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Excited that I will be one of the teachers for the 2nd year of "Nuts Bolts & Beyond" - a FREE professional development program for Capital Region artists.

"Nuts, Bolts & Beyond will be a transformational program to develop the skills needed to establish, operate, and strategically manage an art practice. This program asks artists to deeply examine their individual life-paths and career goals, incorporating the nuts-and-bolts business principles necessary to achieve those goals. Through professional development seminars, skills-based workshops and networking opportunities, artists will learn to identify patrons and mentors and choose the best business practices to enhance effectiveness and visibility in their chosen field. These trainings/seminars will be free of charge, and tailored to the unique needs and disciplines of the 12 selected artists."

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"The quantity called "free energy" is a more advanced and accurate replacement for the outdated term affinity, which was used by chemists in previous years to describe the force that caused chemical reactions."
#thewordsweuse   #pynchonian

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and opening performance by Gabe Raines
tape-music by Richard Garet, Stephanie Loveless

7pm: Doors
7-8pm: "Cricket, Tree, Crow" - Stephanie Loveless
8pm: Gabe Raines
8:30-9:15pm: "Winter" - Richard Garet
9:15pm: Carver Audain

SOUND OFF is an intimate series of performances that connect audiences with composers, artists, musicians and one another. It takes place in a simple loft: no stage, no curtain, and little distance between performer and audience. *Performance times are approximate.

CARVER AUDAIN creates immersive sonic environments using digital signal processing and editing techniques on a variety of environmental and instrumental recordings.

RICHARD GARET interweaves various media including moving imagery, sound, multimedia performance, and photography in work ranging from modified environments to site specific installations to audiovisual screening works,

STEPHANIE LOVELESS works with sound, video, film and voice. Her quadraphonic composition, Cricket, Tree, Crow was recently published by Audience Editions.

“Sun Castle” is a music project by GABE RAINES – a series of audio works which form an audio map of an imaginary castle. Performances range from solo electronic sets to participatory community orchestra improvications. Raines will perform Environs this evening, an approach to the castle through the surrounding fog.

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Yes! Let's demand real debates with a plurality of viewpoints!

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gimme shelter.

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"Source of Uncertainty"
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