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We lead this morning with +Nicholas Jackson 's piece on speculation that Apple will buy Hulu with its (ridiculous) pile of cash. If they do, Netflix should worry, he argues.

-- I've got a piece based on an amazing video of frontages screens hotted over a year. Thanks to +Kasia Cieplak-Mayr von Baldegg for bringing that in.

-- And I'm still working on my gravestone tech piece. It's a kraken! Look for it Sunday night all done up feature style.

-- +Nicholas Jackson is looking at G+'s user numbers. Are they really all that impressive? He's also writing about that sick Google doodle today, the first in HTML5 (I think).

-- +Garance Franke-Ruta are going to cook eggs on the Watergate roof around high noon. No, I am not kidding. We have competing theories about how to best cook eggs up there.

Around the Webs

-- *Wired's +Spencer Ackerman continues his reporting tear with a story about the State Department's mercenaries and how they're fighting government oversight.

-- AllThingsD's Peter Kafka says not to hold your breath on that Apple-Hulu deal.

-- Techmeme led this morning with +Danny Sullivan 's open letter to Google about getting brands right. +Vic Gundotra responded in the comments, apologizing. Really interesting thread, too, mostly because it's filled with nasty trolls. Time to start moderating, DS!

-- Google News has Verizon's earnings up top. The company sold 2.3 million iPhones in Q2, lagging behind AT&T's 3.6 million. But, an analyst tells the WSJ, if you look just at iPhone 4s, Verizon probably won that category. The war continues.


Barre, Vermont granite quarry:

Since the early 1990s, competition from Brazil, China, and India has increased a lot. In 2010, we imported $900 million worth of granite from around the world.
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