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Purple Haze

I'm definitely inspired by +Peter From's recent color bursts that have been hitting our's really very cool and beautiful work. So, I decided to give this one a bit of a boost with some purple / blue split toning. I had to lower the saturation on the yellow of the sunset a little here too.

#breakfastclub , curated by +Gemma Costa, +Andrea Martinez, and +Ester negro
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#seatuesday curated by +Julia Anna Gospodarou
#purplecircle (woot woot) curated by the super cool gang +Craig Szymanski +Sinead Sam McKeown and +lynn langmade (oh, and me :))
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YUM!!! love that purple seascape!!!! :)
beautiful shot, love the range of color in this
+PJ Ammidon > hey girl...haven't see you in a while (well, I haven't been around much to look :)) - hope all is well. Thanks for your comment :)
It would be interesting to see the original just to see the extent of the transformation. I rather like this. It's an interesting and evocative transformation.
+Bud Gibson > I shoot in RAW so most of my original images are pretty flat when they load into Lightroom - this one included (I actually see a de-saturation 'jump' happen when I first click on a newly uploaded image - I'm not sure if this is a normal LR process but I just learned to accept it and make the necessary saturation adjustments after the fact). It took me a while to figure out that the image I see on my Nikon LCD is what I'd see if I shot jpg. Maybe Canon RAW files are more vibrant when they upload, I'm not sure. Do you have any experience with this?
+Alexis Coram Lightroom initially shows you the Nikon embedded jpg until it produces its own based on its translation of the RAW data. You have to use Nikon's software to get RAW files interpreted according to your exact camera settings. In addition to saturation, there are also contrast differences.

I, at times, for comparison purposes, just pop out the flat-rendered jpg. You have quite an artistic vision. I was just wondering how that manifested here. It's obvious that there's more violet than one would normally see.
+Bud Gibson > yes I did some research on it a while back and figured that out. I don't mind it now...I feel like it gives me a bit more room to be creative. I tried to use Nikons software but couldn't get the hang of it. I'm not a fan of instruction booklets/guides, so if I can't figure it out for myself by using it, then I don't bother :)

I used the split toning in LR to bring out the purples/blues :) The original image was more on the yellow side of things :)
Nicely mixed colors, thanks for sharing--
oh my this is just stunningly beautiful!!!!!
+Sinead Sam McKeown > so sorry I missed your comment. I can't seem to keep up with G+ these days. Hope you are well...and thanks :)
+Milena Ilieva > sorry I missed your comment. So pleased you like this. It's definitely one of my favourite spots!!
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