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This is another shot of the beautiful Leopard I watched for a long time at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago on Monday. Here he was eating grass, and for a moment, looked like he was enjoying himself.

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What a fantastic capture! Love how the focus draws you right to his face.
Nice! Either that or he was thinking you would be tasty ;-)
+Ken Illguth > thank you so much, Ken. I'm so pleased :) Some day, when I can afford real wildlife photog equipment, I'll do it more seriously :)
+Alexis Coram It was great! A stranger actually joined us. I wish I had worn more clothes though, it was kind of cold :) I hope the party went well. You don't seem to have a hangover :)
+Daniel Chen > glad you had fun. Who was the stranger? :) Sounds interesting!!! The party was good, and I actually only had a few glasses of champagne last night. I was too deep in thought to really let loose, but it was nice to be around great people :)
Great shot, Alexis! You do very well with what you have. Lucky, too; around here, the big cats are usually asleep during the day, or somewhere where you can't get good shots of them.
+Garry McCarthy > thanks, Garry... it was a coolish kind of a day (we've had a lot lately), sort of mid 40s, so I think that's why they were out. I got the snow leopard and cougar too.
Fantastic job of shooting through the enclosure, +Alexis Coram! FoisGrass. :)
Happy to see you as what?? MEAL!!
+Tom Tran > thanks, Tom...they didn't all turn out this well...the wire bars are a little too restrictive, but for good reason haha :)
Love it! It never really crossed my mind that other felines also eat grass...
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