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Why We Should All Give Google+ The Finger
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there is nothing wrong with wanting to keep a platform classy in my opinion.. if you want to give the finger, use MySpace!
alexia, someone probably flagged his picture. no one actually went into mg's email and took it down. geebus, calm down
+Alexia Tsotsis Google is not doing anything different than apple in curating their platform. Apple has had very strict conduct policies when it comes to their app store, so why can't G+ not have a similar stance on what they determine to be acceptable.
+Greg Hines Yep, it's not Google. It's the self-regulating mechanism backfiring. The same exact thing happens on YouTube.
Yup, +Alexia Tsotsis +MG Siegler both removed from my tech journalist circles. Because if you don't understand difference between an inappropriate picture flag and "Teh googles censoring me MAN" I don't need to read your tech opinion...
Wow, you can tell it's a really slow news week when THIS is what the Tech Crunch editors are circling their wagons for.
Next time you rush to defend your buddy make sure it's not over something as trivial as a flagged image. Moving on...
+Blake Everhart Doing the same thing for the same reason. Really tired of hypocrites and fools posting inflammatory balderdash link bait to my stream.

I'll circle them again when I see MG and/or Alexia post their middle finger picture to their TC profile pages. I'm sure their Tech Crunch bosses would have no problem leaving them up seeing as they both have their "freedom of speech" rights protecting them?
Wow, you can really tell who are the easily put off ones by the comments on this post. Also, these comparisons between Apple and Google? I wasn't aware that Google+ was an app store. Facebook, on the other hand...
+Alexia Tsotsis +MG Siegler You guys are turning into the web's new Robert Scobles and Dave Winers. If it's a slow news week, just let it be a slow news week instead of writing asinine posts about Andy Rubin's deleted tweet and MG's juvenile bird-flipping profile pic.
I'm giving G+ a different finger (2 thumbs up). Well two fingers, actually.
+Shane Brady Good point.

Stuff like this has caused me to realize something about G+: People seem to be trying too hard. I think as a platform/tool, G+ is great and has a lot to offer. But for some reason I feel like many of the users are forcing themselves to use it - even when they really might not have very much to say. Many of the things posted - and certainly many of the comments - just don't seem to be that interesting or original - or to add very much value.

That is one reason I still tend to prefer Twitter. Things on Twitter just feel more organic or natural - like people are just using Twitter to post things they're seriously interested in versus feeling like the "need" to post something, anything on G+.

This may sound counterintuitive,but I think one of the reasons for this is because the Twitter API allows you to cross-post there from other services. In the old days, before Google recently ruined Google Reader, I used it as my main news source on the web. Anything I tagged to my Shared Items folder then showed up on Twitter via an RSS feed. So the stuff that was getting posted to my Twitter feed was stuff - from all over the web - that I genuinely thought was interesting and deserving of sharing. I wasn't thinking about Twitter, or about "posting something interesting", or provocative, or whatever. I was just sharing stuff that I really thought was interesting. That it ended up on Twitter, and that others might also find it interesting, was all just secondary.

I'm definitely not a Twitter fanboy, and as a platform/tool, I think G+ offers so much more. (Like how could I have ever posted this comment on Twitter with its dumb 140-character limit?) I just wish people would start using G+ more naturally as opposed to feeling obligated to post, or posting stuff that adds very little value, etc.

I don't feel like I've articulated this very well. If anyone else has noticed this and would like to expand on it, I will read your thoughts with great interest.

If you were in Canada, we would not talk about it. Here you can give a finger or say whatever you want on national television. Altavista should have taken over the world =P
+Andrew Saul "Freedom of expression" ... if Siegler had been interested in defending freedom of expression he has had plenty of opportunity to do so using Apple as an example. This is about Siegler spewing he normal BS, having someone with real knowledge on the subject setting him straight, then Siegler going into a pout, then like a spoiled child violating the G+ terms of service by using his profile picture to flip the bird at the person who set him straight.

a Violation of "Freedom of Expression" is when the government prevents you from your right of expression .. it's does not include when you sign up to a private service, with a terms of service agreement, which you then violate and have the appropriate action taken against your violation of said terms of service. Sort of like when you don't pay your phone bill and the phone company cuts off your telephone, it's not a violation of your "Freedom of Expression" when your phone no longer works and you can't call in to the local talk show.
+Tau-Mu Yi I was surprised as well, but upon following Alexia's link it turned out to be just another TC attempt at a hatchet job against Google ..another bit of disgraceful slander designed for its "link bait" potential.
I would have just muted this and gone on if not for the over-reacting comments. I'm noticing what looks like a double-standard here, and no I uncircled MG a long time ago and looking at his stream won't be circling him right now either but c'mon people haven't you heard the thing about any publicity? And here I go contributing...
Funny thing is, I am a fan of Google+. Apparently there's a lot more tetchiness at the heart of all this. [Censored myself here. -K ]
at least mg has the foresight to keep a separate blog for posts of this type.. no wonder techcrunch is circling the bowl.. #wherearethetechposts
"The middle finger, pointed at no-one in particular, is hardly a scandalous gesture"

Sorry, but is there any doubt at all that this particular finger was pointed directly at Google? This seems to be the biggest flaw in your argument.
Mr. Landry says it was posted on purpose to offend one person in particular. (Haven't read through it all to trace the complaint--if there was one?--back to its source.)
What does Apple really have to do with any of this? Bait-and-switch of topic? I apologize if I'm being blunt.
In some countries, gov cut journalist's hands off because they fight for democracy. At TC, you give the finger to the world and write about it because, wait, Google delete your pic ? childish AOL press.
Both MG and Alexia are removed from my circles.. Sorry guys u r suck so bad that only fools in AOL can pay you...
+Alexia Tsotsis that's 3 minutes of my life I'll never get back, thank you for repeating +MG Siegler again. It would be great to one day hear your own opinion and thoughts.
I hope that your profile will be locked :)
Inappropriate flagging != Google censorship
I believe Google intends to increase traffic through user's indignation. For some reason.
+Robert Dallas That's a very, very broad brush. As someone who uses Android and iOS, both OS'es have their own strengths and weaknesses. Sure Apple has sheep, but so does Google. In the end, it balances out.
wot up ur..well lets keep it civil...Google is playing the game and creating its interface the way it likes to, lets simmer down and wealk with it for a while. I am sure if there r serious cultural or techno probs u will hear and so will they
Your definition of idiots should perhaps include anyone who can't spell "they're" and "their" or "your" and "you're" correctly. But what do I know? I'm over 50 and an Apple fan-boy "idiot". Haha
I really like the interaction so far...Both from the poster and the reader.
Things have really changed since 2011.
Interesting views and comments 
yup! love google+ for SEO purpose and backing up my mobile photos :)
Why you should put your finger on the trigger and pull it ? Cause we want it , Techcrunch pussy ! 
Its one way or the other. Do what is best for you. I think in a long run we all need some help and G+ is great way to fine the way.
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