to say Minecraft Tower Defense 2 Hacked. This strategy game has been well-known so far because of its exciting features. Players must be ready to tackle various types of dangerous creatures such as spiders, zombies, ghasts, and skeletons. Whether they win the game or not greatly depends on their choice of traps and towers.
Instructions: - This game is absolutely played with the mouse – digging the path and laying towers.
- Be careful when laying TNT since all traps around it will destroy if it explodes.
- Upgrading the traps is advised.
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