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Room with A View

Although a lot of the history of Machu Picchu is unknown and relies on various theories, you can one thing about the Incan people...they really knew how to pick a spot. This is one of the huts inside the 'residential' area of the city...and what a view they had. I wouldn't mind laying in bed and sipping a cup of hot cocoa while looking at this. 

#windowwednesday , curated by +Jules Falk Hunter  +Simon Kitcher  +Jason Kowing  +Cheryl Cooper  +J.J. Bentley  and +Catherine Furet 

#tglperu   +The Giving Lens  
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You took us back in time and share that feeling with us so perfectly in this window! I really enjoyed the journey with you on this one~
Absolutely beautiful. Love your perspective and originality.
really great shot. thanks for sharing!
What an amazing sight - wonderful.
Wow, now that is one sweet view!
I agree very much Alexis, this is breathtaking!
Great view!!! Fantastic composition and brilliant work, Alexis!!
Beautifully processed and presented. 
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